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Israel’s Cardinal Sin

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…Yeah, with Obama in the White House, the greatest spy/foreign agent in history, I think it is another sign the world is going crazy. The West by its greed and really gluttony has spent itself into economic ruin, its appetite for money and rich foods out of control, hence the so-called the plague of obesity which really should be called gluttony.

And with Obama in the White House, backing the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria, we Jews have had our arms twisted into humiliating ourselves by having to liberate those who butchered our loved ones…

Bibi’s Decision: Why?

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…What caught my eye was Bibi’s expressed hope for ending the conflict with the Palestinians, because if he believes that, we are in serious trouble. Surely, given his father’s teaching, which was that there is no end to the conflict, only eternal self-defense, he does not really believe that Israel can hand over enough land for a truly independent Palestinian state which will placate these people. It is their nature always to demand from us what we cannot give. The carrot they dangle before us always demands that we humiliate ourselves more than we have in the past – like today’s decision, which can be interpreted as the end of the line for Bibi’s kind of secular right-wing Zionism…

Slaves of Slaves

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…Once again, here is no marginal crank but the leader of the Lebanese Shiites accusing Jews of committing massacres we never have. This is classic, textbook anti-Semitism for its fantastical imagination.

His outfit, the Party of G-d came to public attention not by winning Nobel Prizes in Medicine but the massacre technique of the suicide bomber; he who insinuates himself into a crowd of innocent people and explodes himself. It is for this massacre technique Nasrallah’s organization became famous and here he is in classical, textbook Muslim fashion attacking when attacked by returning the accusations. The Muslim never tries to defend his behavior. He just flings back whatever accusation is made against him. Hence, Israel is guilty of massacres. We are a kind of dartboard for these primitives whose darts are dipped in their own guilt they must stab us with.

This guy is a mass murderer who accuses the IDF of being mass murderers…

Word Games

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…This guy Indyk, to be charitable it, may be suffering from the same mental disorder Uncle Shimon suffers from: the denial of failure. Here is Indyk having been a perfect failure himself as a peace processor, believing the old idea of Oslo remains the right idea and never mind the way things really played out. “Let’s do it again!”

This bum is like co-chairman of the New Israel Fund, which is about a left-wing as one can get with crossing the red line into blatant treason. Indyk attends a Reform Temple and that is a form of heresy. Having grown up in those Reform temples, I know of where I speak. These congregations are simply no longer Jewish in theory or praxis. Every religion has a metaphysical concept and a set of behaviors, holidays, rituals which make identify it, and in this way Reform Judaism is simply not Judaism at all…

Kerry’s Triumph?

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…I don’t think John Kerry has the depth to understand what the violence here is all about, and it ain’t statehood for the Ancient Ones. It is about demanding ownership of land in Jewish hands when legally the Jewish people, Israelis, are the rightful, legal owners of Judea and Samaria. The claim that the settlements are illegal in international law is not true. It is a lie. And the history of persecuting us is a history of lies. The mass attacks we have suffered have always been seen by their antiJew perpetrators as legitimate retribution for the Jews’ crimes…

Europe’s Chronic Hatred

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…So I reserve judgment on the gravity of this demarche by the bureaucracy in Brussels, its real impact. I have no doubt it has been fueled by vintage European Jew-hatred of many generations. This EU diktat is a cousin of the Polish legislation outlawing the kosher slaughter of animals. Each is a jab at the Jews the way the Roman centurion jabbed his lance in the side of the Jew on the cross. For fun, for sadistic pleasure. Again, it is a mistake to think that anything the EU does is for the benefit of the Ancient Ones. What moves them is their age-old hostility to Jews.

The EU organization has come down and not for the first time 100% alongside the Arabs here, these Muslims with their suicide bombers, their terrorists who enjoy bashing Jewish faces and heads into pulp.

And all those who side with the Arabs in the matter of who owns Judea and Samaria are anti-Jews plain and simple. Here is a property dispute: who owns this land? And the EU is 100% on the side of the barbarians.

The morality of this policy – the idea that Israel must hand back all the land it took in 1967 – could not be more antisemitic for denying the age old principle to Jews of “to the victors go the spoils…

Ramadan Entertainment This Year

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Program Link: Adultery as Aperitif, Served by 6 Amateurs and a Pro

…The Qur’an is blatantly a plagiarization of the Bible, intellectual property theft at its worst; copyright infringement, and in the theft and perversion Muslims also misconstrue what it means to be the Chosen People.

Jewish national identity is unique, and this may explain the unique ability of Jews to survive from generation to generation when all other nations are born, live, grow old, die and disappear.

And that is because the Jews are nation bound not by their cultural products but their religion, their metaphysical construction of reality. Other nations, like the French are known for their language and cuisine and high fashion.

Not the Jews. What distinguishes this nation is its religion, and only its religion…

A New Christian Arab Party

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…By my personal count, in the Five Books of Moses the idea of the Promised Land is written in several ways 180 times. In Kabbalistic mathematics, that is 18 which equals life times the mystical number 10 which is such an important number it is literally imprinted on our bodies twice.

180 times HaShem promises this land to the Children of Israel, but a lot of people have a real hard time accepting that. Pretty much the whole world that has an opinion on the matter. I mean, we Jews constitute one-half of one-half a percent on the human race and even most of our people have a hard time saying, “Yes, Judea and Samaria are rightfully ours.”

Some Egyptian History

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…The situation in Egypt continues to be the best show in town. Yesterday morning around sunrise, the Egyptian army was likely provoked by Muslim Brothers in a mass protest demonstration outside the facility where their leader is under arrest. Hundreds were wounded in the gunfire, over 50 died, and some Muslim Brothers were very pleased with the results. You provoke the regime into this kind of response and then crow it is proof of its illegitimate cruelty…

The Army vs. the Priests

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…Kerry of course also wants to pursue his $4 billion investment plan which will include Arab building in Area C.

One can only hope that Bibi is just stringing him along, maneuvering, keeping one’s head above water as the days creep forward until the day Obama the Muslim Brotherhood plant in the Oval Office is out of office.

What is it with these ignorant men and women at the State Department whose enormous ignorance of the Middle East is matched only by their arrogant ambition to drive hundreds of thousands of us Jews from homes we have every right to live in?

All of them, Carter, Clinton, Obama and their secretaries of state believe they know our world better than we do and know better than we do how to deal with these Arab- Muslim barbarians…

The Coup in Egypt

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…Well, the word in Jerusalem is that Prime Minister Benyamin ben Bentzion has enjoined his ministers to say nothing of what is happening in Egypt, which is the right course. Who knows what’s going to happen there, which will happen no matter what Israeli ministers say?

Since the last webcast, the Egyptian army has executed a military coup d’etat, arrested the legitimately elected president of Egypt Muhammed Morsi. The 20-30 million demonstrators this week got their way.

Maybe we have to redefine what we think of when we say “the Arab street.” Egyptian society seems to be one in which politics is less a field for competing ideas than how many people you can bring out into the street.

Typically the Arab street has referred to the feelings of the young, male, unemployed who for time immemorial can be seen in droves in the streets of Arab cities. Seen them myself…

Obama the Brother

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…What the Muslims never learned, and what it took the Europeans 1500 years to learn via the Protestant Reformation/Revolt against Rome was that combining the roles of leader of the nation and high priest is such a volatile mixture it should be not attempted.

In the West it is called the Separation of Church and State, Jefferson’s Wall of Separation, which is something the Jews have known since the generation of the desert.

When Moses the Lawgiver turned over the leadership of the people shortly before his death, he did not choose from his own priestly tribe of Levites. He had already chosen his brother to be the high priest. And in light of the stories of brothers in the Book of Genesis, Aaron was the perfect brother, the perfect older brother who was perfectly not jealous of his kid brother. Aaron was everyone’s favorite uncle…