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…Today in response to yesterday’s raid of destruction at Khavat Gilad and the subsequent juvenile temper tantrum of teenagers and their delinquent rabble-rousing elders during which they vandalized Arab property and got 23 of themselves arrested, Prime Minister Netanyahu told his Likud Party this: “People do not understand where they are living. If you do not live in the real world, it is possible to disregard everything…we live in a very difficult international situation; the US veto in the UN Security Council was achieved with great effort. We could ignore everything and say ‘no problem,’ but as the prime minister who bears responsibility for this country, I have to be responsible.” The issue at hand of course was the de facto freeze on new building.

Translation: The protest of the settlers is that building in Yosh remains frozen and that is not right. Yes, but there are other factors besides this right.

And when he said, the UN veto was achieved with great effort, that was more euphemism. Translation: Everyone knows that there is in the White House an antiJew the likes of which we in Israel have never had to contend with. And we are walking on eggshells for the next two years with this enemy.

We have never been in a situation like this before with this man in the Oval Office and now 65 years after Auschwitz when stupid Europeans like Jean Asselborn of Luxembourg feel licensed once again to exercise their anti-Jew muscles and impulses.

You all cruise the MSM. You all know that Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen licensed himself to ridicule the Jewishness of a person; and now there is this fashion industry butterfly Galliano on YouTube with his antiJew verbal bilge sounding like Mel Gibson a few years back. Hollywood actress and Jewess Wynona Rider worked with him some years ago and she said his nickname for her was “Oven Dodger.” Galliano said something similar.

In other words, it is back in fashion that which for a couple generations was out of fashion: sneering at and mocking and publicly reviling Jews.

I also saw today on the Net some Serbian night club singer, a blond bombshell who has also gone public with her antiJew discomfort being around Jews.

And then there is that old Communist folksinger Pete Seeger, this phony upper class guy who went to Harvard University then made a career of pretending to be one of the people singing folk songs. He is now out and behind the boycott Israel movement as if we were South Africa; as if Zionism truly is racism. This is typical for Communists.

I think what Bibi was trying to say in his oblique way was that the violent among us are living in a bubble of their own. These are highly provincial communities; youths unaware of the outside world and that old-time hatred of Jews is now making a politically correct comeback. So we have to be more careful. So vandalism and rage after what happened at that farm is not a good thing.

Especially with the surrounding Hamites now swarming in their passions. G-d forbid some of our out-of-control teenagers leave a bomb in a mosque. Who knows what these barbarians are capable of and worse now that they have the rotting remnants of Christian civilization behind them…