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The Sky will Not Fall If…

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…Yesterday, the bad news out of London was the sentence of life given to the convert to Islam who chopped Drummer Lee Rigby’s head off last May.

Think of that: rather, deprogram it. He murdered Rigby, took his life, and what did this post-Biblical, English court give him? They gave him his life! A life sentence. They sentenced him to life; what a gift!

For sure he will be confined indoors, but in that time for sure such murderers find some time to enjoy life. A cold drink of water on a hot day; relieving themselves of all the water they drink. When you’re bladder’s bursting, it truly is a pleasure to release all that water. He can read books in the prison library, play some basketball.

The murderer was given life, instead of death! The Bible tells us after the Great Flood that henceforth — apparently this was not so before the Flood — Man will take the life of a murderer. Capital punishment is mandated for the most heinous of crimes.

But here in our post-Christian, post-Jewish West, the height of morality is acting as if modern man knows better than HaShem/G-d in matters of this kind…

An Israeli Liberal

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…What Wilf cannot see is that the people she calls “Palestinians” are simply not motivated by “Palestinian patriotism” because there is no such thing; never has been such a thing. As my book makes clear, the official Arab line until the 1960s was that there was no Palestine and no “Palestinians” because only the Zionists proudly used the terms. There had been no Falastin throughout Muslim history and their resistance to the League of Nations Mandate was rooted in their rejection of the very idea of an area being created called Palestine when since the 7th century there never had been.

What Wilf and fellow Political Scientists don’t get is that the “Palestinian” national identity is a “burka” of an idea (a garment that completely covers up the woman) in this case the truth that what fuels the fire in their hearts and minds today against the Jews is the same as it was before the 1960s.

In other words, Dr. Wilf the Political Scientist calls them “Palestinians,” but underneath they remain violent, blood-thirsty, imperialistic, larcenous Arab Muslims whose attitude and behaviors toward the Jewish people over 14 centuries are a matter of record, if people would only take the time to peruse it…

The Reform Crack-Up

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Program Link: Hath Not a Jew Eyes?

…I read such words and can only shake my head at the age-less behavior here that predates Zionism. What is all this peace process about if not the demand by the Muslims and their antiJew backers around the world, that hundreds of thousands of Jews must be evacuated from their communities and homes; homes they built, furnished, raised their families in, attended their synagogues in? And here is the Gentile paritz (in Hebrew the Gentile ruler, lord of the manor) telling us Jews we might be able to remain in our homes

Oh thank you, Secretary Kerry. Thank you for considering a scenario opposed to enlightened opinion according which we Jews will not be forced out of our homes to become refugees basically in our own ancient promised land.

And one reason for this state of affairs is the congenital inability of this Israeli government, following in the footsteps of the anti-religious Labor government that came with the Oslo process, to declare, like the late Communist folk singer Pete Seeger, “This land is our land” and in contradistinction to other lands where we sojourned for 18 centuries of mostly oppression and persecution, here nobody tells us where we can and cannot live.

Israeli governments, the fruit of post-religious Jews have been incapable of flying the flag of the Jewish religion, the true nuclear core of Jewish identity, and tell the world to get lost and stop trying to dictate to us where we can and cannot live…

Kerry’s “Disappointment”

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…Yeah, so Kerry has no understanding of the Arabs, and the post-Jewish Jews here are no help, for they cannot see the Arabs and Muslims here as classical Arabs and Muslims, not Balestinian nationalists and patriots, though Obama is not so naïve. He is a Muslim crusader and chronic Jew-hater because that is basically what Islam is at base: a form of antisemitism. The Christians in their New Testament do not lack for cosmic accusations of evil against the Jews, but at least in schlepping around the Old Testament as they call it, they at least left it alone and appended their story to it.

Versus the Muslims who re-wrote the Torah and claimed it was Jews who re-wrote the Qur’an. Musa, their mangled mispronunciation, of Moshe, brought down from Mt. Sinai the Qur’an but then the wicked Jews took it away from him and re-wrote it. Isma’il was the favorite son of Ibrahim and he bound his son for a sacrifice in Mecca, and when the Jews say it was Ishaq in al-Quds/Jerusalem, the Jews lie.

How can anyone think that with such people a nice, amicable, compromising, harmonious rule of these hills between Jews and Ancient Palestinians can be possible? It is Alice in Wonderland thinking…

What Wil The Gentiles Say?

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…Director Ken Loach also said Israel, “throws children in prison.” That’s amazing. For some reason, Israel, what, kidnaps Ancient Palestinian boys and girls and just for no reason, probably just the innate cruelty and sadism of Jews, throws them in prison.

And I say this Brit is a worthy descendant of Charles Dickens and his creation Fagin.

This is the culture of England, and Ken Loach is a man of culture, which has a history, starting at least in the 16th century of producing artists like William Shakespeare who wrote The Merchant of Venice with its Shylock and Christopher Marlowe who wrote The Jew of Malta which was originally called The Famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta which, Wikipedia says, is about “a Maltese Jew’s barbarous revenge against the city authorities.”

I myself remember reading as a boy Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None and I think it opens with a Jew-joke. The Brits have long been unashamedly anti-Jew. No politically correct politesse toward Jews until after the Shoah.

Now it is taboo to be openly antiJew so the default option is to be anti the State of Israel for the terrible things it allegedly has done and is doing to the Ancient Palestinians, like throwing children into prison.

Yes, the Jews are notorious for the gratuitous sadism and brutality…

The Biggest Lie

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…The Israelis will make a quantum leap forward when they understand that the hostility to Israel has nothing to do with the history of an injustice done to the Ancient Palestinians because that is a phantom nation sucked out an oriental water-pipe to serve as a smoke-screen for old-time, pre-Zionist Jew-hatred.

The Times of Israel website reported today on a new study just published by the Israel Balestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in which, the study concludes, the major source of the Israel-Balestine conflict is Zionism itself which is on a par with “Christian exceptionalist beliefs that contributed to the Nazi Holocaust. The genocide of Native Americans, and countless other instances of tragic brutality.”

This is rich. Here is a major Presbyterian organization protesting the genocide of Native Americans when there was no genocide. There was a collision between a Stone Age culture and modern civilization; one thrived, the other did not survive, and that had nothing to do with a centralized plan to exterminate the aboriginals as they were sometimes called in the earliest days of the Republic.

And it is rich because among the leaders of the settlement of the United States were Presbyterians, the Protestant church of Scotland a.k.a. Scotch-Irish who bravely penetrated the American wilderness and did not let the aboriginal nomads deter them with their barbaric violence…

The Right of Return

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…Erekat said this; listen carefully: “I told minister Livni in Munich recently that we won’t change our history, culture and religion. We are not going to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.”

Precisely, but John Kerry and Leftist Jews and Israelis refuse to listen and take seriously.

In Friday’s Makor Rishon, editorial pages editor in Maariv Ben-Dror Yemini wrote on this topic of the Arabs being incapable of recognizing Israel as the state of the Jewish people but he said that is because of the right of return issue. Ben-Dror Yemini like too many native, non-religious Israelis, think that Abbas, Erekat & Co., hold most dear this “right of return” fantasy (which they do not have) and so recognizing Israel as belonging to the Jews negates that. The right of return as the Arabs use it is yet another act of intellectual property theft. As they stole the Torah, re-wrote it and called in the Qur’an; as their Hamitic forebears the Philistines stole (for a time) the Ark of the Covenant, so the term “right of return” they stole from Israel…

Is John Kerry Antisemitic?

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…So no I do not see John Kerry as antisemitic, which word resonates with a terrible history. I do, though, see him as a boring, run-of-the-mill man of his time and society which is most definitely antiJew.

Obama, by contrast, I think, is a real antisemite; Kerry is not. He is a creature of politically correct fashion and old-fashioned ignorance about Jews and Muslims and the Middle East.

And as for Avigdor Lieberman who has come to his defense: he is too unJewish in his contempt for those of us who believe this land is holy. Lieberman is basically a Russian nationalist, a Putin, who happened to be born a Jew. For him Israel is his national identity and relates to it as Putin does to Russia.

And not coincidentally, because he is so unreligious, he misreads John Kerry and what he represents: thousands of years of Western civilization marked and scarred by its vicious abuse of the Jews…

Hounding Haredim

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…The relations between the young, nubile and fertile are without restraint, a freedom enabled by modern medical pills and devices. The women today, with their hemlines where they are, dress themselves like the street-walkers of earlier generations.

Internet traffic, it was reported recently, is like a third pornography, which is why there are Haredi companies who provide the service of previewing every website, which prevents your children at an earlier age from using the computer unsupervised and coming across the filth.

Recently at one of those endless series of awards ceremonies entertainers are always giving themselves, one Miley Cyrus was dressed as if to appear in her undergarments and she danced like the women in pornographic films always have, only this live broadcast could be seen in billions of family homes, their living rooms or bedrooms. It is a culture swimming in pornography.

Popular movies serve up dialogue laced in dirty words, and it is this world, this society in the West, which can be found even in the Israeli army, and Haredi fathers simply do not want to expose their sons to it.

So I empathize with them. They fear losing their sons. That is how they express it…

Why I’m Not Worried

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…Bibi has said as many times as we have heard this that the other side “must recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish people,” only I wish he came up with a new formula. For example, how about: “The Palestinians must accept the right of al-Yahud to live free of Muslim oppression mandated in Sharia statutes.”

Or how about, “The Jews have the right to live free in their ancient homeland given to them by Allah as it says in the Qur’an” citing the chapter and verse which does refer to Allah’s gift of a land (however unnamed) to al-Yahud.

And the reason for that is then the focus will fall on the true center of the conflict, the religious core in Islam that burns with hatred for Jews. Islam is a religion of hatred for non-Believers and a justification for conquering them, ruling over them, forcing them to convert to Islam, and of course confiscating their property; confiscation being in this case a euphemism for stealing all of their property and wealth…

Kerry’s (Indyk’s) Venom

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…This again is the tragic flaw of this people, really of the human race: betrayal of a brother. No one asks the trendy lefties to live a Jewish life. They are entitled to believe and behave as they choose.

But they are not licensed not to fight for the right of a Jew to live and rule in Judea and Samaria for a settler’s rights to his home are identical to that of the Jew in North Tel-Aviv. Identical.

And it is that betrayal which is also so characteristic of Leftists in general, like John Kerry becoming a mouthpiece for the Communists in the Viet Cong and North Viet Nam, like his boss Barack Obama who betrayed Egypt and betrays Israel…