Rights or Punishment?

Internet Radio

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…Well, according to the UNESCO rally of hatred for Israel disguised as support for the mythical Balestinian state, post-Jewish Israel not surprisingly said the wrong thing when the government said that in response it would build 2,000 more apartments in areas there is a national consensus for keeping: Maaleh Adumim, Har Homa, Ramot (those two neighborhoods in greater, post-‘67 Jerusalem) and Efrat. What was wrong was not the decision to build but linking it to anything the enemy did.

There was also a namby-pamby decision to withhold the transfer of customs fee from the PA for a whole 14 days. Wow. The reality is that Israel believes these payments help keep the barbarians quiet, which may be true.

What was wrong about suspending payment is the silly attempt to punish them like a parent trying to educate a misbehaving child toward better behavior. You know Bibi’s slogan: “If you give you get; if you don’t give you don’t get.”

I think it is a terrible thing to link our behavior to theirs. It turns our decision to build into punishment, though in truth today in the Knesset, perhaps because some advisor gave some similar advice, Netanyahu sort of corrected himself by saying, “We build in Jerusalem because it is our right and obligation to this generation and the next – not as punishment but as a basic right of our people to build our eternal capital.”

But by then the damage had been done. The announcement yesterday in the wake of the antiJew rally in Geneva came across as punishment and elicited the predictable chastisement from the post-Christian antiJews in Europe. Foreign policy czarina of the EU Baroness Catherine of Ashton said, “I am deeply concerned by the latest Israeli decisions. The settlement building is against international law.” This was not the first time she has said that.

Her countryman UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said the same thing. “This settlement building program is illegal under international law and it is the latest in a series of provocative and unhelpful settlement announcements.”

I’d pay good money to attend one their press conferences where questions are fielded to be able ask either of them just what international law they are referring to and where it can be read and studied; in what book of international laws.”

What is going on here is – as always – antisemitism because the basic definition of that behavior is lying about Jews, accusing us of some crime where we have committed no crime…