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Gilad and the Death Penalty

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Webcast Title: Gilad and the Death Penalty
Webcast Date: 06/27/2010
Length: 37:28 Minutes
(June 27, 2010) …What a time to have such a person in the White House when we are being menaced by not only Iran with its tens of thousands of missiles placed in Gaza, Lebanon and on its own soil; when a Hamas-loving Islamist president in Turkey rules in old Constantinople; when we are being menaced in part because Turkey and Iran see Obama backing away from Israel. There is a connection between their menace and Obama’s performance since he took office, since his inaugural speech when his hostility to Jews peeped out; there is a connection to his allowing Iran over this year and a half in office to proceed building its atomic weapons of mass destruction which these lunatic Muslims have no compunction against using.

Every major terrorist attempt in the name of Islam, 9-11 in New York and 7/7 in London, the recent Times Squares attempt, etc. has been carried out by Muslims over the edge, living out a perfectly satanic life, a Hamitic life in which acts of monstrous violence are pulled off with nary a twinge of conscience.

If these Muslims can in their hundreds of millions applaud a 9-11 as they did, they are capable of launching atomic bombs not only against us, G-d forbid, but have the brains to put a small rocket with an atomic bomb on a cargo ship and sail it from the Persian Gulf into Chesapeake Bay and lob it Qassam-like into downtown Washington, G-d forbid.

There has been much in the news these days, rumors of Israel and/or the U.S. together preparing a strike against Iran. Last week here, former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit and the current head of the national security bureau for Bibi, Uzi Arad, both separately spoke of the necessity of an Israeli pre-emptive strike. With nuclear missiles in the equation, the dynamics of conflict are different from the mainstream in an old Wild West town where the guy who drew first was the guilty party. With atomic weapons in Iranian hands, we in Israel simply cannot, as Arad explained – not a new thought by him – reserve the right to counter-attack after a nuclear strike against us. We can’t wait for their first strike. As they say in Noo York, ‘Fuggedaboutit”..

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The Daily Barrage

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Webcast Title: The Daily Barrage
Webcast Date: 06/24/2010
Length: 40:21 Minutes
(June 24, 2010) …Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 6th day, yud-gimmel, beTammuz, Parashas Balak, tav-shin-ayin, the evening of the 5th day, Thursday, 24 June, 2010, webcasting from the Daily Unholy War against Israel, he who strove with G-d and survived.

In today’s attacks by World-AntiJewry, they came from Gaza on the continent of Asia, dominated once again after all these years, these centuries, these millennia by spiritual descendants of the Philistines whose champion Goliath our David son of Jesse was victorious over, but whose real, genetic descendants today have yet to vanquish.

Israel was also attacked from the port city of Goteborg, Sweden in Scandinavia; also from the continent of North America, specifically at United Nations headquarters in New York City; also from Brussels, Belgium and Strasbourg, France on the continent of Europe.

Not that all the attacks were the same. What stood out was the micro-military act of firing mortars at Jewish villages east of Philistine Gaza; actual weapons that armies use in war. But really a micro-military-like attempt to physically murder Jews, which set it apart from the other attacks. The other barrages from other continents were verbal.

Accusations of crime, of guilt for crime against these very same Neo-Philistines in Gaza and the Neo-Canaanites in antisemitically misnamed in “East Jerusalem.”

That name never ceases to amaze, for its verbal purpose is to set apart, to deny it to Jews. When the Berlin Wall was torn down by Germans in 1989, the Free World wept and laughed and rejoiced for joy that that city divided by not just a wall but a security barrier thrown up by the enemies of freedom, the Commies in Russia and their East German Commie stooges. I remember when it went up around 1960 to keep people oppressed by the evil disciples of the evil Jewish apostate Karl Marx from escaping. And when it was torn down in 1989, the Free World rejoiced.

But after 1967 when Israelis had done the identical thing – tear down a wall that divided their capital city – World AntiJewry did not like that. In a way, 1967 was far more momentous than 1948 when Israel declared independence and fought and won the war, at least up to a cease-fire. Only in 1967 did the heart of the Biblical narrative come into Jewish hands. Judea and Samaria, and above all Jerusalem. Not since before the birth of Christianity had Jews been sovereign in Jerusalem, meaning over the heart of Jerusalem, the only reason for its existence: the Temple Mount.

It is illuminating that Jerusalem, this most contested piece of real estate on our planet that commands no natural resources; sits astride no vital artery of international commerce and business is so important; while its value has never been anything but in the realm of ideas, religious ideas. The heart of Jerusalem is the Temple Mount, site of the Binding of Isaac 3,687 years ago, when the seed of today’s Jewish people was just a nuclear family. And it is no coincidence that that story of the binding of Isaac was stolen and renamed and called Islam, when Ibrahim allegedly bound his son Isma’il at the Kaaba in Mecca.

And that is why the marauding first Muslims built over that site their Golden Dome of the Rock which Muhammed had allegedly mounted before he allegedly leapt to heaven to meet all the prophets who preceded him, before returning to earth the same night to lead his Arabs to Islam, a word meaning “submission” – a word for slaves – submission to Allah.

Jerusalem is the heart of the matter, and today out of UN headquarters in New York City this Korean guy, from the far, Far East speaking in the same of all the nations of Planet Earth accused Israel of planning to illegally destroy Ancient Palestinian dwellings in “East Jerusalem,” by which he and the whole world really mean the Temple Mount above all. Ban Ki-Moon, secretary of the world’s goyim said, “The planned moves are contrary to international law and to the wishes of the Palestinian residents.”

So, he basically called us criminals. Criminals who break the law, in this case international law which supports, he says, “the wishes of the Palestinians.”

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The Guilt of the Palestinians

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Webcast Title: The Guilt of the Palestinians
Webcast Date: 06/22/2010
Length: 37:27 Minutes
Program Link: Israel and the Surrender of the West
(June 22, 2010) …So this A-Level geography textbook in England, which some Jewish organization is protesting against, while citing Israel’s “stated reason” for the building of the security barrier, nonetheless “highlights the severe restriction of movement on people most of whom are not bombers.”

And that is not the end of it. This textbook then continues to say that this barrier is a form of “surreptitious expansion.” Ooh, nice expression, conveying a) our aggression against the Ancient Ones while b) we carry it out underhandedly, behind the scenes in a kind of, what, conspiracy?

And as for the suicide bombers: well, these author-educators of young English minds explain that, “They have no government, no country, no army and few resources – so they resort to bombing to make their point.”

Not a word here about horny teenage boys believing suicide the way to an eternal orgy with not only women but virgins so that every coupling is a deflowering which commonly can be painful for the distaff. Thank G-d in her healthy relations with her husband she only has to go through the experience once.

While these young Arab males fantasize every copulation as a forcible deflowering.

Not that the British educators of this A-Level geography textbook see this. They see suicide bombing as making a point that the bomber has “no country, no army, no resources.”

There is a matrix of Arab myths here. That the Arabs no army, have no resources. Never mind the 21 states with 21 armies and resources of oil wealth unknown to all other peoples in the world.

“No resources”? The Arabs don’t have money, you see, to liberate Palestine. And that’s the point the suicide freak is trying to make.

AntiJewism comes in a variety of styles and flavors. Maniacs like Ahmadinejad and Osama bin Ladin have their shtick when it comes to trash-talking the Jews, and so do the British, albeit in a different manner. Think of the way the BBC covers our constantly being mauled by these brutal people. What happened on the Mavi Marmara was just the last episode in thousands of episodes over the entire span of Zionism in which crazed Muslims came at Jews to murder and mutilate. In the pogrom in Hevron in 1929, when a mob of these savages invaded a Haredi yeshiva and slew 69 young boys studying, they also slashed and mutilated lots more who survived but without toes and fingers, hands and eyes.

Jews don’t do such things. We can kill. We can and – G-d have mercy – have murdered. But this kind of grisly knife and ax-work is just not our style.

It’s not the style either of the educators in England. But they understand, don’t they, the motivation of Ancient suicide bombers: it’s because of the Jews denying them a government, a country, their army and resources…

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Head in the Clouds

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Webcast Title: Head in the Clouds
Webcast Date: 06/20/2010
Length: 34:20 Minutes
(June 20, 2010) …Israel last week notified numerous governments, some of whose citizen are feverish antiJews who want to participate in the next Jew-baiting installment on the high seas, that Israel wasn’t kidding, and these people must be so apprised.

There was also that report of a flotilla of U.S. Navy warships and one Israeli ship transiting the Suez Canal heading south in the direction of the Persian Gulf.

Which reminds yours truly of spring in Washington, D.C. in the year of 1801, which really was the second year that mostly swamp-like outline of a town was in operation as the capital of the United States, with the new occupant in the White House, the third president of the U.S. States, Thomas Jefferson who, as one of his first acts in office, ordered a squadron of four U.S. Navy warships to sail from the U.S. to Tripoli, Libya as a show of force because the pasha there at the time Yusuf Karamanli was threatening to start hijacking American commercial vessels in the Mediterranean to enslave their crews and passengers unless the Untied States paid more tribute.

But when the squadron got there many weeks later, it was already too late. The pasha had declared war against the United States, and as was the tradition on the Barbary Shore, his proclamation was made from a balcony of his inner city palace, which then licensed the crowd below to go wild, scream bloody murder and race off to the U.S. Consulate in the town to loot it.

The consul at the time, James Leander Cathcart, one of history’s more amazing people, a Scotch-Irish seaman who had spent 11 years a hostage-slave in Algiers, had the night before in secret sent his wife and two little girls over to the Danish Consulate for safety. So when the next morning the mob of howling Muslims swarmed toward his consulate, he at first tried to bribe them with cash but quickly saw the futility and raced up to the roof and jumped to the next roof and the next roof and fled across the city rooftops to the Danish consulate where he hid until he and his wife and little children were smuggled out of the city ten days later. That was the beginning of the War with Tripoli.

Anyway, today its was heart-warming to read of this flotilla not of death-obsessed Muslims heading for Israel but U.S. Navy warships and one little Israeli warship heading south through the Canal toward the Persian Gulf. Let’s hope for the best.

It was reported this flotilla belonging to the good guys and not today’s cousins of the legendary Barbary Pirates has the right to stop such a provocation vessel coming from Persia and inspect it for weapons.

Then Israel could put a UAV over the sucker to track it and make sure it takes on no new cargo…

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Israel’s Sin in Gaza

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Webcast Title: Israel’s Sin in Gaza
Webcast Date: 06/17/2010
Length: 39:14 Minutes
Program Link: If Israel goes down, we all go down
(June 17, 2010) …There is an aspect of craven dhimmitude in this whole sorry episode of all these goy leaders in the West telling Bibi he has to ease up on the victims of the IDF last year. “Let them re-build the homes you Jews destroyed.”

And I say, no, because they don’t deserve to have their homes rebuilt. If they are living now among the ruins, tough. They deserve it. These people, this collective as a collective is as hateful of Jews as European Nazis were. And if they don’t like living in the ruins, they should not have applauded when their rocket-launcher boys fired all those thousands of rockets into Jewish apartments in Sderot and homes in the kibbutzim. Off the top of my head, like that poor fellow in Nir Am who created a popular Indian food restaurant which one day took a direct Qassam hit and was completely obliterated. And he never rebuilt.

The nerve, the chutzpa of these Arabs to whine about the rain of armaments the IDF let loose last year. All Israel was doing was returning some of the projectiles launched at us over eight years.

But don’t expect Baroness Catherine and Tony Blair to demand of the Hamas that they pay for the damage they did to us. We have to allow them to rebuild.

Why does Israel have to allow the enemy to rebuild? The enemy is suffering? The enemy brought it on himself.

By the first week in May of 1945, Germany was a landscape of rubble, ruined, bombed out cities and railroads and factories, and there was likely not one journalist in the West who wrote one column weeping over the surviving Germans living in the ruins.

Israel’s problem, Israel’s sin from Day One has been the opposite of the slander of the AntiJews. Israel’s sin has not been its cruelty to the Ancient Ones in Gaza but its mercy.

Israel has every right now to start bombing tomorrow and continue bombing until Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas surrenders, as surely as the German high command surrendered after that Archdevil Hitler killed himself.

The Washington Post today cited Sari Bashi, an Israeli, head of the pro-enemy Israeli NGO called Gisha, which means “approach” or “coming together.” She advocates an end to the blockade and she said, “The restrictions on goods into and out of Gaza was instituted not for security reasons, but rather as part of a declared policy to restrict the movement of people and goods as a means of applying pressure on the Hamas regime.”

She protested this and I ask, “Why?” Hers is an accusation, when there is nothing more normal than this age-old behavior. It is part of siege warfare. What’s the problem, Sari?

She went on kvetching, though I imagine an Israeli like her just hates the sound of Yiddish. She said, “The express purpose of this policy is to block all economic activity in Gaza.”

Of course. What’s the problem?

You know, there have been over the last year numerous items in the news about Europeans either already in clandestine talks with Hamas or gearing up for that soon, and that is what this Israel-bashing is all about. Tony Blair, Baroness Ashton, the Norwegians and the Swedes and the Irish antisemites are nothing these days if not backers of the people in Gaza who brought Hamas to power.

Sixty-five years after Hitler committed suicide, they have come to side with this generation’s Nazi-like Jew-haters and Jew-killers…

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Antisemitism Denial

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Webcast Title: Antisemitism Denial
Webcast Date: 06/15/2010
Length: 36:06 Minutes
(June 15, 2010) …So this morning we learned that the government has come up with a committee to investigate the Marmara episode which will include, as an observer, the pro-Israel Northern Irish Protestant Nobel Prize winner David Trimble, and the White House spokesman Robert Gibbs has praised this committee.

But the U.N., via the mouth of Ban Ki-Moon, is still not satisfied and will seek an international investigation on the premise that Israel cannot investigate itself.

O for an Israeli leader who will stand up and say there is nothing to investigate. Everything is out in the open as to who these antiJews were on this ship, and that Israel has had enough of these inquisitions every time we defend ourselves. Every one begins with the accusation of war crimes that must be investigated.

Enough already. This business of trying to placate irrational, delusional enemies of the Jewish people with attempts to prove our innocence has got to stop…

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“The Whole World Shocked!”

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Webcast Title: “The Whole World Shocked!”
Webcast Date: 06/13/2010
Length: 36:36 Minutes
(June 13, 2010) …In the International Herald Tribune on Friday, there was an op-ed piece by three, count ‘em three foreign ministers in Europe: Bernard Kouchner of France, Franco Fratini of Italy and Miguel Moratinos of Spain who together wrote, well here’s the lede sentence: “The whole world was shocked by the tragic consequences of the Israeli military operation conducted in international waters against the ‘Peace Flotilla’ convoy of ships. Nothing can justify the use of such violence and our countries immediately condemned it.”

Nominally still Roman Catholic Spain and Roman Catholic Italy (officially Catholic until 1984) and mostly Catholic France condemned Israel for this “shocking” violence. And for sure this is not the first time such Catholic Europeans have condemned Jews for our allegedly evil behavior.

They said, “The whole world was shocked…” And I presume they included, what, hundreds of millions of Chinese peasants who couldn’t sleep that night; hundreds of millions of Hindu villagers.

Perhaps the whole of the Inuit/Eskimo community in Alaska couldn’t sleep in their igloos this past week due to the shock to their systems when they were informed of this shocking, unjustifiable behavior by Jews.

“The whole world.” I guess that means deep in the jungles of New Guinea and the Amazon basin and among the headhunters in Africa; Africans living around the Serengeti Plain. “The whole world was shocked,” they said.

This is the voice of Antisemitism circa 2010. This is anti-Jew hostility in our generation.

In every generation antiJewism mutates; like an amoeba it changes shape. Like an actor in a play who wears one costume in Act I and in Act II comes out in a different costume, disguised, so the AntiJew goose-stepped off the stage of history in 1945 and after the Jews returned to rule in Jerusalem and Bethlehem in 1967 he re-emerged no longer in leather boots but a checked keffiya as an Ancient Palestinian Freedom Fighter.

Here is Miguel Angel Moratinos of Spain whose government rejects independence for the Basque people – that’s a real ancient people; rejects independence for the people in Catalonia. They would like their independence too; at least some would. Here were these three European foreign ministers devoting hours last week to the absence of statehood for the suffering Ancient Ones in the Gaza rectangle, victims of Israel’s siege

That flotilla was meant to bring supplies to the starving Ancient Ones. These European foreign ministers called it the Peace Flotilla. And they said that this “crisis shows that Israel must abandon the logic of violence.”

And never mind that NATO forces are being very violent against violent Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This is the post-Holocaust face of antiJew irrationality and hostility…

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Arab Word Games

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Webcast Title: Arab Word Games
Webcast Date: 06/10/2010
Length: 37:57 Minutes
(June 10, 2010) …Yesterday the AP reported that Pres. Obama said to his visitor Mahmoud Abbas, whose murder gang nickname is Abu Mazen, that the PA has to “make more progress on incitement issues.” This was the President of the United States lying because his statement posits/implies that some progress has been made when it has not.

To which pseudo-demand, the AP said, Abbas replied, “I say in front of you, Mr. President, that we have nothing to do with incitement against Israel. And we’re not doing that. What we care about is to live in coexistence with Israel in order to bring about the independent Palestinian state that will live side by side with Israel.”

That’s three sentences and three lies. He says, “We have nothing to do with incitement,” number one. He repeated that; that’s two. And then said he wants to “live side by side with Israel.”

These Arabs are chronic, 24/7 liars. They go through their days dissembling, telling people what they want to hear.

This information, by the way, comes from PMW which issued its latest report just the other day on the chronic incitement in the PA media which the chairman of the PA does nothing out, the very same Dr. Abbas. It’s the same-old, same-old Jew-bashing.

When this antisemitic murderer Abbas told Charlie Rose yesterday that his people must have East Jerusalem, this liar was thinking of all of Jerusalem, namely, the old walled city in its entirety, which includes the Temple Mount in its entirety; which includes the Western Wall which was originally just a civil engineer’s retaining wall, because that’s the way it used to be, with the Muslims in control, before Zionism; and certainly before 1967.

The current arrangement in which Israel decides which Muslims may or may not ascend to Haram a-Sharif on Fridays to visit the Dome of the Rock Shrine and pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, that has got to go, according to Mahmoud Abbas. All of this land must return to full Muslim sovereign control. The Western Wall too.

This is the word game this murderer of Jews is playing when he asks just for East Jerusalem, making no claim to West Jerusalem, meaning the Zionist additions.

I think there is a consensus among Jews today, even willy-nilly among the non-comatose leftists, that the Oslo process obviously did not succeed. Its architects were hoping to realize the stated Arab goal of the Jews running from all the spoils of 1967 but this process failed, big time.

And so a reasonable person might contemplate starting over; returning to Space One, the status quo ante before Oslo because it failed big time.

A reasonable person might suggest returning to the way things used to be before Israel took this wrong turn, made a hard left turn in 1993 and got all bloodied and is still suffering the consequences of having made that wrong left turn.

And one way of returning, retreating from the wrong-headedness of Oslo might be revoking the tolerance/clemency afforded men like Dr. Abbas. An essential promise made by Israel in 1993 was that once PLO leaders had come into the country, Israel would not pursue them for their previous activities, such as their hundreds of murder attempts a/k/a terrorist atrocities. The slate would be wiped clean.

This was basic to the Oslo process. Without Israel’s signed commitment to write off these Arab atrocities, there could be no Oslo process.

So I suggest, let’s start all over and return to judging Mahmoud Abbas as good, post-Holocaust, Zionist Jews and Israelis used to judge him: as an evil murderer with whom you don’t break bread. You try to kill him.

For yours truly, nothing about Israel has been more immoral than wiping the slate clean for these people. Uncle Shimon and his partner the Communist-raised Yitzhak Rabin and their scientist colleague Dr. Beilin had no right to cleanse these evil people of their heinous, satanic murders of Jews; these murders that were every bit as reprehensible as any murder of Jews in every generation.

Nothing in Oslo to me was more revolting than that photograph of Shimon Peres kissing Arafat on the cheek.

This was the 49th no, the 50th level of tuma/of impurity.

And I’ve always held the belief that it is false for people to think that it is not enough to be right, one also has to be smart, as if there is a contradiction. On the contrary, the right thing to do is the smart thing to do; it is also the moral thing to do.

There is no clash there. In other words, dealing with Fatah and his sidekick Abbas is not only immoral; it is profoundly stupid because such low lifes simply cannot be trusted. What is the point of making a deal with such monstrous men when constitutionally they are wholly untrustworthy? Murderers are not likely to be the type of people who keep their word.

What is the point of negotiating with these cold-blood killers if the only thing trustworthy about them is their chronic untrustworthiness?

Words. They don’t keep their words. They don’t mean what they say…

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AntiJew Hysteria

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Webcast Title: AntiJew Hysteria
Webcast Date: 06/08/2010
Length: 38:32 Minutes
(June 8, 2010) …For sure these days, as Der Spiegel reported today on line, the whole world is furious with Israel for last week’s boarding of an enemy supply ship and having to kill as we now know, religious fanatics who had been praying we would martyr them, and they forced us to do that. After which the man behind the operation, Erdogan of Turkey the fanatic has gotten to pontificate all week long to the world this was a “crime against humanity,” a term/a phase, if memory serves, first used at the Nurnburg war trials against the captured Nazis.

Like Holocaust Deniers who constitutionally simply cannot tolerate conceiving of Jews as innocent victims of irrational, unjust baseless aggression, because they are creatures of evil incarnate, so Erdogan and Ahmadinejad. The latter must deny the Holocaust because he just can’t deal with it, while the former can accept the historical truth of the Holocaust but then he must paint the Jew as Nazi-like himself in order to diminish the moral impact of the meaning of the Holocaust. Haters like Erdogan can accept the historicity of the Holocaust but then must go on to see the Jews on a moral level today equal to Nazis, which mitigates their claim on the conscience of the world. What’s going on these days is nothing less than an hysterical wave of antisemitism the likes of which we have not seen since before the Holocaust. A Nazi-like hatred of Jews in the 1930s which was not confined to Germany or Austria. Make no mistake; it was all over Europe, as today’s Israel-bashing is likewise a global phenomenon.

It is simply a kind of mass hysteria, this international demand that the Jews be put on trial by an international court for their inhuman murder of nine innocent peace activists.

There is a craziness here, which the government of Israel, I believe, is mishandling to the extent it is unaware – is even in denial – as to the crazy antisemitism propelling this heating up of the atmosphere, this hysteria that the Arabs in Gaza are any poorer than they ever were.

Israel denies them building materials for experience has shown that they would not be used to re-build homes and hospitals but be stolen by Hamas and used for their operations of death against us Jews.

I don’t think Bibi and his defense minister, prince of the communes Barak fully understand what is being done to Israel these days. What was done to Jews throughout the Middle Ages. Accused of demonic crimes, tested in rigged trials. Tortured. Executed.

In Jerusalem, they’re just not thinking Jewish enough to my satisfaction…

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“White Weapons”

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Webcast Title: “White Weapons”
Webcast Date: 06/06/2010
Length: 37:50 Minutes
(June 6, 2010) …So since the last webcast here in Israel, many more details of what went down have come out.

There should be no doubt that the men of violence got what they wanted: a chance to draw blood from Jews and in the most tactile way.

And there is a connection between this style of violence and the history of Hamas.

Back in December 1987, when the first intifada erupted, Israelis like Bibi – I remember watching him on Ted Koppel – reflexively blamed the PLO when in fact by that time the PLO was a spent force. From the gitgo it was the PLO’s rival, the Islamists, who ignited that round of Hamitic violence in the Holy Land.

And what distinguished them, inter alia, was a preference for what in their slang they call “white weapons,” versus assault rifles and building and planting bombs in Jewish markets and movie theaters.

The PLO groups preferred that kind of terrorism versus the Islamists who consciously preferred using knives because of the greater horror they believe they cause; the up-close and primitive stabbing. It was the hands-on approach for Jew-killing which they believed horrified and terrified al-Yahud more than machine guns and bombs.

And there is something to be said for that: it is one thing to kill a man from twenty feet away with a pistol; it is another to plunge a dagger into his chest as was done on that ship.

Likewise the grisly business of suicide bombers of not only slaughtering Jews but deliberately, willfully blowing one’s own body to bloody pieces and smithereens is particularly horrifying.

When the navy boats last Monday morning contacted the Mavi Marmara, one reply was “F. U.” fully stated and another was “Go back to Auschwitz.”

Not the type of words one associates with sisters of mercy who provide food and drink to the homeless refugees after, say, natural disasters.

This reply made a statement not about their fantasized suffering but the Nazi-like hatred of Jews they harbor.

Not that Israelis like Bibi are yet capable to confronting this fact. Like Obama who has deleted Islamic terrorism from his bag of concepts, his vocabulary. Bibi too compared yesterday the civilized behavior of the people aboard the Rachel Corrie with the “violent extremists” on the Mavi Marmara. How noble he sounded in praising these antiJews for their proper deportment when captured versus those “violent extremists.”

Israelis constitute, I think, the first Jewish community history that cannot say the Yiddish words goyim and antisemitn

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Erdogan Did It

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Webcast Title: Erdogan Did It
Webcast Date: 06/03/2010
Length: 38:00 Minutes
Program Link: Erdogan and the Decline of the Turks
(June 3, 2010) …Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 6th day, ka-bes Sivan, Parashas Shlakh Lekha, tav-shin-ayin, the evening of the 5th day, Thursday, 3 June, 2010, webcasting from the country that drives men mad.

This latest episode in the endless saga of the Jewish people, this reaction to the commando raid before dawn on Monday, gets stranger and stranger, in concentric circles of oddball thinking.

For example, Yediot in Hebrew yesterday referred to the “failed operation.” Today in the Wall Street Journal, its two apparently dejudaized American reporters Charles Levinson of the tribe of Levy, and Jay Solomon also wrote of the “bungled attempt.”

This is the conventional perception now of this raid, and I, for one, want to know why? Who says it “failed”? Who says it was bungled”? Seems to me it was a successful mission.

What was the mission? To stop these enemy supply vessels from reaching the enemy in Gaza of the Neo-Philistines and that it is precisely what was done. They stopped that flotilla.

People are upset, though, because the Israelite warriors, at first equipped with paint ball guns and handguns, nonetheless, at the end of the day, that is, the pre-dawn operation, not one of our boys died, and they made 9 of the enemy die and wounded a whole bunch of other violent, menacing, Muslim madmen, these 9-11 loving cultists.

Our boys took injuries too, two of them serious. But in the end they were the victors. Mission accomplished. Flotilla stopped. No loss of life on our side.

What the world is hysterical about is the fact that unlike Jews thrown into the Coliseum in Rome as an amusement for the goyim, watching Jews get hacked and speared to death by gladiators or eaten to death by lions, our sons of the State of Israel, G-d bless it, not only fought back, they won. They survived. Mission accomplished, if not perfectly.

But the whole world is hysterical because 9 soul-mates of the 9-11 skydevils were killed by our soldiers. Everyone, especially among the dhimmi leaders of the West like William Hague in England and the vulgar Sarkozy in Paris have expressed their sympathies to the families of the dead.

Only Holocaust Deniers and other lunatics – and I do mean lunatic Jew-haters – do not know that that Muslims in Gaza for eight years had fired rockets into Sderot and environs before Operation Cast Lead put a stop to that. But what was the result? The Goldstone Report written by a corrupt publicity-hound who sold out the Jewish people by producing this report, like a man with only one eye and half a brain. It was an Israel-bashing report far more than a Hamas critique. This was the work of a sick man who had reversed the polarity between aggressor and self-defender; between good and evil.

And perhaps because this sin strikes so deep into the essence of what it means to be a human being – G-d’s ultimate creation – it is the first thing Adam and Eve learn after they eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, namely, there is good and there is evil, and there is no moral equivalence between them…

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“What were they thinking?”

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: “What were they thinking?”
Webcast Date: 06/01/2010
Length: 39:50 Minutes
(June 1, 2010) …I think this fiasco this week has Ehud Barak’s spiritual finger prints all over it, his thinking. He is the Defense Minister, where the buck stops, and for sure if any one man is responsible for overlooking this possibility, it is he, Ehud Barak, prince of the socialist communes that dominated the Zionist movement for a generation, from the early 1930s to 1977.

Back in the year 2001, I think, in January, when Ehud Barak as prime minister still, four months into the satanic massacres of the second intifada, ran against his challenger Arik Sharon, he was interviewed by Ari Shavit in Haaretz. And it was the most unusual interview I have ever seen anywhere because the interviewer did not ask one question. It was like reading a transcript of a monologue by Ehud Barak. Shavit just turned on his recorder and let him ramble. And his rambling thoughts on the situation at that time, and why he should remain prime minister, left a strong impression on yours truly. I read a train of thoughts which told me – to my horror – this supposed clever fellow who studied Systems Analysis, I think, at MIT for a bit, this most decorated fighter – had an uneducated and an untrained mind.

Which makes sense because I spent a few brief periods living in an Israeli kibbutz just like Ehud’s. I know the culture and I am not surprised he turned out the way he did.

These were communards, those who dominated the secular Zionist movement who junked thousands of years of Jewish culture and belief and saw themselves re-inventing not only the Jews but human society by their communal way of life; by first breaking up the nuclear family; taking new-borns from their mothers at six weeks and raising them communally. Mother and child would spend hours together during the day but not at night. The children slept in the Children’s House.

These were admirers of Karl Marx who was notoriously deficient when it came to human psychology, the way people really are by nature. The Marxists thought they knew better than nature.

And this is a major reason why Marxism failed because its inventor was an angry, ugly human being who did not understand mankind. These Marxists had so little appreciation of the human person and what the person naturally tends to and shies away from and can aspire to; and cannot reach.

Well, Ehud Barack was raised in a society whose wisest leaders believed in 1993, like Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin, that it was possible to shake hands with Yasir Arafat and agree on a nice neighbor policy with conditions that he and his people would faithfully uphold and adhere to.

For Peres and Rabin; for Beilin, for Ehud Barak, Arafat was a man you could do business with.

And it is no coincidence that none of these idiots in their adult lives worked in business, ran a business, did business with other people. They were always on the public dole one way or the other.

In a nutshell, the entire edifice of the world-famous Oslo Peace Process rested on the judgment of these post-mitzvot Israeli men that Arafat was a man Israel could do business with.

And here is Ehud Barak, or so it seems, behind this shocking trap the IDF dropped into, which should not surprise. It seems not to have occurred to Barak & Co., who signed off on this mission, that our sons would be met as they were on the deck of Marmara by dagger-wielding, Jew-hating, homicidal Muslim maniacs…

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