Paralysis in Zion

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…There are times when yours truly here despairs, and that happens whenever some enemy mouthpiece spews his historical lies of “Palestinian” Nationalism which official Israel never responds to, never attacks and demolishes as the IDF did today that terrorist at Mevo Dotan.

“Palestinian” Nationalism is as much a lie about the Jewish people as the Blood Libel that Sarah Palin rightly referred to in her own self-defense against haters of everything she stands for.

All of 19th and 20th century antisemitism was a mountain of lies about evil Jews conspiring against mankind; as much as the medieval Blood Libel was of Jews murdering non-Jews for their blood as an “essential” ingredient in Passover matzo, you know, for this blood-thirsty cult of devil worshipping Jews.

But oddly, very oddly, Israel’s ruling elite in our time never ever chooses to call out our enemies for their lies about the allegedly ancient, indigenous landlords of “Balestine.”

On the contrary, all of them – to a man and a woman and even among many religious, nationalist right-wingers – they refer to these people as “Palestinians” with no awareness, apparently, that every time anyone refers to “the Palestinians,” it is another nail in, if not our coffin than in the cross to which we Jews in Israel have been nailed for what we allegedly did to the Ancient Ones, who have to be compensated.

Gone are the Zionist pioneers found in the best-selling book of 1959 Exodus by Leon Uris, which book made a Zionist out of lots of people, out of Natan Sharansky and yours truly and others who saw the Hollywood movie. That generation of Jewish pioneers/halutzim was simply not perceived by the world as stealing Palestine from “the Palestinians.” That would have been impossible because those halutzim WERE the “Palestinians,” and the Arabs were “the Arabs,” because that is how the Arabs called themselves.

There was no Palestine Liberation Organization before 1964. What existed in 1944, three years before the Partition Plan, was the AHC, the ARAB Higher Committee run by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who in 1919, reacting to the plan of creating a country called Palestine that the Arabs never had known, founded a newspaper called Southern Syria. And for the remaining forty years of his miserable life as the leader of the Arabs here, he preached that there was no such country as Palestine.

It was impossible in the 1940s for the world to accuse us Jews of stealing Palestine from the Palestinians, when for fourteen centuries Palestine had meaning only to Jews and Christians. The country simply did not exist for these Arabs, for these Muslims. It doesn’t appear in the Qur’an.

But of this massive lying about history lurking in the black hearts of “Palestinian” nationalists, Israelis, from Bibi on down, say nothing. And I find that odd, even weird.

And because it is so weird, one suspects the wellsprings of this behavior are very deep and meaningful.

If Israelis were to face the truth that today’s Israel-haters are just another variety of Jew-haters; that the lies the Arabs tell about the past are in a league with the Blood Libel and Holocaust Denial, Israelis would have to face the reality that becoming an “Israeli” was an absolute failure, for their type of non-religious Zionism insisted that statehood would put an end to antisemitism, a/k/a the irrational, mendacious homicidal hatred of Jews and anti-Jew persecution.

And that for them might be such a shock to the system, they couldn’t stand it…