Covert Antisemitism

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…Yeah, this Barack Hussein Obama guy thinks like an Arab. When he says “the borders of Israel and Palestine must be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps,” he is saying, “If Israel captured x-square miles of land from the Ishmaelites in ’67, Israel must return the identical number of x-square miles, and if the parties agree to swap some of the captured land for other land in Israel’s possession since 1949, they can do that.”

BUT, if Israel took x-thousands of square miles in 1967 away from the Arabs, Israel must return the same number because Israel is not allowed to keep the spoils of war.

That wouldn’t be very nice. The Arabs will not become happy if Israel is allowed to keep the spoils of its victory because every moment the land remains in the hands of al-Yahud, this is a stain on the honor of the Arabs, these holy warriors. Israel must return the same number of square kilometers it took or there will be no peace. It would be wrong for Israel to keep such spoils.

And Israel’s refusal to hand back what it took in its aggression in 1967. only exacerbates the anger and irritation of the world at its stubborn refusal to hand back what it took.

That is why I say the mirror image of that viewpoint is declaring that the truly moral and just solution to this conflict is not sovereignty in the hands of the Fatah terrorists but sovereignty in the hands of the State of Israel.

And Israel has the right to do what it wants with these lands taken in self-defense and the exaction of true justice thereby. The Arabs attacked in 1948 and again in 1967 to steal all the real estate the Jews had developed over a century of land reclamation and making the desert bloom. But they lost in their attempt and must pay punitive damages in the same coin. They came to take our land away from us; as punishment we take land away from them.

As Germany today is smaller than it was before September 1st, 1939 when its army crashed over the border into Poland and ignited World War II, so Syria is smaller than before ‘67; so Jordan is smaller. What’s the big deal?

What is it about Jews that evokes in mankind this double standard?

On Friday in Yediot their veteran political writer Shimon Shiffer wrote up Shimon Peres’ recent meeting at the White House with Prince Barack Hussein before Bibi went to Washington, and in the meeting Shimon evidently told him 1) that Bibi was dead set against the concept of negotiating from the ’67 borders but that he, St. Simon of Oslo the Wise, fellow Nobel prize laureate for peace, in his tete-a-tete with the Muslim Prince of course agreed with him that the Balestinians must receive territory equal in size to the ’67 borders. And if Israel is to keep any lands, i.e. the land under the immovable major communities, Israel must pay for them with territory in the Negev.

You got that? Israel must pay if it keeps any of the spoils of war.

I say this is antisemitism of the kind Israelis like Netanyahu just can’t see…