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Program Link: Egyptian Cleric Dr. Sallah Sultan, Founder of the American Center for Islamic Research, Calls to Kill Israeli Ambassador and Tourists in Egypt

…In Maariv yesterday there was a kind of follow-up to last webcast’s follow-up to the boys in Afghanistan story, whose larger context was sexuality in Islam in general. Citing the Sunday Times of Malta, which by the way is in spitting distance of Libya, Maariv said that those beautiful Libyan women we used to see in Ninja uniforms who were presented over the years as Gaddafi’s bodyguards, presumably volunteers because they loved El Supremo so much, were in truth recruited against their will and in the service were regular targets for rape by Gaddafi and his sons and their friends.

What a degenerate culture these Arabs propagate. has covered the Egyptian press in its response to the massacre of Jews near Eilat and the subsequent killing of five Egyptian soldiers. The veteran government newspaper down there, Al-Ahram, the country’s largest in circulation, editorialized by accusing Israel of planning this assault on the Egyptian soldiers. In the mind of the columnist, the shooting of the Egyptians was not the accidental outcome of events that day but their planned purpose, for the whole episode was the handiwork of the Israelis who infiltrated the PRC terror group and engineered the attack. In the mind of this columnist, it was an Israeli trick to get the PRC to attack those cars so that the IDF could then, in the end, be able to kill the Egyptian soldiers nearby. The whole thing was an Israeli operation from start to finish.

In the independent newspaper Al Destour, another columnist likewise wrote, “We cannot rule out that the attack in Eilat was carried out by Israel, considering that it coincided with the escalation of protests within Israel…”

You got that? To distract attention from the social justice tents, the summer jamboree adult campers here, Netanyahu got the PRC to launch that attack which ended with the killing of the Egyptian soldiers.

This is apparently now the accepted wisdom in Araby, as after 9-11 most Arabs polled believed it was a Mossad plot to make Arabs look bad.

Israel will begin to approach the desired state of peace that HaShem wants for us by becoming truly a people that dwells alone; that withdraws from the ugly UN and stops pleading with the Arabs to make peace with us and become our friends.

Rather than pine for Shimon Peres’s dream of peaceful borders crossed daily by rich merchants and tourists, Israel would do better to cut off to the extent possible all contact with these people because there is an abyss that separates our civilization from their culture.

Israel has to be a true champion of true multiculturalism by telling the world that the world is home to a multiplicity of cultures and societies and between our community and theirs, we have nothing in common.

These Arabs are so different dialogue with them is virtually impossible. If this is how they perceive reality, there is nothing we can do to change their hearts.

Only HaShem knows when and how that will happen, and until then all we can do is live by His commandments in this Land, defend ourselves, but otherwise cast off these dreadfully wrong-headed sabra fantasies of living a normal life next to these to people…


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Program Link: Afghan Editor Condemns the Custom of Dancing Boys, Says: ‘[Boys] of Ages 15 to 20 are Normally Dressed in Women’s Clothes, Dancing All the Night, Then Abused by Several Men’

…The corruption in Western culture takes various forms. The pornography of popular culture and entertainment. MTV’s regular fare is what used to be called pornographic a generation ago. Hollywood movies. Pay TV movies. The language is filth; the stories are sex and violence.

And here in Israel we experience the corruption of our generation’s variety of Jew-hatred: the hatred of Israel, the titanic emotions in such as Tony Blair’s sister in law and millions of Muslim lunatics. And their helpers in the West.

On Friday the Post’s Benjamin Weinthal in Berlin reported on the intention of Foreign Minister Guido Westerwalle to attend on 22 September in New York City the Durban III Hate the Jews Jamboree. That for me is one major and truly worrying sign of the times: that Germany’s FM would be such a shameless antiJew. The Weinthal piece was about efforts by the Jewish community there and at least one member of the Bundestag who belongs to Merkel’s party to get Westerwalle to follow along with Italy and the Netherlands and the Czech Republic and now Australia to boycott what is so obviously a gathering of antisemites. It is simply breathtaking that Germany at this stage is still planning to attend this cousin of George Orwell’s “Two Minutes of Hate.”

Jew-hatred since the eruption of the Al Aqsa Intifada 11 years ago is back in fashion only camouflaged as pity for the victims of those terrible Israelis. Last Thursday the Washington Times reported on the latest Wikileaks dump which revealed an Israeli embassy cable from Ankara to Tel-Aviv in October 2009 from Israel’s ambassador Gabby Levy describing Erdogan’s religious hostility to Israel, because he is a fundamentalist Muslim.

And on Friday Makor Rishon reported on an anonymous Turkish investigative journalist – afraid to use his own name – digging up Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s past as a Nazi lover and author in the earlier 1970s of an antisemitic play, that the censor eventually closed, in addition to his known four months in jail for seditious poetry.

It was the British poet W. H. Auden who, following the outbreak of WWII with the Nazi invasion of Poland on 1 September, 1939 called the 1930s a “low, dishonest decade” and that is one we live in now too.

Last Thursday, Robert Serry the UN Special Coordinator of the Middle East Peace Process – who obviously has become a well-paid man for doing nothing because there is no process – expressed “deep concern” over the “resurgence of violence in Gaza and southern Israel.”

That is a low, dishonest comment if there ever was one. A “resurgence of violence.” These antisemitic Muslim murderers, Mr. Serry, ambushed innocent Jewish people in the family car and took their lives.

Israel answers by killing those who sent the murderers, and in retaliation scores of rockets are launched at random into Jewish communities. This is a “resurgence of violence” he says and he urged “both sides to immediately take steps to prevent further escalation.”

“Both sides.” This is this generation’s sick, antiJew corruption…

Glenn Beck

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…Well, I guess, not following the story closely enough to care about the time table, Glenn Beck has now come and gone. He has done his thing, and that too is a story about the opposite of antiJew hostility to Israel, the new antisemitism of our generation.

I am not a big fan of Glenn Beck, never was. I saw him on TV like a professor with blackboard and chalk making points and writing words that I didn’t quite get what he was getting at or wanted to buy what he was selling.

And when he spoke of Israel, I was appreciative of the sentiment but I saw right away I had nothing to learn from him. On the contrary, his knowledge was sometimes embarrassingly off the mark.

I appreciate his support and thank him for it, but he does display certain attitudes toward Jews that I recoil from.

Glenn Beck is a convert to Mormonism and Mormons, I have discovered through personal experience, are compulsive missionaries. In itself there is nothing wrong with that, but in their intrusive dishonesty they are wrong and can rub people the wrong way.

I find them trespassing on my boundaries as a person and certainly as a Jew. As a religious community, Mormons see themselves as temple-builders and claim that their holy scripture came from Jerusalem, originally at the time of the first khurban, the destruction of the First Temple, which of course therefore in their own minds gives them a purchase on Jerusalem; they have, so to speak, in their own minds, shares in the corporation.

I once heard a Mormon sermonize, in my presence, to other Mormons that they are as a people spiritually engrafted into the Jewish people. I did not want to make a scene, he was my host, and I said nothing. To myself, though, I wished I could ask him what we Jews think about that. I mean, do we Jews have any say in the matter when he says that his people have been engrafted into ours?

That is what I felt more or less when Beck on more than one occasion has emotionally cited words from the Book of Ruth the Moabite: “Whither thou goest, I shall go, your G-d will be my god” And I thought, “Whoa. Slow down. You do not have the right to use those words in this way; to declare yourself a member of this people, which is what Beck seems to be doing with his emotional embrace of Israel. And I doubt he knows how the story of Ruth is central, halachically speaking, to the conversion process which takes work. One cannot just declare himself a Jew by choice.

The Mormon I was referring to before, speaking to this group of his Mormon guests, also proudly told them how he had gotten me to go to the local Mormon visitors’ center to see a film dramatization of the life of Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, which he did by deceiving me. He did not give me a choice; he did not ask if I wanted to do that. It was a trick on his part.

He told me he wanted me to see something but would not say and what, and with a smile signaled I was going to like it – and the next thing I knew we entered a building where I was greeted by a half-life sized idol of the man from Nazareth. Later I told him we are not allowed to enter such places with idols and thus he made me violate my religion and I did not like that.

I told him I have no problem with his desire to spread his belief that makes him happy. But I do have a problem with subterfuge and dishonesty.

The Mormons, remember, were also caught, and that is the word for it, some years back converting Jews who had died. Protests were made and the Mormons were reported to have stopped, but who knows. The Mormons, I have heard, have extensive genealogical records and they were “converting” Jews who had died in the Holocaust and I guess others post mortem.

This too was an uninvited invasion of the Jewish people.

Moshe Feiglin was in the Post this week expressing his “deep problem” with Rabbi Riskin in Efrat attending a Christian prayer rally with Beck at the amphitheater in Caesaria/Caesarea on Sunday, and I agree with Feiglin. Other rabbis who I think would have liked to appear with Beck, which I think would have been a good idea, but only so long as there was no mention of Christianity, certainly not to participate in an ecumenical worship service. It says in the Ten Commandments that the G-d of Israel is a jealous G-d and that means Judaism is never to be mixed or mixed up with any other religious belief, and certainly not with a belief which rejects the unity of the One G-d which in Jewish eyes Christianity mostly does. Christianity focuses on the figure of the Messiah, which distracts from worshiping the One G-d.

Jews don’t worship the messiah. We worship HaShem….

Our Predicament

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Program Link: NGO Monitor blasts Amnesty for not condemning rockets

…Lastly, maybe you saw what was in JPost hard copy this morning: remarks by actor John Voight at a Glen Beck event yesterday. “I feel complete contempt for anyone not intelligent enough to see that the media propaganda portraying the Palestinians as victims endangers the state of Israel…The Palestinian radicals have only one prayer on their lips; to remove every Jew from Israel.”

Imagine our prime minister saying this.

Better yet, imagine the head of the opposition in the Knesset Princess Tsipora the Enlightened protégé of her mentor St. Simon of Oslo. Tsipi Livni is such an air-head, she became Peres’s protégé after Oslo had already turned into the serial massacres of the second intifada.

Imagine Tsipi Livni speaking these words. Now that would be on her part an act of statesmanship of the highest order. In America the expression used to be “Politics stops at the water’s edge,” meaning we can squabble and fight domestically but in foreign affairs against the enemy, Americans are one. E Pluribus Unum.

But not in Israel. Here the head of the opposition does PR for the enemy in the name of Enlightened statecraft and Shimon Peres’s vision of peace.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael.

Thousands Terrorized

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…Yeah, for an aging deprogrammer like myself, one of the interesting facets of this latest episode of if not crucifying Jews then terrorizing them with 80 missiles/projectiles on Friday and Shabbos, which slew a 38 year-old husband and father. I think in fact I sort of heard him die. Last evening after Arvit, I was chatting outside with a friend before we all went home to make Havdalah and we heard a boom. A couple of booms actually and wondered what they were. Well, about a half-hour later on the news it was reported that just about the time we heard those booms, in Beer-Sheva, which maybe 25 air mile, as the crow flies, away, two enemy rockets landed, one of which killed this Jewish man, as literally probably hundreds of thousands of Jews these last 48 hours have been terrorized to some degree.

They say now one million people in Israel are within range of the rockets in Gaza and of these 80 projectiles they were falling all over the place: Beer-Sheva, Ashdod, Ashqelon, Gan Yavneh, Ofakim. Homes were damaged, vehicles destroyed, sirens terrorizing thousands of Jews into running for cover.

That was on my mind before thinking about torturing Jews to death as a major activity in the performance of Roman Catholic tradition. Today hundreds of thousands of Jews have also been terrorized, dozens hospitalized in shock. And the world is mostly silent.

Mostly, if not completely. Still, listen to the words of Lady Macbeth Clinton after last Thursday massacre of Jews. “The United States condemns today’s attacks in southern Israel and all acts of terrorism in the strongest terms.”

This is a fine example of what Bat Yeor calls dhimmitude, the transformation of otherwise civilized Westerners into vassals of these menacing Muslims. What Hillary said is textbook PLO terrorist talk. Until the 1980s, Arafat rejected the term terrorism altogether; for him this was the” armed struggle.” But due pressure from the US and the West to renounce terrorism, he became to say he renounces terrorism “in all its forms,” meaning Arabs committing terrorism and Israelis committing terrorism. Moral equivalence. If the Arabs commit terrorism against the Jews, then the Jews commit terrorism against Arabs.

And here is Hillary, having assimilated, probably not even consciously the Arab dictate that Arab slaughters of Jews can never criticized in isolation. One must also criticize, by implication, the same crimes committed by others. So here Hillary condemned “the attacks in southern Israel and all acts of terrorism,” so that the Arabs can interpret her words to mean Israel’s “aggression” in Gaza that evening against the PRC gang leaders was also “terrorism.”

Yesterday, Hamas announced that it is no longer committed to the lull (tadiya?) with Israel. “There is no longer a lull in the face of the ongoing massacre that Israel commits against the Palestinian people without any justification.”

Again, as if the attack on the Eilat road never happened.

With such people as this, with minds like this that cannot see in Israel’s counter-strike the exercise of the human right to hit back when attacked, all talk and negotiations with such human beings are a waste of breath.

The Oslo peace process has been a waste of breath for almost two decades now. Breath being to something holy, the breath of G-d…

Supernatural Malevolence

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Program Link: Resolution adopted by the United Nations Human Rights Council 16/18

…Yeah. The coverage today concerned “Palestinian militants,” “armed infiltrators,” “assailants,” “attackers.” Missing were the words, “Arabs, Muslims, Jews.”

Even the prime minister of Israel called the massacres in the south “a severe event that targeted Israeli sovereignty.”

That makes as much sense as waging a “war on terror.” A war on terrorists is possible but not terror which just means great fear exacerbated by a sense of helpless defenselessness. The Arabs like that, by the way. They like to combine humiliation with their murder.

It is unfortunate that Netanyahu cannot or will not see the age-old, independent of Zionism religious madness about Jews which burns in the breasts of these savage Arabs and other Muslims. Israel’s sovereignty was not attacked today. Attacked were Jews. The “assailants” wanted to kill Jews. That is a very big mitzvah in their universe, their moral universe of perverse, barbaric ethics.

Yesterday too the anonymous editorial in JPost missed the boat when charging the anti-Semitism in the Arab world today is due to its importation from the West.

What are implications of that belief? That before it was imported, there was no antisemitism in Araby? In truth, the Arabs, the Muslims, had no need of 19th and 20th century crackpot antisemitism to teach them to fear and to hate Jews.

The editorialist also seemed not to understand antisemitism in its own native habitat in the West. “Antisemitism is nothing if not a surpassingly expedient political fantasy and anti-Zionism is merely the most expedient form of contemporary anti-Semitism.”

To see in antisemitism an “expedient fantasy” is to mistake its surface for its depth. For sure dictators have long resorted to distracting the masses with Jew-hatred, as an expedient fantasy but it goes much deeper than that. As the Jews are a unique nation, so Jew-hatred is not your run-of-the-mill hostility between peoples. Jews in Hitler’s mind and in the minds of Catholic priests for centuries were configured as this supernatural power with supernatural malevolence.

Hostility to Jews is not like other ethnic frictions. The English and the French went to war against one another so many times over hundreds of years and snarled at one another and had nasty nicknames for one another; probably likewise the French and neighboring Germans too. The Poles and the Russians; the Russians and the Lithuanians, etc. The Japanese and the Koreans.

But nothing compares to the other-worldly intensity of Jew-hatred. The Post editorialist spoke of “classical anti-Semitism” by which he seemed to mean the 19th and 20th century variety: the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Nazi propaganda stuff.

Missing here is the thousand and more years of Islamic culture in which the Jews were a perennial, daily object of abuse, humiliation and oppression. The Arabs, the Muslims are not known for their ecumenical kindness to minorities and non-believers.

Jews living in Muslim societies from the year 622 until 1948 lived on sufferance and often some protection for the local potentate who benefited by their skills. That is what the word dhimmi means. Bat Ye’or writes of dhimmitude. Dhimmi means in Arabic the “protected” ones, the protected communities. These were monotheists with a scripture. The Jews, Christians, now extinct Sabaeans, were entitled under Islamic rule to remain faithful to their beliefs; they didn’t have to convert. But otherwise they were an oppressed minority in a society that did not pride itself on how liberal it was to its minorities. “Protected” meant that the local potentate could tell the masses to refrain from killing the Jews and destroying their neighborhoods because the sheikh or pasha benefited from their presence.

Still, the Jewish community had to pay a yearly tax called the jezya and it is explicitly mandated in Sharia law to humiliate the infidel for refusing to convert. Muslims believe that everybody deep down knows the truth of Islam as the correct religion. But as infidels they stubbornly refuse to accept its truth. And for their stubborn resistance they must pay…

The Sex Lives of Muslims

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Program Links: Bacha Bazi Boys VIDEO – Afghanistan’s “Dancing Boys” & How Muslims Pimp Young Boys for Gang Rape
Danish Psychologist: Inbreeding Reduces Muslim Intelligence

…Well, it’s been pretty quiet in Israel. August is normally quiet in the world of politics. Even politics goes on vacation in August.

We’ve had these semi-Woodstock encampments around the country protesting the cost-of-living and the disappearance of a middle class. Israel has one of the worst gaps in the liberal democracies of the West. There are people with lots of money opposite people who “can’t finish the month,” as the expression here goes around here, with few people in between.

The spokesmen and spokeswomen of these tent encampments are hard core Leftists and anti-Bibi-ites for reasons having nothing to do with his stewardship of the economy.

They have no ideas, only demands. And what they demand is the welfare culture of the kibbutz. They want free everything. Perfect equality between members of the community in terms of wealth. It is a communist ideal of equality.

Trouble is, of course, while some kibbutzim worked better than others, in the end the economic theory of their kind of collectivist socialism does not work. Contrary to a fantasy that resonates with the word socialism, in which everyone wants the best for society, a society of sociable people, it is capitalism that provides the greatest good for the greatest number. It is not the squelching of competition but fostering it. Capitalism is the companion of political freedom, for capitalism posits freedom of the marketplace.

So these Leftists leading this tent protest have been acting like such fools they are an embarrassment to the Jewish people…

Moses as Bin Laden

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…The foregoing news story on this politically correct British opera director re-writing the Book of Exodus – by the way, he’ll be working in Israel next month – it should not have been too surprising a story given the atmosphere in certain circles in Europe’s chattering classes. Last week in her mid-week column JPost’s Caroline Glick reported the information that in Oslo the day before that madman Anders Breivik’s massacre of the summertime campers in the Norwegian Labor Party‘s summer camp, the party’s Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store, a well-known anti-Israelite, paid them a visit and spoke of the need to destroy the security barrier Israel built to defend Jews from exploding Muslim maniacs.

The campers also role-played that day being Hamas Arabs breaking Israel’s lawful blockade; and they held signs aloft calling for a boycott of Israel.

Part of the problem may be the failure of Israel’s public diplomacy to keep abreast of the spread of the poison of the Palestinian narrative – which is not easy when your own Prime Minister has also come out in support of the proposition that the Ancient Ones desire a state in the middle of the Jewish people’s Promised Land and he is ready to give it to them.

Following the horror of what that lunatic Anders Breivik did, Maariv interviewed the Norwegian ambassador here in which he basically justified Arab terror against us because of the “occupation,” he said. He admitted there was a similarity between Breivik’s massacre and what happened at the Hotel Park in Netanya in 2002 – he was serving in the country at the time in a lower capacity – but he said he was not sure if they were identical. The difference, he said, is that the Palestinians attack Israelis with a definite goal in mind i.e. to end the occupation.

For this Norwegian, then, the world before May, 1967 did not exist. The world came into existence with the Israeli occupation in June, which is the norm now in Enlightened Europe. This is how they see history. Prior to the Six-Day War and Israel’s victory, Israel and the “Palestinians” had no history.

Worse, Europeans like this have a way of tolerating if not exactly blessing terror atrocities against us Jews, using a standard of course they do not apply to their own Anders Breivik.

This Ambassador Sven Sabia, also sounding like Catherine Ashton, said Norwegians see settlements as illegal in international law. Again, that’s Israel’s fault for never ever telling the world, as Ronald Reagan opined, they may be ill-advised and counter-productive – that’s a judgment call which only time will judge – but they still are legal…

Yosh is Ours, Legally

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…Lastly, besides Peace Now, where we left off with, the ACRI, the Association of Civil Rights in Israel has sent a letter to Defense Minister Ehud Barak calling for nice treatment in September when the Ancient Ones want to demonstrate here as the UN General Assembly in New York does its thing. “Palestinian civilians taking part in protests should not be treated like enemy combatants, and the army should not be allowed to open fire on them.”

This is the equivalent of Barack Obama denying the existence of Muslim terrorists as only “extremists given to man-made disasters.” Here the Arabs are not a foreign enemy nation but civilians and thus presumably entitled to the treatment of Jewish Israeli civilians.

This is like Obama and Eric Holder his attorney general wanting civilian trials for the Muslim demons of 9-11.

It was what we have to suffer everything we go into battle every time. They attack us with military weapons but we must respond like urban policemen.

Heaven help us and spare us from the enemy within who blurs the line between what is within and what is without…

Social Justice

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…Well, last week a new United States ambassador took up his post here, one Dan Shapiro who apparently hitched his wagon in 2007 to the future Ayatollah Barack Hussein in his campaign for the White House. That early on Dan Shapiro got on the bandwagon with him says something about him.

Looking at his CV, it seems that Dan Shapiro is yet another careerist of Jewish extraction who sells his identity for prestige and success among anti-Jews. He is yet another like LTF, Saint Thomas Friedman, a graduate of Brandeis University which was created by Americans of Jewish extraction in the late 1940s desperate for their children to succeed in America – and never mind that the Jews in Eretz Yisrael at the same time in Israel were being mercilessly murdered and maimed by Arabs.

During his college years, Shapiro did his year abroad in Israel so he speaks Hebrew to a degree. He majored in Near East and Judaic Studies which of course is not to be confused with Judaism. The approach is basically the same used in antiJew Christian seminaries over the last 150 years.

After Brandeis, Shapiro went to Harvard for two years and emerged with a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Politics.

A master’s degree in Middle Eastern Politics. Does that mean he has become a master of Middle Eastern politics? Has Dan Shapiro ever used his mastery of Middle Eastern politics to shape and guide the region in its journey through time?

Dan Shapiro is a master of Middle East politics, and according to Akiva Eldar last week in the abominable Haaretz, Shapiro is not here to masterfully make peace between Israel and our Balestinian victims but, “Rather, his goal is to promote peace between the American president and American Jewish leaders. His main job will be to dismantle every Israeli land mine on his boss’s road to a second term.”

Looking again at his CV, after in 1993 he became a master of Middle Eastern politics leastwise in the eyes of Harvard University, he went to work for Congressman Lee Hamilton, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, no great friend of the world’s only Jewish state.

And according to Akiva Eldar, when the Balestinians signed the Oslo Accords in the fall, he cheered. He was a “fervent admirer of then Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.”

Then he went to work, after the Republicans captured Congress in 1994, for the allegedly Jewish but not Halachically so Senator Dianne Feinstein as her senior foreign policy advisor. A year later, Feinstein refused to co-sponsor a bill to move the American Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. Presumably she was advised to do that by Dan Shapiro. It was believed at the time, you see, that the initiative was the sinister handiwork of the Israeli Right and its supporters in Congress who wanted to derail the peace process.

Translation: Dan Shapiro was a big supporter of the Oslo Abomination, and now, by hitching his wagon to that of the Imam in the White House, he has become U.S. Ambassador to Israel and he will get to live in a big, beautiful home in Herzlia with lots of servants as he masterfully sells the virtues of his political master Emir Barack Hussein to the people of Israel as he works toward his re-election.

In other words: another in the mold of Martin Indyk and LTF and Aaron David Miller and Danny Kurtzer, hustlers and hucksters of Hebrew heritage pretending to be big friends of Israel as they serve anti-Israel masters…

Land of Delusions

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…Remember now, keep in mind, as we hear a bit more of thinking going in the
mind of Dr. Nabil Shaath, PhD that he is no riffraff. This is paragon of the civilized, peace-loving, Fatah Party that runs the so-called Palestinian Authority.

He said “Jewish gangs exiled more than 750,000 Palestinians.” This is a double whammy of a lie. First of all, there were no Jewish gangs. The IDF was an organized army in uniform; that is not a gang.

The UN figure, secondly, was 590,000, not 750, and of those perhaps 100,000 were not exiled by “Jewish gangs” but, as soon as the UN General Assembly voted for partition on 29 November 1947, who picked up and packed up and left the country because they did not want to live under a Jewish regime. And they were able to pick up and pack up so quickly because they had where to run to, because so many of them were no natives of Balestine at all but had come into the country during the Mandate period to get in on the booming economy – thanks to the Jews. They had homes and families elsewhere, and so when they decided to leave, they had where to run to and find a place to live, not in refugee camp but with family, on the old family sod.

The IDF in its infancy as well, fighting to save the infant Jewish state was too busy fighting the regular armies of five Arab states to have had the time to expel 750,000 people.

The interviewer in Kul-al-Arab asked Shaath, “Do you still believe in two states for two peoples?”

Here is the answer: “We do not recognize anything called the state of the Jewish people. We are prepared to recognize the State of Israel, if they say that the Israeli people include those Muslim and Christian residents who” – fasten your seat-belts now – “are the true owners of the land. We do not agree to two states for two peoples, which means that Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Israel must belong to everyone who lives there, and first and foremost to its original inhabitants. We have never agreed and never will agree under any circumstances to recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people.”

Remember, now, this is the voice of the “moderate peace camp” among the Arabs here, these “moderates” unlike those terrible religious fanatics in Hamas.

Fatah and Hamas are identical in their goals, differing only in tactics.

Israel should not be negotiating with Fatah any more than with Hamas, and never should have been negotiating with any these so- called Balestinians who think like this.

This is the best and brightest of them, and he has the mind of a delusional amnesiac for whom history is whatever you want it to be in order to justify your appetite for another man’s property and your desire to use homicidal violence to take it from him…

Handling the Mob

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…Well, on the home front today the top story remained the cost of living and housing, for rental and for purchase.

Here in Judea, we are not immune from the crisis and it has in fact made life a little uglier here. You see, many families who have enough land to build a home and second residence do that to rent out and they have jacked up their rental prices according to the market which means that here too the prices are now sky high asked by these idealistic settlers – they are only human – which are as extortionate as in Tel-Aviv and a huge obstacle to young couples wanting to live in Yosh.

Not talked about in the dominant and dejudaized MSM here is the contribution to the tight market all over the country made by none other than Emir Barack Hussein who has succeeded during his time in office in throttling development in Israel, meaning in Yosh, so that the young couples who want to live here cannot and thus they too must look for shelter west of the Green Line.

Some day these post-Jewish Israelis may wake up and take note of how this generation of antiJews continue to dictate to us where we can and cannot live even in our own allegedly independent state.

How interesting too over the last two weeks of this protest for “social justice” that the Torah readings have been about settling the Land, parceling the land to big families and small. Real estate stories of Eretz Yisrael in shul and on the evening news.

Of course the solution to the tight housing market was conjured up last webcast. Imagine what would happen to the housing market if the government would declare all Judea and Samaria open to Jews and Jewish developers.

Think of the famous day in 1889, the Oklahoma Land Rush, when 50,000 land-hungry Americans lined up on a starting line at the edge of two million acres about to be given away for the taking and the asking for free.

At high noon on April 22, 1889, these 50,000 people on horseback and in buckboards – there are photographs of it – and wagons heard the cannons roar announcing the start of the land rush and they lit out in clouds of dust, all 50,000 of them to stake out their claims to homes and even lay out whole communities. In literally half a day, both Oklahoma City and the adjacent town of Guthrie had been staked out and occupied by 10,000 people. Famous Harper’s Weekly at the time said this: “At twelve o’clock on Monday, April 22d, the resident population of Guthrie was nothing; before sundown it was at least ten thousand. In that time streets had been laid out, town lots staked off, and steps taken toward the formation of a municipal government.

“Many settlers immediately started improving their new land or stood in line waiting to file their claim. Many children sold creek water to homesteaders waiting in line for five cents a cup, while other children gathered buffalo chips to provide fuel for cooking. By the second week, schools had opened and were being taught by volunteers paid by pupils’ parents until regular school districts could be established. Within one month, Oklahoma City had five banks and six newspapers.”

That’s from Wikipedia. That’s how Americans did it in those days. Imagine the government of Israel in our time declaring that as the Ancient Ones build at will in Judea and Samaria, so will Israelis, Jews, in our ancient homeland…