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Hallucinating AntiJews

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…Well, it was another quiet day lethal projectile-wise, thank G-d. No reports of Qassam rockets, Grad rockets, mortar shells landing and the consequent terrorizing of thousands and thousands of Jews with one of those infernal devices.

But the verbal bombs were plentiful in the MSM. Let’s see: Haaretz hard copy this morning, reporting from New York, said that Ban-Ki-Moon secretary-General of an organization dominated by Muslim and Arab states that pay him a nice salary, had his words read by a spokesman in Montevideo, Uruguay at what was billed as a “UN Latin-American and Caribbean Meeting in support of Middle East Peace.”

Let’s stop right there. Even before we get to his words, it sounds like there has just been another UN junket after hundreds of them over the decades in which diplomats gather in some nice hotel in some capital for first-class accommodations and meals and discussions in which a major topic is the crimes committed by the Jews against the Ancient Ones. Here was Ban-Ki-moon at the moment in London so his spokesmen read his preferred remarks for him in which he denounced Israel’s “policy of occupation and continued settlement construction in the West Bank and East Jerusalem… A way must be found for Jerusalem to be the capital of two states, Israel and Palestine [just the Salomons, right?] while guaranteeing access to holy sites under arrangements acceptable to all.”

Hey, there’s a new expression. Every few years the antiJews at the UN come up with another one. I never saw that one before. But its meaning is plain. Holy sites in Jerusalem will be managed in a way acceptable to the Ancient Ones, to the Muslims – and they do not accept Jewish control on the Temple Mount since 1967.

And judging by history what is acceptable to Muslims is not even a mirror-image of the current situation in with Israel in control but still allowing Muslim access, albeit controlled. Islam does not want to reverse this situation in which Islam is dominant but the Jews still have access.

No. Islam since its nasty birth has denied that Jews have any rights. In Islam the Jews lived on sufferance and in Eretz Yisrael had no access to their holy sites because in Islamic truth, the Temple Mount, the Cave of the Patriarchs, these are Muslim holy sites that the Jews only claim belong to them…

Israel’s Apology Tour

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…Come to think of it, not only was Sarah Palin right when she said, “Stop apologizing.” How reminiscent that is of the right-on nickname for Emir Barack Hussein’s foreign trips as his Apology Tour, and the Oslo process itself was one big apology on the part of Israel acted out by the reigning Leftists at the time: Rabin the communist-raised lunkhead and the famous Marxist philosopher Uncle Shimon and his vizier the famous scientist Dr. Joseph Beilin. PhD.

They recognized, they saluted the injustice done to people they learned to call the “Palestinians” who must be compensated, as the Jewish survivors of Nazism have been sent monthly payments for decades by first the West German government and now the current one. These Palestinians – and never mind that in the 1920s and 30s of their youth, Rabin and Peres did not call them Palestinians but just Arabs – they are now perceived as the antiJews wanted them to be perceived – as victims of injustice done them not only in the past but every day by Israel that refuses to hand back their territory Israel aggressively took away from them.

That is who the so-called Palestinians are. They have no other narrative in history besides this. The world knows absolutely nothing of their doings in history; of their leaders, their heroes, their philosophers, poets, kings, their artists; the battles their kings fought at the head of the “Palestinian” nation. All the world knows of these “Palestinians” is their victimization at the hands of the perfidious Jews.

One of these days some Israeli leader has got to stand up and tell the lords of political correctness in our time that the king of Palestine has no clothes…

Islamists on the March

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…Yeah, these weeks, now months of upheaval in Araby do not bode well for us here on this island of civilization in a sea of barbarism. All around us the putatively secular regimes are being replaced by Islamist regimes.

Last week, Matthew Levitt at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy on their site gave out some information on the background of who is likely to replace Ali Abdallah Saleh in Yemen: his half-brother Gen. Ali Moshen al-Ahmar. That last name, by the way, is really his tribal identification. This man has a history as the most powerful general in the Yemeni army; of relationships with Islamist terrorists and possibly even training them. In the 1980s, during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan the resistance there to it, Ali Moshen al-Ahmar went to Afghanistan to meet with Osama bin Ladin. And when the volunteers from the Arab League states who had gone to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets, when it was over, wanted to come home, some of their home countries wouldn’t let them, for their radical Islamist beliefs and their training in weapons and explosives. So Gen. Ali Moshen al-Ahmar in Yemen gave them asylum there and supported them with a grant of 20 million dollars given him for that purpose by Osama bin Ladin.

In a nutshell, US military personnel engaged with al-Qaeda in Yemen are now likely to have far less cooperation from the government in Sanaa if he takes over.

And then there was a piece in the British Telegraph yesterday about the Libyan rebel commander Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi who is leading gunmen who fought with Al-Qaeda in Iraq against American Allied forces. This character is said to be a member of the LIFG, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group which in 1995 and ‘96 already killed dozens of Libyan army troop in Derna and Benghazi.

In other words, this clash between Gaddafi and these rebels has a history. And I add it is the history of Islam. In every generation there have been tyrants at the heads of governments; that is all these Hamites have known. And when circumstances enable a rebellion to break out, it is always in the name of Islam at war with a corrupt leader, who is a bad Muslim for the abuse of his subjects, like looting their treasure.

The word out of Washington, as previously webcast, is that US support for these rebels in Libya has been at the urging of the three weird sisters, Lady Macbeth Clinton, Dr. Susan Rice, PhD and Dr. Samantha Power, PhD, a known antiJewess but also probably many of other diplomats, other ignoramuses when it comes to the Middle East.

The best case interpretation as an explanation for US behavior, and European behavior is ignorance of the region and the culture.

The worst case analysis for what the United States is doing in Libya is that Imam Barack Hussein, unlike the women, has enough smarts to see the rise of the Islamists and smiles at the prospect…

The Missiles of March

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…You all saw I imagine how famous Israeli novelist Amos Oz sent an autographed copy of his last autobiographical book to Marwan Barghouti with an inscription saying more or less that he hoped to see him out of prison one day when there is peace.

Amos Oz is a big friend of St. Simon of Oslo, and this reminds yours truly of Uncle Shimon during the height of the Oslo delirium that he brought on kissing Yasir Arafat on the cheek. Same behavior.

There is something very wrong with such people, and being an old, unreconstructed Freudian I keep seeing in such types of people at war with a hated parent, usually a father. For sure, so many of them, when interviewed in the press concerning their anti-Jew/anti-Israel views bring up a parent, commonly the father. I remember Jeremy ben-Ari founder of J Street doing that; referring to his father who had been aboard the Altalena in 1948 when Rabin killed more than a dozen Etzel men, a/k/a Irgun men. That is when Ben-Ami’s father left the country and Jeremy grew up in America.

I have seen this happen many times. The American Jewish playwright Arthur Miller once said something similar. He was a university student in the turbulent 1930s and said that all the communists he knew hated their fathers.

And here as well in the news last week was this miserable Jew-bashing at the UN, this movie premiere shown in the UN General Assembly chamber – something never done before – directed by Julian Schnabel who also has made known the fact in this week of publicity that his mom was the head of Hadassah in Brooklyn when he was a boy.

There is something so wrong in an Amos Oz sending a gift to Marwan Barghouti, this mass murderer responsible for the random murder of some 30 human beings (though for, legal technical reasons he was charged with and convicted of only five).

Marwan Barghouti, I think, is in the same moral category with a serial-killer who murders 30 innocent strangers. Books and TV movies of the week and documentaries have been made about such demons as Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer, or the Hollywood fictional Hannibal Lecter, these madmen, agents of evil. Every sober, moral person in civilization is horrified by such serial killers, these cold-blooded sociopaths.

Well, Marwan Barghouti is one of them. And that Amos Oz and David Grossman and other Enlightened Jews take the side of such people is immoral. Pathologically immoral…

Araby: Land of Fratricide

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…Lastly, a word about Libya and the handling of it by Obama and Hillary and Samantha.

In today’s JPost, Shmuel Bar was cited a second time in a different article and he warned that as for Libya, “The West should be wary of the self-appointed leaders of the rebel movement many of whom until recently were high-ranking members of Gaddafi’s regime. Many are no less blood-thirsty and no less cruel than the people who remain in the regime. Who are these rebels? They are people who left at the last moment when they thought the regime was falling. It is not as if these people are fighting for democracy and their future.”

Precisely. The leaders of all these revolts are not idealists, theoreticians and philosophers of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They are Islam-driven death cult fanatics or just like all these potentates, slaves of their own appetites and hungry for immense wealth and power.

But do Hillary and Samantha and the Islam-loving imam in the Oval Office k now this? I doubt it.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael

Islamist Rebels Forever

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Sarah Palin gets better and better

…I came across an interesting tidbit the other day by David Horowitz writing in about lecture he just gave at Brooklyn College coincidently on the night of the slaughter at Itamar, which he wrote up the next day.

His audience was students, presumably faculty, for and against his views. After his remarks, there was a question time from the audience, and of course Muslims approached the microphone not to challenge the facts he brought up but just smear him for smearing Muslims and being a McCarthy-ite. No facts, no reasoning, no logical argumentation, just name-calling.

And then Horowitz wrote the following: “What struck me afterwards was this. Every Muslim in the room was a member of the Palestinian Club at Brooklyn College. But not one of them spoke as a Palestinian. I had said that Palestinians had elected two terrorist governments to rule over them, that Palestinians were willing to kill their own children in order to kill other children, that their schools taught their children to hate and kill Jews, that as a people they had sunk to the lowest moral level in history. I had said that they were indistinguishable from Nazis. And not one Palestinian in that room stood up to defend themselves as Palestinians. To a man and a woman, they said, “You are accusing all Muslims of being terrorists.”

Yes, indeedy. That is one the recurring messages on DPP: there are no “Palestinians,” that is, there is no Palestinian material in history to draw upon, because the Muslims never saw the outlines of a country called Palestine. The very term has meaning for Jews and Christians as a synonym for the Promised Land, but not Muslims. It appears nowhere in the Qur’an. There were no Palestinian leaders in history, no military or political, or scientific or literary figures. These so-called Palestinians have no culture that is Palestinian to inspire them with examples of Palestinian life in Palestine that they yearn to resurrect – as we Jews never stopped calling to mind every day for thousands of years in our prayers this Land. Every day numerous times Jews have called to mind Eretz Yisrael and dreamed of returning to it.

Every week in the Torah reading we read of the land promised to us; this Land.

But the Ancient Ones? The whole gestalt of Palestinian Nationalism is nothing but water-pipe smoke coming from a nargila stuffed with powerful hash.

What they do have and what truly motives them is Islam, this nasty plagiarization of Jewishness stolen and perverted and used to justify their Ishmaelitic-Hamitic aggression.

Islam is this generation’s Communism; its Nazism. It is a menace to mankind and not coincidentally, first of all, a menace to us Jews…

Israel’s Truth Will Out

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Program Link: Analysis: Burying linkage between peace process, Iran
(November 30, 2010) …It also came out in these leaks that in Qatar, Sen. John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, paid a visit and told Qatari leaders that indeed, even though Syria supports Hezbollah, Israel must return the Golan to Syria and not only that: Jerusalem must become the capital of the Ancient Ones.

In other words, John Kerry supports Muslim rule over the Temple Mount, which is what they demand. And one supposes John Kerry is constitutionally incapable of thinking otherwise, of seeing the world through Jewish eyes. He is, after all, the grandson of two paternal grandparents, the grandfather having been a direct descendant of Aaron the High Priest, brother of Moses. Before the name was Kerry, it was Kohn, who shmaded himself – that’s Yiddish from the Hebrew meaning he converted to another religion, in this case Roman Catholicism. Shmad comes from the Hebrew verb to annihilate, so that a Jew who converts to another religion “annihilates” himself as a Jew and joins forces with non-Jews who want to annihilate the Jewish people.

John Kerry as a teenager went St. Paul’s School, the posh St Paul’s School for Boys in Concord, New Hampshire, no Jews allowed.

I wish someone like Bibi would sit down with this man and open his eyes to the fact that Syria lost the Golan Heights as result of its years of murderous aggression against Israel, and Israel is morally no more obligated to hand it back to Syria than today’s Czech Republic must hand back land taken from Germany after World War II. To demand that Israel do this is morally disgusting.

Someday, G-d willing, Israelis will learn to present our struggle in the same light as the struggle of Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King, Jr. These Muslims, these Arabs, deny to us Jews what the white South Africans denied to black South Africans: freedom; what Southerners in America between the Civil War and the 1960s denied to Negroes: their rights.

What the antiJews have done over the last generation is turn the truth upside down: Islam held Jews down under Islamic apartheid dhimmi laws for fourteen centuries and has never been able to see the injustice of that. The truth is not that Zionism is a form of racism. Islam is.

Israel Needs New Ideas

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…Lastly, did you see where one PA-affiliated media outlet reported that maybe some Thai migrant workers were responsible for what happened at Itamar?

Another PA-affiliated news outlet pushed the theory that Israelis, that they did it, to make it look like the Ancient Ones were responsible.

I would love to see an Israeli politicians say that these Arabs, these Muslims, are simply not ready for independence; not ready for prime time. They are not the type of people to govern themselves without the supervision of their civilized betters. Israel, therefore, will not hand over any more land and will not midwife “Palestinian” independence on land, in any case, that we have more right to than they. We Israelis, we Jews have as much right to Judea and Samaria as Barack Obama has to his home in Chicago, Illinois. Both names, state and city, come from the native Native Americans from whom Americans took that land.

We have as much right to this land as those parts of Germany that Czechoslovakia and Poland got to keep after the War.

Land here granted us by the League of Nations, which land grant renders every settlement in Judea and Samaria legal.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael

The Itamar Massacre

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…Lastly, a smattering of other reactions to this latest illustration of what subcivilized brutes these Arabs are: the head of the opposition Princess Tsipora Livni issued a statement saying “The entire nation was united in sympathy for the family and supported IDF actions against terrorism.”

Tsipi, please: We are under attack not by an ism but Arabs, Muslims, Jew-hating barbarians.

And then there was Labor MK Isaac Herzog who said the attack was meant to ‘prevent the diplomatic process BUT it should not serve as an excuse by the prime minister for not presenting a diplomatic plan.” Herzog is a first class dimwit who has yet to figure out there is no diplomatic process and there has not been one for 17 and a half years.

Foreign Minister in France Alain Juppe, the new one, sounded like an Arab ventriloquist’s dummy when he “condemned all acts of violence in the occupied territories.”

But best of all was Uncle Shimon. He said the attack “indicates a loss of humanity. There is no religion in the world or any faith that allows these kinds of horrible acts.”

Shimon, there is a religion like that. It is called Islam.

And that’s another suggestion for Bibi besides asking him to pronounce the settlements legal. Israel should stop calling these Hamitic primitives “Balestinians” and start calling them Muslims. For that is who they are.

Absent any “Palestinian” culture in their heads, all they do have is Islam. Israel would do well to re-brand the enemy by telling the world that no longer will we call them “Balestinians” but Muslims and/or Arabs, even Ishmaelites, to remind the world that Ishmael was a wild ass of a man, and so are these neighbors of ours, these vicious, sadistic, conscienceless, brutish tribal savages…

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Program Link: Democracy or Jew-Hatred? The Libyan Edition

…Well, speaking before the music of a website called, one of the news stories that prompted that thought was the interesting good piece on the website for Near East Policy by Simon Henderson on tomorrow’s “Day of Rage in Saudi Arabia,” which will be interesting to read after Shabbat, to see how it went in a country where the priesthood backs the king in his ruling that demonstrating against the government is a violation of Islamic law, of sharia.

You got that? This is home base, this country, for the Islamic religion world-wide, and here are its priests who could not be more un-American in backing a law which says it’s against your religion to protest against the government. You have no freedom of assembly.

Tell that the people in Madison, Wisconsin today. Tell that to the people in Berkeley, California or in San Antonio, Texas. Imagine a future when Islam conquers, G-d forbid, the United States and the official state religion in Texas is Islam, and this state mosque denies you the right to protest actions taken by the government. What would Texans say?

This is another reason why Islam must be outlawed, leastwise in the free and democratic west. Islam is the polar antithesis of the West’s culture and veneration of the ideas of liberty and freedom and independence and individuality unbridled by a government, to the extent that is possible.

Can you imagine living in a community under a king and a priesthood that tells you have no right to demonstrate against the government? And that if you do, it is not only a crime, it is a sin?

Maybe you saw the New York Times piece on Tuesday-Laurie Goodstein on Bridget Gabriel. It’s a fair bet Ms. Goodstein is typically dejudaized, Ivy League educated young woman who clearly objects to Bridget Gabriel the Lebanese Christian who suffered first hand at the hands of violent Muslims presenting a portrait that is “unrecognizable to those who study or practice the religion.”

This is the same spirit as that of the ADL and Reform Jews among whom Ms. Goodstein likely grew up. She recoils and singling out Islam for such a negative portrayal.

But that’s just the way it is…

Our High Court/NGO Gov’t

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…The lede story in JPost hard copy this morning was the latest tactic of the Fatah enemy here, re-branded by the foolish Enlightened Oslo jerks as the Palestinian Authority. The front page’s major headline was “PA seeking to have Hamas removed from US, EU terror lists.”

Translation, rather implication: The Oslo Peace Process was a colossal mistake. The original sin was mistaking Fatah for a re-formed, ex-terrorist organization. The whole process rested on that belief. And once when the murder and mayhem got really hot and heavy here, St. Simon of Oslo admonished Arafat, when his people were butchering us big time, saying that at the White House he had ended his career as a terrorist and became a statesman, or words to that effect. Now he is an ex-terrorist, said Uncle Shimon.

In other words, this fool Peres and all the Oslo fools believed Arafat had finally sworn off terrorism. He believed this mass murderer of innocent people, as if mass murderers were not also capable of lying and dissembling and being insincere. That all these people believed in Arafat’s transformation is something for the next Barbara Tuchman-like historian to write in a sequel to her book called The March of Folly on how otherwise intelligent statesmen and leaders pursue obviously reckless and ultimately failed policies.

Prior to Oslo for 17 years the US demanded that Arafat renounce terrorism. He in turn produced one seeming renunciation after another but all were rejected for containing too many weasel words.

Finally, in 1988 the Jew-boys in the State Department persuaded their boss Secretary of State George Schultz that Arafat’s latest statement finally fit the jackpot bill, and he won recognition for having renounced off terrorism – only two years later he refused to denounce PLO terrorist Muhammad Abbas when he launched a Jew-massacre operation (thank G-d the IDF foiled that) and the recognition from America was withdrawn.

Still, in 1993 when Arafat promised Beilin, Peres and Rabin that this time he was sincere, they believed him, these morons, these immoral morons. Before asking Arafat to claim he would not be a terrorist any more, how about arresting and trying him and punishing him for all his terrorist crimes? Who were these idiots to arrogate the right to cleanse this evil man of his sins?

And JPost this morning told us that Nabil Shaath just made the rounds of friendly EU capitals asking that the EU and the US remove Hamas from their terror list of groups because that will enable Ancient Ones to reunite the two feuding wings of their Ancient Palestinian movement of national liberation.

Again, as in 1993, it would be a mistake to believe these people are ready for peace and membership in the family of nation-states because they still can’t see the difference between legitimate warfare and terrorist atrocities; what they call the armed struggle. What Nabil Shaath is asking for is their definition of what it means to fight clean.

They still don’t get it. And until they do – until they see and understand why civilized people are so nauseated by their tactics – such men must be given nothing…

The New Magic Words

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…As to last week’s revelation that in his new book the pope of Rome confessed a founding lie of his organization, a lie 2000 years old which had terrible consequences for us Israelites living under Roman Catholic rulers:

You all saw how the pope went beyond the 1962-65 Church conference called Vatican II which revolutionized Roman Catholic doctrine in its attitude toward Jews. Decided then was that the old doctrine according to which every Jew in every generation bore the guilt for killing a Jewish carpenter from Nazareth was now no longer “operative” – as the Nixon White House said during the Watergate mess. They liked to say that every day when exposed lying the day before, so that the previous day’s statements were called “inoperative.”

So that was really great, what happened in Vatican II in 1965. The Church ruled that only the Jews alive at the time were guilty. And here today’s pope has narrowed it down even further to just the big shots in the Jewish community associated with the Temple at the time.

Two things about this story: I have been surprised if not overly by how little attention has been paid to this story. Which is evidence, I guess, of how unimportant the Roman Catholic Church has become. I have thought for years they were a dying institution, leastwise since the sex scandals began to make the news of billion-dollar class action suits by thousands of men molested by their clergymen. I don’t think they can survive that, because now who cares what Roman Catholic priests say about anything?

I also imagine that Pope Benedict here may be reacting to his very insignificance by reaching out to the Jewish people because he sees the rising tide of Islam all around him in Europe and he is frightened. The Churches are empty in Europe. Christianity no longer is the elan vital of the continent.

And that is one reason Europeans are so confused in the face of the rising tide of Muslims all around them. In this they are like Israelis like Bibi who cannot draw on a religious identity to confront the menace of Islam – which for sure is a menace.

One wonders how Pope Benedict might react if Jews filed a class action suit against his church for damages resulting from this lie, this slander. I mean, this was the quintessential libeling of the Jews, calling us all homicides and deicides, since Jesus was both man and god, and as a result a lot of Jews suffered big time, to put it mildly.

Like the men today who sue the Church for their abuse at the hands of its predatory employees, might not us Jewish people go to court?

Well, I suppose that could make us look like greedy Jews trying to rip off the Church; all we care about is money. What we might do is waive monetary compensation and just demand moral compensation, moral support. I mean, this pope may be okay with Jews but the Vatican is a whole bureaucracy with all kinds of newspapers, magazines, columnists, publications and it has its share of antiJews consistently supporting the Ancient Ones in their war against us.

Why not then ask not for monetary reparations but just a change of Vatican heart? Let us see this pope say not only was this a 2,000 year-old lie about the Jews, so is Palestinian Nationalism another lie which like his Church’s classical doctrine has made Jew-killing an act of holiness in the holy war, the jihad. Like Catholicism’s aggression against al-Yahud, so Palestinian Nationalism has legitimized murdering us in ghastly violence.

Now that might make a bigger headline than his new book: “Pope says the Palestinian people is an antisemitic hoax”…

“Search your souls”

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…Heck, two days ago at the White House, didn’t Imam Barack Hussein tell the Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Organizations to tell their friends and colleagues in Israel, “Search your souls”? That’s what Minister Barack Obama said. Minister, as in Minister Louis Farrakhan.

“Tell them, your fellow Jews in Jerusalem, to search their souls,” he said, and did so because at some level of cognition he understands this is a religious issue, and if Israel wants peace with Islam, it must hand over Haram al-Sharif – in the mind of Barack Hussein Obama. He wants Israelis to “search their souls” and confess their guilt that they are the obstacles to peace for greedily hanging onto property that they stole from the Ancient Ones. That is what is in his head.

That was what Barack Obama told those overwhelmingly non-practicing Jewish millionaires. “Search your souls.”

Yeah, souls. This is a religious conflict. And statehood for the Ancient Ones, this “national liberation movement,” is only a cover-up….

Wingate: As The World Turns

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Program Link: ‘How can an intelligent people only see the short term?’

…Today in response to yesterday’s raid of destruction at Khavat Gilad and the subsequent juvenile temper tantrum of teenagers and their delinquent rabble-rousing elders during which they vandalized Arab property and got 23 of themselves arrested, Prime Minister Netanyahu told his Likud Party this: “People do not understand where they are living. If you do not live in the real world, it is possible to disregard everything…we live in a very difficult international situation; the US veto in the UN Security Council was achieved with great effort. We could ignore everything and say ‘no problem,’ but as the prime minister who bears responsibility for this country, I have to be responsible.” The issue at hand of course was the de facto freeze on new building.

Translation: The protest of the settlers is that building in Yosh remains frozen and that is not right. Yes, but there are other factors besides this right.

And when he said, the UN veto was achieved with great effort, that was more euphemism. Translation: Everyone knows that there is in the White House an antiJew the likes of which we in Israel have never had to contend with. And we are walking on eggshells for the next two years with this enemy.

We have never been in a situation like this before with this man in the Oval Office and now 65 years after Auschwitz when stupid Europeans like Jean Asselborn of Luxembourg feel licensed once again to exercise their anti-Jew muscles and impulses.

You all cruise the MSM. You all know that Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen licensed himself to ridicule the Jewishness of a person; and now there is this fashion industry butterfly Galliano on YouTube with his antiJew verbal bilge sounding like Mel Gibson a few years back. Hollywood actress and Jewess Wynona Rider worked with him some years ago and she said his nickname for her was “Oven Dodger.” Galliano said something similar.

In other words, it is back in fashion that which for a couple generations was out of fashion: sneering at and mocking and publicly reviling Jews.

I also saw today on the Net some Serbian night club singer, a blond bombshell who has also gone public with her antiJew discomfort being around Jews.

And then there is that old Communist folksinger Pete Seeger, this phony upper class guy who went to Harvard University then made a career of pretending to be one of the people singing folk songs. He is now out and behind the boycott Israel movement as if we were South Africa; as if Zionism truly is racism. This is typical for Communists.

I think what Bibi was trying to say in his oblique way was that the violent among us are living in a bubble of their own. These are highly provincial communities; youths unaware of the outside world and that old-time hatred of Jews is now making a politically correct comeback. So we have to be more careful. So vandalism and rage after what happened at that farm is not a good thing.

Especially with the surrounding Hamites now swarming in their passions. G-d forbid some of our out-of-control teenagers leave a bomb in a mosque. Who knows what these barbarians are capable of and worse now that they have the rotting remnants of Christian civilization behind them…