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The Joseph’s Tomb Abomination

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…Well, with your understanding, this may be an abbreviated webcast as there is a meeting in my shtetl this evening dealing with new security arrangements that I should attend. My educated guess is that the IDF has beefed up its presence in Yesha significantly and specifically to defend the so-called settlements because intelligence sees the possibility of large masses of Ishmaelites marching on them, marching on those who stole Ancient Palestine from their forefathers. There are Facebook pages on this idea and of course last week LTF, the consummate Jewish antiJew traitor Little Tommy Friedman wrote on what a great idea it would be for million homicidal Hamites to march on Israel’s borders – unarmed of course.

Today the MSM here reported on IDF preparations along our frontiers to deal with another expected round of masses of Ishmael-clones, young, semi-literate Arab youth, repeating the Nakba antics in the north from Lebanon, on the Golan Heights, along the Jurassic Park-like security barrier around the Gaza rectangle as well.

Today the talk was not of Nakba Day but Naksa Day, another Arabic word that means “setback,” this one linked not to 1948 but 1967, whose anniversary is next week. The Arabians are planning on, I think, another 2-3 day festival of hatred for the crime of Israel’s victory in 1967 during which they claim more than 300,000 Ancient Ones were expelled from their ancient dwellings, which is likely a highly inflated number because the Arabs chronically inflate numbers.

One of the annoying aspects of that story about the 24 Israeli actors acting out of the words of Arabs is the apparent ignorance of the well-known Arab penchant for exaggeration, hyperbole, above all mixing truth and fantasy. That these actors take these Arabs at their words is unforgivably ignorant about Arab culture.

Anyway, here’s the last piece of music. I’ll be back on Thursday, G-d willing. Until then, Leila tov miEretz Yisrael.

Harper to the Rescue

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Program Link: The Dreamer Goes Down For The Count

…Well, the top story in Israel today on the political front was the opening of the southern gate of the Gaza containment facility.

The AP dispatch quoted one of the hundreds allowed to leave, “All we need is to travel like humans, be treated with dignity, and feel like any other citizens of the world who can travel in and out freely.”

On the morning political talks shows some Gazan was telling listeners his brother had not left the Strip in five years. And for sure there must be hundreds of thousands of Arabians in Gaza in the same predicament, and it is another pity that as Israelis like Bibi do not make the case for the legality of our communities in Yosh, they almost never give the Arabians the tongue-lashing they deserve.

The Gaza rectangle is a kind of prison, and Israelis, instead of protesting against the analogy should seize it and make it their own and point out the unbelievable cruelty of the Arabs that they inflict on their own.

Gaza is a prison. All the UNRWA slums are prisons in that the people in them are denied citizenship and work permits. They are a kind of permanent welfare society in which those on welfare are not allowed to get off of it; indeed not allowed to come and go. It is an outrage what the Arabs have done to their own as part of their war to the death against Israel.

This is the true oppression of the so-called Balestinians, and Israel should be campaigning for the liquidation of the UNRWA camps, which is the biggest scam/rip-off in UN history.

It was speculation today by the experts what the opening of the Rafiah gate will lead to. There was the chatter in the MSM this morning: Will it or will it not endanger Israel or possibly even benefit Israel? For sure now the Turks, those antisemites in Ankara, can no longer justify their next flotilla in the name of breaking the siege. Now there is no more siege. The commodities that they want to give to the people in Gaza, they can offload them at El-Arish and they will get into Gaza just fine.

But of course we all know this flotilla is nothing at all about helping the people in Gaza but just an elaborate form of Jew-baiting. Every day now its seems this punk antisemite foreign minister in Ankara Ahmad Davutoglu is sounding more and more like Ahmadinejad in his compulsive taunting of Israel and warning us not to our previous aggression.

The other good news in this regard is that Lloyd’s of London is making it known that any vessel carrying maritime insurance which joins this flotilla will not be covered; its policy will be suspended.

As the FBI put the kibosh on Al Capone not for his violent crimes but income tax invasion, maybe here too the antiJews will be stymied by insurance actuaries and accountants…

Reacting to Bibi

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Program Link: ‘Netanyahu’s Rejection Is Self-Important and Arrogant’

…Lastly, and if Bibi really wanted to enlighten his audience, he might have quoted some of the material that Hamas puts out, because, after all, most Ancient Ones in Obama’s hoped for state of Philistia voted for Hamas. Last week posted clips of a recent Friday sermon by former Minister of Culture in Hamas, Atallah Abu Al-Subh. He said, “The Jews are the most despicable and contemptible nation to crawl upon the earth because they displayed hostility to Allah. Allah will kill all the Jews in the hell of the world to come, just like they killed Believers in the hell of this world.”

This is the same Muslim divine who three years ago called Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice the black scorpion with the head of a cobra.” This is with whom we are dealing…

Obama, Jew-Baiter

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…Speaking before of the expected flotilla, last Wednesday in London, the National Union of Students adopted a motion branding Israel an apartheid regime and calling on students to participate in the upcoming Gaza flotilla Jew-baiting cruise.

The same day at the University of London the Student Union there voted to implement a boycott campaign against Israel. They called on the University to examine it investments and contracts with companies guilty of violating Palestinian human rights as set out by the Palestinian Boycott National Committee and called on other student unions to join the campaign for Palestinian human rights.

In his coverage in JPost, their man in London Johnny Paul quoted the incoming vice president of the student union saying, “I am delighted the University of London Union has passed this BDS policy on Israel. We stand in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people. Next year I will ensure that the University of London Union does not give profit to those denying the human rights of the Palestinians.”

What is striking here is the dead language, the robotic, language of Leftist expressions. The absence of individual thinking and originality here is a bit creepy. It seems to cover up feelings underneath. This is not an individual person talking but a cliché-spouting programmed zombie.

And in accusing us in Israel of denying the Palestinians their human rights, I guess we are being inhuman to them. Not quite human; something other worldly.

I think what we are hearing in such talk in our time is the voice of the old-fashioned hater of the evil Jews. This Leftist lexicon is nothing but this generation’s acceptable antisemitism in transformation…

Obama’s Immorality


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…So there is a deafness of a kind in Bibi Netanyahu, really his whole cohort of dejudaized Israeli sabras when facing off against an anti-Jew like Obama. Bibi’s response to the magic words “1967 borders” was to say, “They are indefensible,” which completely misses the point of Obama’s demands. Obama pays lip service to Israel’s defense needs but simply is not interested in them. His demand is an assertion that Israel is in guilty possession of land it stole from the Ancient Ones. Obama’s demand is less a strategic choice and far more an opportunity to smear Israel with guilt. The proper response is not that it is an indefensible line but that this land is our land, not theirs.

Bibi’s missing Obama’s intent. Obama’s intent is not about military defense. It is about asserting that all of Judea and Samaria is Arab land. It was Arab land before 1967 (and never mind it was no less occupied by Jordan than Israel which kingdom had no right to be there) and it must remain in Arab hands in perpetuity according to those who think like Obama. Israel has no right to rule, to own, to govern, to decide the fate of, live in Judea and Samaria because it is land that rightfully belongs to the Ancient Ones, the victims of Zionism, colored Third Worlders like Obama’s father and grandfather in Kenya. In Obama’s eyes, Bibi is the guilty one. Israel is the guilty party that vanquished the Ancient Ones and stripped them of their ancient homeland. Obama has in his head a cartoon perversion of historical truth.

One can only hope that Bibi uses his speech before the joint session of Congress on Tuesday in a way he has never spoken before. I think it was wrong of him in that face-to-face video to say again as he has said on so many occasions how much he wants peace and how much Israel really wants peace. He seems to think that that is his job: persuading our enemies of our good, benevolent, not malevolent intentions. Bibi is always trying to persuade the world how much Israel wants peace, which only re-enforces the enemy in his weird way of projecting his own aggression against Jews onto Jews. The Arabs chronically see themselves as Israel’s victims. Israel, in their minds, strikes at them for no reason other than Israel’s evil racism.

Instead, Bibi for a change might go on the attack and paint our enemies in their true colors. They are past masters of re-writing history right out of George Orwell’s brilliant writing. They are as a people as antisemitic as the Germans and the Austrians and other Europeans were in the 1930s and 40s. Bibi could cite but won’t the work of PMW, which he never does. They record the PA madness about Jews which is as wacky about Jews as Hamas or Nazi propaganda. Bibi must smear Abbas with responsibility for the PA media which is steeped in classical, demonic images of Jews as supernatural demons.

Bibi has got to, ultimately, finally, some day, besides singing of our Israel’s good will, stake a claim to our ancient homeland and assert our right to live anywhere in it and our right to rule over it and it does not matter that there are more Arabians in at the moment than Jews.

Instead of bleating about Israel’s wanting to create a Balestinian state under certain conditions, Bibi must go to war against the immoral policy which declares that Jews do not have the right to keep the spoils of war taken in legitimate self-defense…

Obama’s Speech

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Program Links: Was Mahmoud Abbas’s Family Expelled From Palestine?
“The Zionist gangs stole Palestine…
and established the State of Israel”

…Lastly, the danger of Obama’s speech today is the encouragement it is likely to give to the enemy to repeat his crashing of our defense lines as we saw at Majdal Shams on Sunday. Some here in the defense establishment here are worried that the next time thousands of unarmed victims of Zionism will charge our lines and we will be faced with the challenge of confronting thousands of unarmed rightful owners of Ancient Palestine. What we will do?

But I am not worried. There is reason to believe that among the mob that crashed the fence on Sunday were enemy agents who are now inside the country.

So all Israel has to do is announce that henceforth any son of Ishmael seen at that fence trying to get over it will he shot dead on the assumption he is an enemy agent too.

And if Israel has to kill thousands sobeit.

And if they appear to be unarmed thousands, that means nothing for they have a record of having explosives in their underwear.

Israel must tell the world we are in a war for our survival. We are under attack by the same Muslim Arabs who brought down the World Trade Center, and our soldiers are soldiers defending our border; they are not policemen.

So let the Ancient Ones come in their thousands to enter our country and we will kill them by the thousands.

Leila tov veShabbat shalom mi Eretz Yisrael.

Today’s Abbas Op-Ed

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…I wish you all could have seen the front-page of the tabloid Maariv yesterday morning, after Nakba Day the day before. The centerpiece was a page-wide, large photograph of the two fences at Majdal Shams with the dozens of Arab youths climbing over them coming from Syria.

I am sure in the Web you can find such pictures and I suggest looking at them for an extended period of time. Notice how all of them are males. All young, teenagers; all of them thuggish and angry and menacing. It is a portrait of the seed of Ishmael today a/k/a ‘the Arab street’ which has been home to such youth from time immemorial leading to the old English expression “street Arab.”

These pictures, these still photos are really quite frightening for they are pictures of the type of human beings who slaughtered the Fogels; who slaughtered 69 yeshiva boys in Hevron in 1929; who slaughtered dozens of Jewish children at Maalot; and stop me before I go any further with this list. It could take a half an hour to read them all.

Mahmoud Abbas the doctor of history is what they come up with as their most refined of their intellectuals, but on this page in these photographs, this is the bottom of the barrel in their community that Abbas wants to be give Israeli citizenship to. He says they, these boys, have the “right of return”; and the most important Ancient Palestinian goal is the “right of return.”

Think of that for a moment and what it says. Abbas and his gangsters are alleged to be interested in creating a state for Balestinians, yet in demanding as their ultimate condition for peace the “right of return,” they are saying they want millions of Ancient Ones to have the right not to live in this state but the Jewish state.

Excuse me? By insisting on a “right of return” as the highest of PA goals, Abbas is insisting on the right of his Balestinians to live outside this state.

Which is it?

I long for the day when an Israeli prime minister says Israel no longer has any desire formal peace treaties with our Arab neighbors. Israel no longer has any interest in diplomatic relations, in commercial relations, in tourist exchanges.

All Israel asks for from the Arabs is to stop murdering us and leave us alone…

The Nakba Day Follies

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…This is how the Associated Press led off its coverage today of the scenes of violence: “Israeli troops clashed with Arab protesters Sunday along three hostile borders, including the frontier with Syria, leaving at least 12 people dead and dozens wounded in an unprecedented wave of demonstrations marking a Palestinian day of mourning for their defeat at Israel’s hands in 1948.”

This is fascinating. This is a complete re-writing of what happened in 1948, which should not surprise us. The head of the Palestinian Authority is a Holocaust Denier and thus a re-writer of history. The whole of the Palestinian Narrative rests on a re-writing of history; of what happened in 1948. And here is the MSM, the AP, regurgitating this revision of events in 1948 that is as much a rape of history as Holocaust Denial.

Here the AP writes that in 1948 Israel defeated the “Palestinians.” Excuse me, but the combatants were the IDF and the Egyptian army, and the Arab Legion of Jordan, and the Syrian army, units of the Iraqi army. There were no “Palestinian” forces on the battlefields.

Israel defeated the Arab armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. There was no “Palestinian” force as that word is used today, and in large part because the only people using the term “Palestinian” at the time were the Jews.

What these Arabs have done over the last generation, really half-century, is via their terrorism inject into civilization their version of reality, which includes not only this wacky historiography but their ethics in conflict with other peoples. I wanted to say their “battlefield ethics” but one of their characteristics is their refusal to confront their enemies on a battlefield, army to army. Their preferred form of violence is not attacking an enemy’s people’s soldiers but murdering the soldiers’ mothers and sisters and grandparents in their beds, in their buses, in their restaurants.

So actually I think, so far, it was very good day for Israel for we were expecting much worse. I expected much worse in 2000, when my worst fears never materialized. I was worried then about the young bucks in the next village coming at us in a coordinated, pre-planned assault, which I now know they don’t have the right stuff All these wild Arab teenagers want to do is stone Jews and play cat and mouse games in the streets.

These people are losers. JPost online this afternoon reported that an 18 year-old Israeli man was injured when stones were thrown at his car in the mixed neighborhood of A-Tur in Jerusalem; and a masked Arabian there was arrested after throwing a Molotov cocktail.

Last night in Jerusalem police killed an Arab youth in the Silwan section. There was of course that sad death in Tel-Aviv but over all, this much-feared Nakba Day, as of this evening, turned out to be a pretty big nothing. The same old, same old. Mobs of stone-throwing Ishmaeli males the likes of which Moshe Montefiore complained about 150 years ago.

Today’s events were more evidence – as if we needed any more – that the Oslo strategy of 18 years ago, was misconceived. The idea was to work together and via confidence-buildings measures designed by such famous political scientists as Dr. Joseph Beilin, PhD and soul-mate Dr. Martin Indyk, PhD, the two sides would learn to live and work together and the hostility would abate.

But now ask yourselves: those Arab boys today with their flying rocks: are they even a smidgen less hostile to Israel than their older brothers and cousins were 18 years ago? I don’t see any change. Itamar Marcus at PMW has been recording the changeless, antisemitic insanity of the official PA TV, radio and newspapers. No change. Same old, same old.

Today in JPost hard copy, Khalid Abu Toameh reported that yesterday that nice, peace-loving moderate secularist Mahmoud Abbas said the PA leadership will never forsake the right of return or sign a peace deal without Jerusalem as the capital of Balestine.

And there you have it. This is a declaration of a man and a group of people whom he represents who have not accepted Israel’s right to exist, which was the basis the so-called Oslo peace process. It was a lie then that they has, and since then there has been no peace for Israel because it was a lie. This is the statement of man who does not want peace but really a perpetual license to hate and attack Jews because, since he is not comatose, he knows that not even Dr. Joseph Beilin, PhD would agree to a right of return and no Israeli politician/leader would be a leader were he to surrender Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, to the Arabs.

A man who says this does not want peace. He wants to continue the status quo….

The Holy Green Line III

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Program Links: All Netanyahu needs is to say one magic number: 1967
Israeli singer vs. Syrian president

…Finally, yesterday’s webcast raised the situation in Egypt where Muslim Brotherhood Jew-hatred has surfaced and become more acceptable than it was under Mubarak, and how that makes Egypt like Syria now a terrorist state for being so accommodating to the terrorists in Hamas. Today the news was that Khalid Mashaal is moving his operation from Damascus to Cairo.

And today getting on that same bandwagon of re-branding of Hamas as a kosher organization was that Turkish brute Erdogan who also denied Hamas is a terrorist organization like Amr Moussa.

This has become like a litmus test for determining members of civilization versus members of barbarism. Here is Erdogan once again exposing himself for those not blind to see him as another Islamist Jew-hater, antisemitic thug.

You know for decades the UN has tried to write a text, to compose a definition of terrorism for the organization. But it has never succeeded and the reason is that the West wants a definition which includes terroristic Jew-killing as one manifestation of terrorism, versus the Arabs and the Muslims who do not see Muslim terror murders of Jews as terrorism at all.

Leila tov veShabbat Shalom mi Eretz Yisrael.

“Security Concerns Help the Enemy”

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…One can only hope the leadership here, which never confronts the reality of our situation – being in a holy war, a jihad, a religious war – and prefers to see it as a political war, learns to confront the reality. My point before the music was the oddity of Israeli public diplomacy never trying to shoot down the enemy’s words as the Iron Dome system can shoot down Grad rockets.

Consider what it going on in Egypt; last Saturday night’s horrific pogrom against Christians which took place not in some godforsaken hick-town but cosmopolitan Cairo. A rumor got started that a Christian woman married to a Muslim had been abducted and was being held against her will in a church in the mixed Muslim-Christian low-income Imbaba neighborhood, and that rumor lit the fuse and sparked a mob of Islamists to march on that church where the Christians inside barricaded themselves.

Shots rang out, believed to come from gunmen on rooftops who shot into the mob; no one knows. Before long the mob was throwing fire bombs into Christian homes and shops, setting fire to the front of the besieged church.

Police showed up with tear gas, and the riot lasted for hours. And when the smoke cleared, 12 people lay dead, 220 had been wounded, two churches damaged.

What we are seeing is what some of us foresaw and feared: the rise of Islam as the dominant political culture there. Egypt experts are now predicting what yours truly considered possible at the outset of the rebellion: the Muslim Brotherhood may not win a majority in the upcoming elections in September for parliament but still could have the controlling plurality.

And look at how the front-runner in the polls Amr Moussa is rising up with and riding the rising tide of Islam. Last week Amr Moussa was interviewed in the Wall Street Journal by their Matt Bradley and that is what he predicted: the rising power of the Islamist, of the Brotherhood.

So Amr Moussa will play the religion card as well by waving the claim he never really as foreign minister fully supported Mubarak’s policy towards Israel. Now, this is a religious, not a political issue, whose policy was 30 years of peace. Indeed, the headline of the Journal piece on Friday was “Egypt front-runner seeks Israel reset.” It is a religious question.

I have watched Amr Moussa for over 30 years and he has always consistently played the antiJew card. When he visited Israel some years ago he contemptuously refused to wear a hat at Yad Vashem in the Hall of Remembrance which is recognized as a synagogue.

He is a nasty piece of antiJew work. I remember back in 2001, you may too, that in Egypt some cab driver got rich by recording a pop tune entitled “I Hate Israel.” A big hit. Well, according to Bradley on Friday (I didn’t know this before) the full title was “I hate Israel (I love Amr Moussa).”

Yesterday in an interview with the Washington Post, Amr Moussa pronounced Hamas not a terrorist organization.

In a better, more honest world, the civilized states that recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization would also brand Egypt a terrorist state, which now is so cozy with Hamas, as much as Syria has been cozy with Hamas. The two of them are terrorist states. Like Pakistan, like Afghanistan, countries whose leaders speak out of both sides of their mouths when it comes to violent Islam.

In a better, more honest world, Islam itself would be outlawed in civilized countries as a terrorist religion…

Respecting Evil

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Program Link: MEMRI: Iraqi Professor and Poet As’ad Al-Ghariri: 9/11 Was Fabricated, Towers Hit by US Guided Missiles

…And that was 11th century Hebrew; the words of the Arabic-speaking Ibn Gabirol in Spain.

In keeping with the last thought of the previous segment – standing firm – it was good to learn this morning that just before Shabbos on Friday, Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz was resisting the insistence of the Enlightened to return to funneling money to the Jew-killers. He said the government had no intention of handing money over to Hamas, which is now part of Fatah, isn’t it?

And as of last night, Israel was still refusing to bow down before the Korean Emperor UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon who demanded that Israel continue to transfer tax funds to the PA.

Also on Friday the European Commission – that is one of the other enemies of Israel alluded to in the title of the previous webcast – sent 85 million Euros to the PA because Salaam Fayyad asked for it. Imagine that. He just snaps his figures and there was Catherine Ashton snapping her fingers, and this cascade of 85 million euros pours into PA coffers to counter Israel’s freeze.

But of course other EU leaders and the US and even Ban Ki-moon have said that any new PA government with Hamas must still conform to the Quartet demands which are almost identical to the three demands made of the PLO starting in 1975, one of which remains the foolish demand that Hamas, like the PLO in its day, “renounce violence/renounce terrorism.” This was an invention of Yitzhak Rabin the barely educated, Communist-indoctrinated prime minister at the time. Henry Kissinger told him that the PLO was on the way to be accepted, and so this was Rabin’s demand of the US: that the US not recognize the PLO until it renounced violence.

That is the mind of the Leftist at work. It is a demand unreal in its sense of human nature, which is so typical of communists and other socialists, which is why their economic theories are so wrong-headed; their bad sense of what it means to be a human being.

What does it mean to tell a terrorist, “Renounce terrorism and we will shake hands with you and give you things”?

When a serial killer is caught after his string of horrors, his string of cadavers, is he asked if he is ready to renounce serial killing, and if he says yes, they let him go?

Terrorists are criminals who before rehabilitation (if that is possible) must be judged and punished. This business of asking mass murdering Muslim maniacs to just say they won’t be violent any more is functionally insane, from the Latin for not healthy.

Today Meir Dagan the now retired Mossad boss, reported, in reference to trading Gilad Shalit for hundreds of terrorists, that following the mass release in 2004 to get Elhanan Tannenbaum back from Lebanon, 200 people in Israel were murdered by the released terrorists…

Israel’s Other Enemies

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Program Links: Hurting Moderates, Helping Militants
Bin Laden versus Yassin

…So, to return to the beginning, to the front page of today’s International Herald Tribune, with is nothing but the New York Times printed overseas, the center large photograph was of that Arab in Gaza marking the so-called reconciliation, and the leading article in the far right column, column No. 1 in broadsheet newspapers, the headline was “With Accord, Balestinians look to battle occupation.” And the lede sentence by their dejudaized Ethan Bronner was, “The two rival Palestinian movements signed an historic reconciliation accord here on Wednesday, vowing common cause against Israel’s occupation.”

Yeah, same mistake as that other fool an also probable dejudaized Nathan Thrall. Hamas is again misperceived as a “Palestinian” organization when its end-game is not a Balestinian state but a world-encompassing caliphate.

And as for using the term “Israeli occupation”: this is a complete surrender by the New York Times to the bizarre distorted vision of these Balestinians with their Balestinian narrative, their Balestinian version of things. The League of Nations created modern Palestine explicitly as a Jewish homeland. So how could the Jews be in foreign occupation of what the League mandated for them? For Judea, the heart of Palestine, as a Jewish country. Calling our presence here in Judea and Samaria an occupation is to accept wholeheartedly the vision of these subcivilized, antisemitic barbarians.

Bronner in his second paragraph called Mahmoud Abbas “the president of the Palestinian Authority,” which is a double mistake. The Oslo documents called the head of the PA to be created, a chairman not a president, which was understood to underline that this Authority was not the same as statehood.

Secondly, setting his title aside for a moment: his term of office ended in 2007. Since then he has been out of office. He is not the president of the PA which Bronner wrote “runs the West Bank.” Again this is to accept the lexicon of the Jew-killers, though in fairness to Bronner, when even the Jerusalem Post uses that term, it is hard to expect otherwise from him.

He then goes on to note that Hamas, the Islamist group, “rejects Israel’s existence.”

Mr. Bronner, I’ve got news for you: So does Fatah. Look at their text books. Look at the maps they give their children; Israel does not appear. Understand that their insistence on the “right of return” as well is code for the destruction of Israel.

See what I mean? I mean, the invention of the “Palestinians” and their “noble cause” is very much the work not only of these Hamitic brutes but the refined and cultured, progressive forces in Western civilization led by the dejudaized types found in the pages of the New York Times….

Obama’s Affect

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…Another thought on Obama’s affect – when he made the announcement the other night, “affect” as the psychologists use the term, his emotional expression or lack thereof when he announced the successful operation: Maybe he was depressed for it is now no secret any more that Pakistan, the recipient of billions of American dollars, is a two-faced ally. For years, the Pakistanis said bin Ladin was in Waziristan, tribal areas we never go into, on the border. In truth, he was down the road from Pakistan’s equivalent of West Point.

On the one hand, Pakistan has been for ten years a support base for US operations in Afghanistan against the Taliban; and on the other hand Pakistan is itself a support base for the Taliban and even al-Qaida. Pakistan can no longer be shielded by Obama and his administration – and in fairness the ones before his – as a US ally against Islamist terrorists because Pakistan is one of them; it is an Islamist terrorist entity.

While some of its military and politicians may have been pro-Western, its covert, veiled, security agency the ISI is an Islamist operation. It has long been known that they were the backbone of the Taliban in Afghanistan, using Saudi money to support those lunatics at their worst before 9-11 which led to the end of their rule. On 9-11, Obama’s base was in Afghanistan, the country run by Muslim fundamentalist Taliban funded by Saudi Arabia.

And the relationship between Saudi Arabi and Pakistan is a long-standing one. The Saudi kingdom is a kingdom of illiterates and primitives and tribesmen with no real loyalty to the Saudi family that runs the place. They are not very good with modern, hi-tech equipment either. For this reason the Saudis have long relied on the Pakistanis to serve in their military. They even had a treaty saying that in the event they are needed, the Saudis can call upon 300,000 Pakistani soldiers to come and defend them. The way the United States defended them twenty years ago.

The Saudis gave Pakistan the money for its nuclear bomb program, and according to one source, the Kamra Air base in Pakistan stores A-bombs reserved for the Saudis. And there have been reports that given the tension with Iran lately, the Saudis have already moved some of their A-bombs into their country; nuclear warheads that can be fixed to missiles manufactured in Pakistan and in China.

In my own imagination I imagine that one factor deterring Israel from using A-bombs to crush Iran is the fear that this will license the Pakistanis to use theirs against us, G-d forbid.

In a nutshell, besides the Muslim maniacs in Iran and Turkey and Egypt, Algeria, Libya and Yemen, Pakistan may be the most dangerous Muslim regime of all…

“They’re Syrians!”

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…So last webcast, on Thursday, I speculated on not divorcing the turmoil in Syria from the surprise Hamas decision to sign an agreement with Fatah that it had rejected since October 14, 2009. Hamas is the Muslim Brothers and they see the Brotherhood in alliance with the military dictatorship that has run Egypt since 1952, and are drawn to Cairo. And also because the future in Damascus is wholly uncertain.

The next morning Haaretz reported that IDF MI/military intelligence briefed a delegation of seven US Congress members and told them “Hamas agreed to sign the reconciliation agreement with Fatah out of Hamas’ fears over the implications for its organization in light of the riots in Syria.”

Yeah. What I said.

Likewise the Arabic language, London-based Al-Hayat yesterday report that Hamas leaders had already decamped from Damascus for Doha, capital of Qatar.

Haaretz also reported on Friday that “the move to reconciliation has been almost entirely a Hamas move backed by Egypt.”

Abbas also told Israelis than even he was surprised to be asked by Egypt on Wednesday to meet Hamas representatives ready to sign that October 2009 agreement. Abbas said that under the circumstances, he could hardly say no. Other indications suggest this was very much a Hamas/Egypt demarche.

Israel is now worried that as announced by Egypt that in 10 days it will open the southern boundary of Strip which will change everything if it goes through with that – though there are those who doubt this will happen.

Israel is worried as well that the agreement many lead to letting loose some of Hamas’ antisemitic, homicidal maniacs at the moment in PA detention. It could ruin, if that is the word, IDF-PA collaboration in Judea and Samaria.

Today Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz suspended the constant river of millions of shekels flowing to the PA that Israel collects in taxes and customs duties on goods destined for the PA. That is a good move.

Like learning to be more outspoken about just who are enemies are, Israelis, Bibi, have to, if only for reasons of the self-respect – these sabra who accused the Jews who perished in the Holocaust of not having self-respect – cut off all assistance to Gaza. To the PA in Judea and Samaria.

Abbas links arms with Hamas but Israel still has to cooperate with Abbas and send his loyalists zillions of shekels?

How ironic on this Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Eve. These Israelis, when it comes to behaving in contemptible ways, can be sometimes no better than the Jewish martyrs in the Holocaust they were raised to look down on…