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…And it is significant, I think, that one after another, these Inside-the-Beltway, fence-sitters belong to the so-called Conservative movement in Judaism, a movement of fence-sitters who in the end fall off the fence on the side of the enemies of the Jews.

It is a little known fact of history that the Conservative movement was funded by Reform Jews in an effort to draw away from classical Jewishness those who wanted to keep the mitzvot but were willing to dejudaize their appearance. Off came the beards and payos, and just like Gentiles, the men and women would sit together in the synagogue.

In the beginning of the movement at the end of the 19th century, that is the way things were. A life of mitzvot but with one major change: the breaking down of the mechitza in shul, which led to the ultimate breaking of the mechitza between Jews and non-Jews. Today’s Conservative Jews are indistinguishable from the Reform, and in their views of Israel and its relations to the Arabs, they pretend to themselves they are on the fence, but in truth, they’re working for enemy by supporting his outrageous fantasies of a Palestinian nation with national rights to the identical land at the heart of the Bible, the promise of which is at the heart of the very idea of Jews…

Their Medieval Minds

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…Where are Abe Foxman and Elie Weisel when you need them? They are acutely attuned to Western-style antisemitism but about the culture-wide Jew-hatred in Araby they never say anything. When Sderot was being pounded and community life there destroyed, both these non-Israelis were mute, when in fact the hatred of Jews in Gaza today is as intense as the hatred of Jews in the Nazi Europe they both knew as boys.

In their defense I would say they defer to Israel to speak up about this, as it is part of the Arab war on Israel, and since no Israeli leader pins the tail in this donkey, the Muslim here, what do we want from Elie Weisel and Abe Foxman.

One would think our prime minister might have something to say in this regard, but he too is silent about the insane antisemitism that burns in the breasts of our barbaric neighbors. Indeed not a word of the Arabs’ positively medieval fear and hatred of Jews rooted in their own twisted psyches…

The Arabs’ Chronic Violence

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…Remember now, this Ghassan Khatib who is a major bureaucrat in the PA, and he is obviously as bonkers as zillions of these Arabs when it comes to objective truth and reality.

Like Arafat who told Clinton that the Temple Mount was not the Temple Mount and Dr. Abbas the Holocaust Denying historian, Ghassan Khatib is another nutcase and a further example of why Israel cannot make peace with these people. All Israel can do is assert and fight for its rights and defend them. The search for peace in our time is lunacy…

Carnage in Bulgaria

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…I never cease to be amazed by this phenomenon of people so crazed with hatred of Jews, they give their lives for it. I can’t begin to imagine the state of mind of the suicide freak about to the press the button who makes a choice, his last act of will in this life, and that is “More important than my life is Jew-killing.” The statement is, “I the Muslim warrior want so much to murder Jews, I am ready to lay down my life.”

So yesterday in Bulgaria, possibly a Western convert, blew himself up on that bus full of Jews from the free Jewish state which took the lives of six more martyrs for the ten ideas King David celebrated almost 3,000 years…

Mofaz & Hillary

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…Nine weeks ago, Mofaz took his Kadima Party – after Princess Tsipora was sent home as its leader – into the government of Netanyahu, and today he backed out. And over what? Not the most crucial of Israel’s problems: the Haredi boys who thumb their noses at the State of Israel for its hypocrisy, which is undeniable. I mean, this is a state with a flag of minimalist design. A white background and two blue stripes inspired by the stripes on a prayer shawl, and in the middle the Star of David, the greatest king of the Jews ever, a soldier no less than Shaul Mofaz, a commando leader and killer no less than Ariel Sharon, who also happened to be a live wire of belief in the G-d of Israel Whose will David was dedicated to….

Random Thoughts

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…In a word, what Lidman did was propaganda for the anti-Jews. She has a problem with Israel demolishing homes without building permits because the violators are Ishmaelites, but when Jewish homes are judged illegally built and get deconstructed, that’s okay. Gotta respect the Holy Ones at the summit of the Israeli judicial system.

When gets me too in a story like this is an Israeli organization actually refusing to speak the names Judea and Samaria, even denying in the very title of their organization the Jews’ right to claim Judea and Samaria. For Israelis like these, they are the Occupied Territories, or the West Bank.

And I say that a Jew who cannot say Judea and Samaria is a Jew with a psychological problem…

“….which the Palestinians claim…”

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…In the first paragraph of this New York Times editorial yesterday we of course saw the mendacious, anti-Jew formulation “West Bank” and “East Jerusalem” which “the Palestinians claim as their capital.”

And today I did a Google on that language “…the Palestinians claim as their capital” and in a flash the number of hits was posted. About 25,000,000 times that expression is out there in the blogosphere. We have heard it so often, again and again. Whenever Israel is scolded for wanting to improve Jerusalem in the former Jordanian (not Palestinian) sector, we are told again and again that the “Palestinians claim East Jerusalem for their capital.”

Oh they do, do they? All they have to do is claim that this real estate is what they want for a capital, and Israel has to give it to them? And if Israel goes not give it to them, Israel is the guilty, racist, fascist oppressor denying the Ancient Palestinians their capital? And we know it is their capital because they claim it…

“What Will The Goyim Say?”

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…At Auschwitz in the 1940s, that generation’s No.1 antiJew nation converted Jewish names into serial numbers, and in our time the Nations United – like Emperor Hadrian of Rome, the Adolf Hitler of the 2nd Century who invented the term Palaestina to replace the name Iudaea in use for two hundred years by Rome – refuse to use Yehuda and Shomron and call them instead the “Occupied Palestinian Territory.” In the footsteps of Emperor Adrianus, the UN has de facto awarded Judea and Samaria to the alleged descendants of the Philistines after whom Hadrian made up that name.

But in fairness to this generation’s antiJew goyim at the UN, they are only supporting the Jewish antiJews here who also insist that Yehuda belongs to the Neo-Philistines…

Distorting Reality

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…Lastly, about the excitement of that announcement in Geneva yesterday by physicists who say they have finally seen the predicted Higgs boson sub-atomic particle they call the “God particle.”

I beg to differ. I remember as schoolboy, I think, they told us the universe was 4 billion years old. And then as a teenage they told us the universe was maybe 8 or 9 billion years old. Now they say 13 to 15 billion. And I suspect that the more they pursue its age, the further back in time they will go and never be sure.

Likewise, they seem to be saying we have reached rock bottom, “Eureka!” – found the smallest building block in the universe.

Once upon a time the Ancient Greeks said the smallest thing was an atom. And then later physicists discovered protons, neutrons and electrons, its components.

And then came the sub-atomic particles. And now this latest discovery of the “God particle.”

Well, I find the name if not blasphemous than pretentious. Man will never know the innermost secrets of G-d’s universe. That’s impossible because man is man and G-d is G-d…

Who Cares What They Say?

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…If Israelis were more Jewish they would understand that the international animosity towards Israel is not really about the tragic plight of the Ancient Palestinians but just this generation’s excuse for Jew-bashing.

The UN Human Rights Council meets on a regular basis and like many such organizations each participant is presented with a printed list of the agenda for the meeting, and Item No. 7 is always about the eternal crucifixion of the “Palestinians.”

The Council has 43 member-states I think, out of 193 at the UN, and there is no other state in the organization like Israel for having a permanent place on the agenda of each meeting.

Israelis are perpetually in a snit about this, but why? That the regimes in Iran, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Cuba, Turkey took turns on Monday in Geneva tongue-lashing the world’s only Jewish state for its abuse of non-Jews? And never mind the plight of the Copts in the Egypt sitting in judgment of us in Geneva; the hundreds of thousands Greeks on Cyprus driven from their homes by the Turks in 1975; the Kurds endlessly suppressed by the cruel Turks. Israelis should be a little less upset by such behavior by the goyim. But of course, that word is not in their vocabulary, and that absence speaks volumes about their misperception of the hostility to their country…

Truthers & Liars

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…Mursi also gave a speech in May translated and posted by in which he said “Jihad is our path. And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.”

Lord have mercy. What is being said it is simply satanic. The Jews invented martyrdom, which is to say, the act of dying for one’s metaphysical beliefs; it began with the Jews. And the Christians certainly have a long tradition of venerating those who die for their faith.

But you’d be mistaken to liken Islamic martyrdom with the other two because it has a feature the other two don’t. When a Muslim like President Mursi calls “death for the sake of Allah their most lofty aspiration,” it also includes, if unmentioned, the death not only of the martyr but his unsuspecting, utterly defenseless taken by surprise victims. Muslim martyrdom also commonly connotes mass murder…