The Tunnel War
     July 20, 2014 - 6:06 PM 

…Today the news was other shelling and bombing of the Shujea neighborhood in Gaza City and the claim now by the Arabs the IDF has killed 400 of them and today’s IDF operations were war crimes against “innocent civilians.”

I said it last time. I am waiting for Bibi and other of our leaders to confront this concept of “innocent civilians.” I’m sorry, but in elections ruled fair by none other than the famous antisemite Jimmy Carter, HAMAS won three-quarters of the seats in their assembly. These people chose HAMAS to lead and represent them, so if thanks to the activities of HAMAS the IDF is bombing the bejeezus out of the voters in Gaza, too bad.

This is like the second corruption of thought having to do with elections and Arabs and how they don’t mix. Just today I saw a former Israel ambassador arguing that in 2007 HAMAS forcibly overthrew the PA in like a coup d’etat; this is the conventional wisdom among the peace processor camp, and it is another of their lying perversions of reality. In 2006, because the PA was known as the same old bunch of corrupt thugs and bullies the PLO gangsters had ever been, the people voted overwhelmingly for HAMAS. And when the PA, Abbas’s boys, literally refused to vacate their offices in Gaza, Hamas rightly had to throw them out bodily. It is a complete lie that HAMAS forcibly took Gaza away from the PA illegally.

And now the people in Gaza for having voted for HAMAS are paying the price…

Once and For All
     July 17, 2014 - 5:57 PM 

…And make no mistake: the purpose of such massacres is killing Jews and making them bleed. I think the iconic photograph taken in that Ramallah police station in 2000 which ignited the Al-Aqsa Intifada, says it all, when two reservists took a wrong turn and were beaten to death beaten so badly their faces were no longer faces and one of the murderers dipped his two hands in their blood and went to a window to hold them up and celebrate with the mob outside the victory of doing this to a Jew and dipping one’s hands in his warm blood. And of course there was the expression on his face of gleeful, satanic triumph.

And then there was that police recording from the cellphone from the three boys who after the demon Arabs shot them dead could be heard rejoicing at having killed three Jews.

And then of course that became a popular hand signal in Gaza: the three fingered salute.

They say Hamas won’t agree to any truce without some accomplishment and one such accomplishment might have been this morning the slaughter of all those children at that border kibbutz.

That is who is aggressing against us: homicidal Hamites authentically and accurately describable as blood-thirsty savages for whom the purpose of their violence is not acquiring, via delayed gratification, some long-range goal but the instant gratification of killing Jews. For them a successful operation allowing them to agree to a cease-fire would be some form of human sacrifice, with the Jews the victims. They want to see warm Jewish blood and dip their hands in it…

Total Victory
     July 13, 2014 - 5:52 PM 
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…A ten year-boy today got blasted. He made the mistake of standing next to a wall thinking perhaps that at least that side of him would be protected, but a physicist explained on Galei Tsahal this afternoon the physics and mechanics of a blast. The boy should have assumed the recommended position everywhere which is face down, hands over the back of the head. So the blast of the missile strike 20 meters away blasted him standing up; shrapnel penetrating to a lung. He is in intensive care.

A 74 year-old women tourist evidently was so frightened by the air siren in Jerusalem she had a heart attack and died.

And then on Friday a missile in a gas station hit next to a tanker-trailer which caught fire. One man was seriously burnt.

You all know that unlike years gone by, the whole country is now having air raid sirens going off, people in dozens of communities running for shelters. People falling and injuring themselves, breaking bones.

The airport is not functioning normally, and that’s good (sic) because that’s a red line for the government and the country, a people that loves its vacations abroad. Don’t mess with our air travel.

It’s good, I think, for it will prod the government to set as its goal the total destruction of the capability of the Ishmaelites in the Gaza rectangle to manufacture and stockpile such rockets and occasionally fire them off at us.

Israel must end this situation 13 years long now once and for all and the current daily barrage of rocket fire licenses us to do that. To do whatever it takes until every rocket in Gaza has been destroyed, every machine used to manufacture them too. There is no substitute for total victory…

Starve Them Out
     July 10, 2014 - 6:08 PM 

…This guy should not have been housed in an Israeli prison for all those years. He should not have been fed all those years. He should have been executed for his participation in massacres of people. The Arabs overflow with the spirit of Ham, son of Noah, who unlike his two brothers, all of them born before the great Flood, was most like the common man who was a conscienceless, violent brute. They are Hamites and not Semites and simply do not lack for legions of sub-civilized killers who it is so wrong to keep alive because Israelis, the seed of post-Jewish Hellenistic types, want to show they are not at all devotees of the merciless, wrathful Old Testament deity. They are not old-fashioned reactionaries but Enlightened people for whom capital punishment is immoral.

And I say I cannot logically judge myself smarter than G-d who after the Great Flood mandated capital punishment, meaning, the death sentence for murderers carried out by society via judges and courts of law. I unlike the Enlightened dare not see myself on a higher ethical plane than HaShem and so I think the opposite. It is not immoral to have a death penalty; it is immoral not to have one…

Whatever It Takes
     July 8, 2014 - 6:40 PM 

…It was gratifying today to hear of the IDF strikes, according to Kol Yisrael late today, every five minutes all over the Strip since about 10 o’clock this morning. It sounds as if the strategy is the same as that which brought the Second Lebanon War to a close: bomb them and bomb them and bomb them until they say uncle.

Hundreds of thousands of Jews today were ordered by civil defense authorities to remain within 15 seconds of entering a bomb shelter. Hundreds of thousands of Jews are those tethered like dogs on a chain. And one major reason is the competition for power among the terror cult groups. Hamas is trying to reassert its mastery and insists that it must be paid by Israel if it is to return to squashing the other groups’ rocket attempts. Israel must release all the 50-some Hamas guys freed for Gilad Shalit who were re-arrested, and Israel must lift its blockade of the Strip and Israel must stop killing specific Hamas guys.

Of course Israel will not do that. Instead, all day long, it’s been bombing houses and killing specific Hamas leaders, blowing up their houses. Over Judea from time to time we hear the warplanes overhead on their circuit before a bombing run…

     July 6, 2014 - 6:03 PM 

…Roger Cohen here is attacking the Bible, the Torah, the foundational document of the Jewish nation which is all about G-d giving this Land to the people Roger was born into. It is as if Roger Cohen has taken a dagger and plunged into the Torah.

And what compounds the antisemitism here is his obliviousness to the truth that the Arab claim to this very same real estate is no less a religious claim that Allah sees Believers as the Chosen People who by divine right are the legitimate owners of this land.

He bashes the Jewish people faithful to thousands of years of Jewish life rooted in the Torah but never attacks the Arabs for basically the same belief that this is their land as of divine right…

Another Muhammad al-Dura?
     July 3, 2014 - 6:26 PM 

…What Israel needs to do above all is break through the psychological barrier of European and African threats and once and for all, whenever Catherine Ashton or John Kerry pipes up about the need for Israeli restraint, is to, so to speak, “flip them the bird” and declare we will pound these people back into the Stone Age if that is what it takes to put an end to their constant bouts of rocket and mortars barrages that torture and torment a million Jews, lots of them terrified children in the south.

Israel has to demand total surrender in Gaza, and if Israel has to flatten everything in the Strip, sobeit. Enough of their antisemitic need to torture and torment the Children of Israel – in both senses of the term…

Three More Martyrs
     July 1, 2014 - 5:28 PM 

…There is something profoundly immoral, to my mind, by not putting to death, murderers, especially when the murderers are proud of their killing.

By all means in civil proceedings afford the defendant who claims he is innocent all possible avenues and techniques for proving his innocence.

But not every homicide leads to the arrest of someone claiming, “I didn’t do it. Get me Perry Mason.” Some murderers actually crow of their dastardly crime and these should immediately be put to death.

This business of Israel warehousing thousands of these men who deserve death cannot be justified. To do so is to commit an offense against their Jewish victims. So yesterday Baruch Mizrachi’s widow — ironically the counter-terror specialist in the police force murder outside of Hevron Erev Pesach — was demanding death for his killer and rightly so.

It is, I fear, one facet, of some defects in the Israeli character. One would think that along with the building of the New Jew who fights back, as Bibi likes to say, who has his own country and own army and can fight back, the New Jew would not hesitate to execute as soon as possible an Arab murder of a fellow Jew.

Israel needs to revamp its thinking about acts of terror and Arab brutality. Israel needs to declare to the world that in the land of Israel, the ultimate crime is violence by a goy against a Jew.

How common that has been in the exile; how uncommon it must become here…

Israel Misses Its Mission
     June 29, 2014 - 7:02 PM 
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…You may have seen the headshots of the two principle suspects behind the kidnapping two weeks ago. Makor Rishon on Friday said within like a day the GSS was pretty sure these were the two masterminds and for two weeks this is whom they are looking for.

And judging by their photographs, these veterans of homicidal violence against Jews and Israeli prisons, this is the enemy. One is in his late 20s, on in his early 30s, and they are, judging by their appearance, nothing but street punks who if they did not have us Jews to brutalize, they would be doing it to their own.

This is the enemy. Not soldiers, not freedom-fighters, but violent punks, gangsters. Think of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Qaddafi, Assad father and son. This is who the Arabs have for leaders. Gangsters who haven’t got an eye-dropper’s worth of concern for the people they rule over. In their culture, to be a leader is to steal, embezzle the wealth of the country and keep the people down…

Israel Must Stop Begging
     June 26, 2014 - 6:25 PM 

…That is the bottom line here. The Islamic, Qur’anically mandate hatred of Jews. Israel has to re-brand the conflict as not about statehood for any Balestinians but the Arab-Muslim inability to tolerate statehood for Jews; a religious inability.

The problem with Israelis is their mistaken belief that this is a nationalist struggle between two nations, Jews and Ancient Ones instead of Islam’s endless war against Jews and Jewishness.

Israel has to finally start to protest and actually take action against foreign journalists who write of events on the “West Bank.” Israel hands out ID cards to foreign journalists here which helps them in their work, and in the future Israel must monitor their product to make sure they call Judea and Samaria Judea and Samaria, not the “West Bank,” whose invention was meant literally to cover up and even erase these Hebrew names, exactly the way the Emperor Hadrian in the second century came up with the names Palaestina and Aelia Capitolina to replace the two-century old Roman practice of calling the land Judea and the capital Jerusalem.

Israel’s tolerance of this vocabulary all these years has been a major contribution to the form antiJewism has taken since 1967.

What would Roger Waters do without resort to using the term “West Bank” to describe Judea and Samaria? Can you see him and other antiJews declaring as they do that the Jews must evacuate Judea? What a jerk he and they would look like then…

Death to Terrorists!
     June 24, 2014 - 7:50 PM 

…G-d bless Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas, former Baptist minister, currently a talk-show host on Fox who has visited Israel like 43 times, right after his weekend show, flew to Israel in the wake of the triple kidnapping and said what no Israeli politician ever says: The kidnapping is “nothing less than an act of anti-Semitic, rabid hatred.”

Bull’s eye. He gets it. He gets what Israelis, leastwise the secular elite here, are blind to. The homicidal hostility toward us has little to do with the alleged injustice we Zionists have visited upon the Ancient Ones and everything to do with Islam’s inveterate hatred of Jews. This former Baptist preacher knows religious fever when he sees it.

And not only the anti-Semitism of the Arabs here but their backers all over the globe.

Collective Punishment
     June 22, 2014 - 5:10 PM 

…Over the last week, the IDF arrested Abu Hassan Yousef, head of Hamas in Judea and Samaria, whose rebel son broke from his father’s house, sort of like Abraham, rejected Islam and converted to Christianity, saying, the problem with Islam is it conception of G-d, who is a cruel god.

Bull’s-eye. The great divide between paganism and Jewishness is over the nature of G-d. The pagans saw the forces beyond their power as cruel, capricious and chaotic.
But Avraham said there are no “forces,” no multiplicity of powers or gods but the One G-d only and He is Merciful. Avraham chose HaShem as his G-d, and G-d chose Abraham as his new Noah for a new beginning for mankind because Avraham’s greatest characteristic was his kindness. It was, so to speak, a marriage made in heaven…

It’s a Mental Disorder
     June 19, 2014 - 5:21 PM 

…Prime Minister Netanyahu reacted to Abbas’s surprising expression of “caring about the lives of human beings” – not Israelis, not Jews – by, as usual, demanding action to match the words, such as cancelling his pact with Hamas.

By contrast, the Palestinian Nationalist here who moon-lights as Israel’s Ministress of Post-Zionist Justice Tsipora Livni said Abbas’s words were “very important in our international struggle to get legitimacy for our actions.”

This too is so typical, in this case of Tsipi Livni’s slice of Israeli society, the Enlightened post-Jews. For them, what is most important, just as Livni says, is “getting international legitimacy for our actions.”

In other words, winning the approval of the goyim, especially in the West. We must be sprinkled with the holy water of their notion of legitimacy. Not our notion; not HaShem’s notion. For Livni and her ilk, legitimacy is rooted in what the goyim think of us. We have to appeal to their sense of justice in order to be secure in what we do…

Out on a Limb
     June 17, 2014 - 6:25 PM 

…Well, the Israeli today was right to survey the reactions of the world community to the triple kidnapping, and they were consistent with their spiritual distortions.

Today Baroness Catherine of Ashton, after four days of maintaining radio silence, finally came out with a statement in the name of Esavian EU countries condemning the kidnapping. She and her colleagues in Brussels should be ashamed of themselves for this. As Herb Keinon reported today in JPost, this is the same EU that applauded the marriage of Fatah and Hamas.

Indeed, just yesterday, instead of condemning the triple kidnapping, the EU’s man in Jerusalem, summoned to the Foreign Ministry, Lars Faaborg-Andersen, said that because of the weekend, the EU had been delayed in issuing such a statement, to which Rafi Shutz, director-general of relations with Western Europe who had called him in, reminded him that the EU had issued a statement regardless of the weekend about its meeting of foreign ministers with Arab foreign ministers during the week in Greece. In other words, “Spare me the taurine excreta.”

No More Two-State Solution
     June 15, 2014 - 6:22 PM 

…It has long been a puzzlement that Israel and the U.S., bastions of free speech, in their own eyes at least, allowed for the creation of a Soviet-style government in the manner of the Palestinian Authority media.

Remember the old Soviet Union, with its Izvestia and Pravda, one the government news service, the other the Communist Party’s daily newspaper called the Truth.

Imagine if Obama decreed martial law, which I believe he has the power to do in the Constitution, suspended habeas corpus as the great President Abraham Lincoln did during the Civil War, and declared that all news media outlets be shut down and the only one allowed to write the news would be a newspaper produced by his party called The Truth. Pravda.

Imagine an America like that and what classical Americans would think about that.

And now be aware that this is what the Oslo Peace Processors came up with. The PLO, the greatest spreader of terrorist murder and mayhem, was whitewashed and re-named the Palestinian Authority and controls Palestinian television, news and radio programs, and has its own daily newspaper.

Among other things, this is one of insanities of the Oslo Delirium…

Arab Culture
     June 12, 2014 - 5:57 PM 

…How long will it take for Israelis like Peres, like Lapid, Livni, the mainstream leftist media, to see that our neighbors, the Arabs, are as insane in their minds about Jews as Europeans ever were; as Germans and lots of their helpers in the countries they overran last century. These Arabs; these Muslims see us as the embodiment of evil; of being agents of the devil, the shaitan, this typical, lisping mispronunciation of a Hebrew in Arabic, the satan. We all know how the Iranians originated the language of the US as the Big Satan and Israel as the Little Satan, and I submit these are not exercises in creative propaganda. They really see us as the most evil people in the world.

And this is why they deny the Holocaust. The Jew is not a figure of pity to whom an injustice has been done who deserves pity and expressions of regret and compensation for the evil done to him.

Oh no. The Holocaust endows the Jews with a stick with which to beat the world into granting them the right to steal Balestine. And this is why the Arabs invented Nakba Day in the 1990s to combat the memory of the Holocaust. If the Jews had been the victims of injustice instigated by the racist doctrines of antisemitism and Nazism, then the Ancient Ones were likewise the victims of the racist doctrine of Zionism…

A New President
     June 10, 2014 - 7:17 PM 

…And then came Ezer Weizman and the rules of the game changed. He is the one to turn it into a popularity contest, a competition because the people had rejected him as their leader in politics.

He corrupted the office was found believed guilty of financial corruption too. The statute of limitations prevented prosecution but the revelations impelled him to resign for having disgraced the office.

The came Moshe Katsav, a political hack known for his sexual predations who was removed from office and remains in prison at this very moment.

And then came Uncle Shimon who true to a lifetime of challenging the leaders of this democracy, this low-brow, soi-disant pseudo-intellectual was up to that as recently as last week; his fool of a man.

And now, that is, during recent weeks, we were witnessed to the shameless campaigning by one political party hack after another saying, “I want to be president! I want to be president! Vote for me!” with no awareness that one does not ask for such honors let alone campaign for them.

Then again, the original leaders of this Herzlian state were Leftists who set the culture and dreamed of a classless society, and what they got was a society with no class.

On the bright side, Ruby Rivlin, I think, will be a good president; leastwise in his victory speech today he seemed to understand the role when Peres, Weizman and Katsav never did. It should be above politics and policies. The president must foster not the ideas that divide the people but unite them…

Our Hellenists Today
     June 9, 2014 - 5:57 PM 

…Every day Israel is at war not only with the sons of Ishmael, that wild ass of a Hamitic man; Israel fights its perpetual war with its own Hellenists, those who identify with the goyim in the West.

For example, yesterday Israel’s Ministress of Post-Zionist, really post-Jewish Ministress of Justice Tsipora, which means bird, Tsipora the Birdbrain Livni, said Israel should cooperate with the new and improved Balestinian Unity government. This is what has been said in European countries, in Washington. Cooperation with the new unity government.

And I think Tsipora Livni, as a true princess of Hellenism, really has no views of her own. She looks to the West for guidance, and whatever they say, she will adopt as her opinion. Yesterday she said Israel should cooperate with the new government because the new ministers are not members of Hamas. In effect, Israel’s Ministress of Foreign Affairs was doing PR for the views of the Jew-killer Abbas who has made the same argument. Livni yesterday did not promote the views of Israel’s prime minister who appointed her. She was an advocate for the doctor of the philosophy of history was awarded the title doctor by the antisemitic Communists in the Soviet Union for this dissertation, his thesis that there was no mass murder of Jews in WWII and in any case those who were killed died at the hands of Nazis and the Zionists who worked with them. Tsipora Livni yesterday might as well have been the Foreign Ministress of the antisemitic PLO organization which never accepted the right of Jews to live free of their Qur’anically mandated oppressed and humiliated status…

     June 5, 2014 - 4:53 PM 

…I envy historians of the future who study this period in which arguably the greatest enemy spy-agent in history managed to become the head of the enemy’s people and do things consistently to weaken them.

Obama has stripped the Persian Gulf of US forces. He is shrinking US forces to levels below World War II, when there were less than half the Americans today and a world a third in size, population wise.

And now this evil man has liberated these five, proven, Muslim monsters to kill again.

And there is a connection between what he did by freeing them to get back this Edward Snowden-type traitor who sees himself acting out of love for his country by his betrayal, and the other decision this same week to stab Israel in the back.

When this decision to respect the new, so-called Balestinian government means is that of the $500 million the US sends every 12 months to the so-called Balestinian Authority, some will now be going to Hamas, a soul-sister Muslim cult of the Taliban, of al-Qaida, of Hezbollah, of the Muslim Brotherhood that he helped to install in Egypt, the Brotherhood being the original Islamist, crusader organization.

And thanks to Europe’s centuries of Jew-hatred, it is not surprising the Brits, the French, the EU joined the Obama bandwagon using the same word: “technocrats.”

No more Arabs. No more Muslims. No more Fatah. No more Hamas. These are kosher technocrats!

Varieties of Dehumanization
     June 1, 2014 - 6:25 PM 

…Tomorrow Israel may take actions to punish Abbas and his merry band of brother barbarians for linking arms with Hamas, and if so they in turn are threatening to sign up with 63 international organizations, treaties and conventions, and I say let them. This too is some of the rotten fruit of the Oslo madness: the fiction that there is a difference between Fatah and Hamas.

We are trapped like a fly in a sticky spider’s web. The same ridiculous game is being played with Hamas as was played with the PLO. In 1975, that uneducated boor Yitzhak Rabin said the PLO had to speak of recognition and peace and the end of terrorism in order to be recognized because that fool seemed not to consider that these conscienceless brutes might someday speak the magic words and sound sincere in their new-found recognition of Israel and renunciation of terrorism but be lying.

When I say it does not matter what these enemies of civilization say or do not say. They should never have never been talked to. They should all have been killed…