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Sometimes I Want to Scream


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…Abbas accused Israel of running a “colonial military occupation of the land of the Balestinian people and all of the brutality of aggression and racial discrimination against our people, which policy constitutes a breach of international humanitarian law and United Nations resolutions and the is the primary cause for the failure of the peace process…”

You got that? The primary cause for the failure of the peace process is racial discrimination.” For that statement alone, if I were Bibi, I would announce a very special announcement to be made by the Prime Minister of Israel from Jerusalem and broadcast live on all the major international networks in which the Prime Minister says that until Abbas retracts his accusation of racial discrimination, the peace process so-called will go into suspended animation and the Jewish people will build wherever they want in Judea and Samaria and whatever they build will be theirs forever.

This is the equivalent in 2013 of the UN resolution in 1975 calling Zionism a form of racism…

Islamist? What’s that?

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…It was a coincidence for yours truly after Shabbos to turn the news and learn of the deceiving of poor Tomer Hazan and his murder by Nidal Amar in light of the table talk that afternoon in the Succa which turned to the behavior of Arab Lotharios who seduce Western women with gifts and smiles and respect and promises. And then after their marriage and trip to the new husband’s family, the new wife finds she basically has been turned into a slave to her mother-in-law and the sweet man she married is no more to be seen. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Well, that is what happened to Tomer Hazan, HaShem yikom dammo. He was seduced into believing in the smiles and friendly ways of this Arab like the thousands of Western women, and young Jewish women in Israel who also fall for an Arab’s sweet nothings and boxes of candy only to find themselves basically enslaved.

It is the same two-facedness: the Arab disregard for verbal promises they make and even put down paper and sign off on. The abysmal naivety or stupidity of Rabin and Peres, the two former socialist youth group members never out in the real world who believed that ugly mass murderer Arafat would actually keep the promises he made and signed off on…

The Syria Opposition

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…Webcasting from Israel surrounded on three sides by the chronically violent and bleeding Arab Muslim Middle East. Last webcast I mentioned the full-bore war in Sinai waged by the Egyptian Army against the jihadis. Well, this afternoon one radio report said an operation is currently underway the likes of which has never been seen there, with the Egyptian Army closing in on and destroying those tunnels at the southern end of the Gaza rectangle. General al-Sisi, contrary to the wisdom of the wise imam in the Oval Office, does not see the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as anything but his and his army’s mortal enemies who deserve no quarter. Hamas is part of the Brotherhood and he is out to turn back the clock to the way it was under his three predecessors…

Covering (Up) Islam

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…When it became clear that the Sinai was becoming a new Yemen, a year-long summer camp for would-be mass murderers a.k.a. jihadis, the defense establishment was worried, especially when coterminous to that development, Mubarak was deposed and in came Obama’s Muslim Brothers. We simply cannot tolerate the presence of these barbaric men who on a whim can launch rockets into Eilat and wreck the tourist industry there.

But lo and behold, here come the Egyptians to do the work for us. They seem to be hunting down the jihadis using attack helicopters. APCs and whatever, with nary a concern for what the Enlightened abroad will say. Today the Times of Israel online reported that Egyptian forces came upon a consignment of anti-aircraft missiles. You don’t give matches to children to play with and don’t allow these conscienceless outlaws to get their hands on such missiles which can bring down a passenger plane flying into Eilat, G-d forbid, or coming in for a landing at Ben-Gurion Airport. The collapse of Gaddafi’s despotic time in power turned all of his arsenals into loot for terrorists. Remember the great fear of the Soviet version of Stinger missiles falling into jihadi hands…

The Hand of G-d

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…Irony in the events of nations is a marker of the hand of G-d. Here is this radical leftist Saul Alinsky community rabble-rouser type called a community organizer who loathes using force for the benefit of his country over that of other countries…like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama opposes military intervention to advance and defend his own unexceptional country but he is ready for humanitarian missions. Obama is threatening to use force in the name of civilians caught in the middle of this gang-war, which is what Arab internal wars are all about. He wants Assad to cease and desist and is willing tobomb the crap out of his military power to make him cease and desist.

And if this story plays out, at the end of the day, the removal and/or destruction of Assad’s nerve gas stores, the greatest benefit could accrue to us in Israel. Obama comes to the rescue as he removes this major threat to Israel.

Like Balaam and his jackass, both of whose mouths the Lord controlled, if this plays out, Obama the anti-Jew is being led to serve and protect us Jews…

Obama’s Victory?

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…And here was Obama telling the world that Muslims are as American as everybody else.
This is the same man, this Barack Hussein Obama fellow, who declared that the Ft. Hood massacre was “workplace violence” for which he should have been removed from office as medically unfit to serve, evidenced by this perfect delusion, this re-writing of the past. Obama was telling the world, “That was no Muslim maniac but a disgruntled American employee who went ‘postal’ as the saying goes.” For this delusion he should have been removed from office.

Well, he did it again last week praising his beloved, fellow American Muslims for “their innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Excuse me, but we Jews are noted for innovations in medicine and hi-tech, “The Start-Up Nation” and all that. But the Muslims? Where? When? Who are these innovating Muslims? More theft of Jewish intellectual wealth…

Sec’y of State “Jane Fonda”

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…I am not a fan of John Kerry’s moral calculus. I reject his indignant demand that the U.S. just must bomb Syria in the wake of the use of poison gas. For sure it looks like a terrible way to go but there are other terrible ways to go, even worse ones. For example, Arabs have been known to castrate their victims, like Israeli pilots shot down over their territory and stuff their organs in their mouths. And one imagines they do it with their victim alive to send him from this world in a state of incomprehensible pain and horror.

Did Kerry and Obama call for such drastic action on hearing of the dozens of churches burnt in Egypt and dozens of Christians murdered in the last two years of Thomas Friedman’s Arab Spring…

This Reckless Man

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Program Link: Oslo, 20 Years Later

…It will be interesting for historians to find out what thinking is at the moment in AIPAC, the legendary Israel lobby. AIPAC’s principle target are the 535 Senators and Representatives serving in those two chambers, and one can only pray AIPAC makes it opinion known to everyone that it is flatly against this punitive bombing run, whose benefits weighed against the potential disaster for us here are a no-brainer.

Will AIPAC advise the 535 to deny this Muslim enemy of the West permission for his bombing which could potentially ignite World War III, here, Armageddon?

One can only hope that some responsible Israeli and American Jew makes known the potential disaster of this attack, versus the potential benefit for Mr. Obama…