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Islam Must Be Outlawed

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The Arabian she-devil, also 20 years old, wielding the dagger, ironically bears the last name Musa, the Arabic mangling of Moshe whom these thieves with all their hearts believe was a Muslim, as the Arabs also teach them to think that Jesus was a Balestinian, really the first Balestinian martyr slain by the evil Jews.

Jesus was a Balestinian, they say, and the world community, led by the morons of the Jewish Left, think it is possible for Israel to enter into a cooperative, mutually respectful, friendly relationship with these people by retreating back to the 1949 ceasefire line and handing the hills over to this young woman’s associates.

The Jewish idea in the brain, can mess up one’s vision. These homicidal Arab maniacs see agents of the devil in us; and it also messes up the minds of Jewish anti-Jews like Rabin, Peres, Beilin and the like, the Oslo cultists. It is as if they are blind in one eye. They see another people, the Arab people here, as fellow nationalists just like their own Zionist grandparents who want like them a little state for their nation.

While the other eye in such people is blind, the one that investigates the religious life of other people. Because Rabin, Peres, Beilin and Co. were dead to the Jewish religion, they are blind to the satanic fires of hatred that burn in the Arab-Muslim breast.

That Arab murderess wielding that dagger yesterday who was grabbed after a brief chief told her captors, “I wanted to kill a Jew!”

Not an Israeli. A Jew…

We Dwell Alone

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…On Friday, classical Jewish morality was abandoned and we classical Jews are more alone than ever. Not only are we pariahs for our old-fashioned morality in this regard, much worse, we are, for holding on to it, bigots, cruel and intolerant of “gay” people.

And I think there is some kind of connection between this moral turpitude of the West last Friday in the US Supreme Court, and the Pope’s embrace the same day of Abu Mazen the Holocaust-Denying murderer of Jews, and the seemingly well-coordinated massacre of people in France, Kuwait and Tunisia by satanic, uncivilized, barbaric, Hamitic, antediluvian brutes and their fekackte, (that’s a Yiddish word I won’t translate) religion of Islam. Hundreds of people murdered within hours of one another. The bombing and beheading in France; the exploding mosque in Kuwait and the raking with machine-gun fire of British and German tourists on a beach in Sousse, Tunisia on vacation. Two score slaughtered there…

Bravo, Michael Oren

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Last segment ended with a reference to Obama, the subject of Michael Oren’s new book and what gets my attention is not only his reportage, leastwise what has appeared in his promotional op-eds, but the reaction of the IBJs, the Inside the Beltway Jews. They are pathetic.

It’s like my book cover. I don’t think mentioned on the webcast that I had to change it. An interesting phenomenon. The original cover is my idea executed by the brilliantly gifted illustrator Gad Pollack, a refugee from the Soviet Union who became Haredi. He illustrates children’s books and for my money is far more than an illustrator, he is an amazing artist.

I described to him what I wanted to him and got it right away: the portrait of Arafat as a grinning monster, against the backdrop of the Dome of the Rock because his ancient Palestinian freedom-fighter character was just a ruse. He was as much of a Muslim lunatic as Osama bin-Ladin.

Anyway, I discovered that people here in Israel love the cover, versus Jews in the Diaspora who hate it. Even pro-Israel, national religious Jews.

And since the Exile is my primary market, I have substituted a different cover…

The Latest UN Abomination

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So there was good news and bad news connected to the top story in Israel today: the report by the Nations United Against Us Human Rights Council for Everyone But Jews.

The irony is illuminating. On the one hand, the anti-Jew protests Israel’s self-proclaimed status as the Chosen People and on the other singles out, chooses Israel, the Jewish people, for unique mistreatment. And one of the more popular ways especially among the Enlightened is the post-modernist pose of no absolute justiciable right or wrong when it comes to the Jews and their mirror-image, their sub-civilized a.k.a. barbaric, mortal enemies.

In a word it is “moral equivalence” between the Jews and the Muslim Arabs who murder them all the time, with the Jews never ever acting toward them in the same way…

What Israel Never Says

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Netanyahu called it a black day for the United Nations. There is no limit, he said, to the UN’s hypocrisy.

But again, not having seen the full text of his statement, I reckon he too did not use the term antisemitism, let alone Jew-hatred which is what this behavior is all about.

Indeed, I reject his description that this was a Black Day for the UN. I say, “No way, it was a routine day.” There was nothing black about it, for as my research shows, Jew-bashing is virtually a daily occurrence at the UN. I discovered that between 1945 and 1989 over 55,000 anti-Israel votes were recorded, each vote from a member-state turning thumbs down on Israel. Thirty per cent of all UN resolutions in that period were about Israel, and so last Thursday it was a ritual performance as routine as daily mass in a busy Catholic church. There is something ritualistic about it, and one would think that after all these years the Prime Minister of Israel would neither be shocked nor indignant at such a performance…

The Real War Here

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This takes us back to my essential belief that our war of self-defense is not against any Balestinians but predatory Arabs who use their religion to justify stealing our religion and our country. Israel must frame the clash as a war of imperial aggression against the Jewish people by the far larger Muslim community who simply cannot tolerate even one Jewish state in opposition to their 21 Arab and 56 Muslim states.

This shows the immense power of Jewishness. So shaky are Muslim believers in their faith with 56 states, they feel threatened by even one tiny Jewish state. It drives them crazy. It is an insult they cannot tolerate. Jewish nationalism is inherently a racist pursuit, they tell the world, and send money to universities to hire professors such as Ilan Pappe to preach this antisemitic fantasy.

The Nations United in New York dominated by the Muslim states is obsessed with Israel’s existence as are all the BDS activists who claim that all they care about is the liberation of Judea and Samaria, which is a whopping lie.

And this is why Minister Levin is right to want to see all Israeli school children understand that the Cave of the Patriarchs is our heritage and property and under no circumstances will be surrender it and beyond this, it is sheer antisemitism to even ask that we do…

Israel Must Re-Brand the Conflict

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And I wait for the day Israelis, that is their leaders, rip the scales from their eyes and re-brand the enemy as not the ancient Palestinian Nation and its freedom-fighters but Muslims who after 14 centuries of oppressing and humiliating Jews as part of their religion have never accepted the rightness of the Jewish living free of their ugly persecution.

What is going on here is not a movement of national liberation by a victimized Third World people fighting to drive out European imperialists — the story of scores of member-states in the UN today. That is a complete lie. It is the on-going national liberation movement of the Jews fighting every day to live free of Arab imperialist domination. They, the Arabs as thieves, and the Muslims as totalitarian Crusaders are the enemies of Jewish freedom. All the rest of their propaganda is whirlwind of antisemitic myths…

“In Your Face,” II

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This is the problem. It is what these barbarians do out of Gaza. They fire military mortars and rockets at us; we send in soldiers and they are to act like a SWAT team in a city neighborhood charged with, say, raiding a local crack house with the neighbors observing from the side and applauding the police for shutting down this unwanted establishment.

Only, when our soldiers enter Gaza to neutralize the gunmen and the rocket boys, the bystanders are not on their side. They wrongly are called “innocent civilians” when I don’t think they are innocent at all. They themselves may not be armed and fire rockets at us, but they do attend rallies to cheer on the rocket boys who do. Last election they voted for the Muslim Brotherhood whose charter calls Jews apes and monkeys. These people are not innocent in my mind…

The Limits of the Zionist Mind

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…In the classic, Zionist, historical novel Exodus by Leon Uris, his hero Ari Ben Canaan was rumored to have been based on Yitzhak Rabin whom Uris got to know during the research he did here before siting down to write, and so Ehud Barak could be the model for his generation of sabras, raised like Ari ben Canaan in a commune of atheists, post-religious Jews with a set of ideas and values not particularly Jewish at all. Not that they were anti-Jewish but just general ideas. When antiJew Jews like the Reform, like Obama, talk of “Jewish values,” what they are thinking of are nice ideas all men and women of good evil share. In this there is nothing peculiarly Jewish about them. Like Dan Meridor last webcast wanting in the name of Zionism to do justice to the Balestinians — whatever that means.

Ehud Barak, who served the shortest tenure as Prime Minister and presided over the eruption of the second intifada during his Labor Zionist movement’s Oslo peace process, said about that time that if he were a Balestinian youth, he too would join a terrorist group. This is typical of an Israeli leftist’s attempt to display like peacock his respect for the Other, in direct contradiction to a true Jewish value such as hating evil. We say that in every Friday Erev Shabbos pesukei d’zimra

Jews in a Bubble

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Which brings us to the news story Monday, during the annual gabfest by major players at the Herzlia Conference where brand new Deputy Foreign Ministress Tsipi Hotovely spoke against the two-state solution and one major reason was the Jewish religion. The Jewish religion is the foundation of the Jewish people’s claim to all the land west of the river at least. She said so, and was challenged by Dan Meridor, former minister in Likud governments, former right-hand man to Menachem Begin, as his father in pre-state days had been a close Begin associate in the underground Irgun.

Today, though, like Tsipi Livni, Dan Meridor thinks about the Arabs like Yossi Beilin.

He objected to her bringing religion into the conflict with the “Palestinians” as he calls them, even though, again unlike his father, his father never did. Meridor protested that religious terms were never used in Zionism. He said, “If we want to speak in terms of justice, we must not turn Zionism, which is the most just movement of all national movements…into a movement for which justice isn’t important, or that formulates religious terms on a divine promise.”

And by justice he had in mind justice for the Balestinian refugees. He said, “In the entire Israeli declaration of independence no reference to G-d or religious rights to the land Israel are made. It cites history and not the religion that explains that we left the land because we sinned and were exiled from it.”

And I submit that in his words can be found the core of our current plight in the world as once again we have become the outcast of the nations…

The Guilt-Bearer

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…As Jesus was a Jew who in his final moments is believed by Christians to have been the guiltiest human being in the world – he had taken on himself all the sins of mankind, turning himself into a kind of scapegoat…you know that word “scapegoat” was invented by William Tyndale in the 16th century to translate the Hebrew sa’ir laazazel, the goat on Yom Kippur chosen by lot to be symbolically laden by the High Priest on the Temple Mount with the all the sins of the community and driven into the wilderness and off a cliff to its death.

Well, that was Jesus who took upon himself all the sins of mankind, and so in his passion on the cross — along with a quarter-million other Jews crucified here, whose crosses lined the Roman roads like modern-day telephone poles, he relieved everyone else of their guilt.

And so we have the spectacle today, here in Israel again, of Jews accused of crimes by the Breaking the Silence group of anti-Jew Israeli Jews paid by antisemitic goyim mostly in Europe, crimes we allegedly committed in Gaza last summer, which finger-pointing works to relieve the rest of the world of their guilt, and especially the Arabs in Gaza for their crimes against us, about which Breaking the Silence is mute…

The Slanderers, II

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And what is interesting is how Jews every day since about the year 100 have prayed three times daily the so-called 18 Benedictions though contained within them is a 19th paragraph, the only curse. And who do we curse? Lamalshinim, the slanderers who are fellow Jews who slander the Jewish people to the gentile powers.

And I am surprised that none our pundits and rabbis are in the news pointing this out.

Israel Hayom today in Hebrew hard copy ran a sidebar listing 8 known NGOs in Israel manned by Israelis funded by foreign powers, mostly Europeans, every one of them an Israel-bashing propaganda operation. It is Old Europe in a new phase. No longer is the Roman Catholic Holy Office persecuting Jews, no more Jew-hating Soviet Marxists and Jew-hating Nazis. Europe sends some 100 million shekels, like 25 million dollars, annually to these groups to slander Israel.

Ve lamalshinim lo tihiyeh tikva/May the slanderers have no hope.

That was written almost two thousand years ago about men such as Martin Indyk and Thomas Friedman and Jeffrey Goldberg.

Thank goodness for the new women coming to fight in Israel, Ayelet Shaked, Miri Regev, Tsipi Hotovely. What a breath of fresh air they are.

Yesterday Shaked in the Knesset spoke the truth for the first time in memory. All this BDS stuff and votes by students in England is just the same-old same-old stinking antisemitism in modern dress…