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The UN’s Latest Aggression

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And how do we know that? Very simply, by the behavior of the nations of the world in congress assembled, a.k.a. the United Nations Organization which is obsessed with our little state and possessed with the need to scold Israel for its immoral behavior as no other state in the world in the UN organization is chastised.

Today’s latest episode is the world’s obsessive-compulsive daily need to point the finger of guilt at Israel firing charges of immoral behavior, its immoral, criminal persecution of the Ancient People whose country the Jews stole from them.

Two days ago the webcast was about Michael Lynk at the UN, a Canadian, I believe, calling for denying visas to Israelis and in effect turning the whole state into a ghetto.

Today a top story was the decision by the UN to spend 1.3 billion dollars on helping the Ancient Palestinians achieve their stated goal of statehood, which will entail condemning Israel for its criminal occupation of their ancient homeland.

Remember the 1975 UNGA Resolution 3379 condemning Zionism as “a form of racism”? Well that spiritual state of mind at work in the General Assembly then remains alive and well and perhaps will remain so until Moshiach comes, in which it is our destiny to fight back against this ageless, eternal human response to the very existence of the Jews fueled by homicidal hatred…

The Almighty’s Hidden Help

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Michael Lynk and the bulk of the billion-plus Muslims in the world and still too many in the West remain enslaved to the same mental crippling that makes them see in Jews not agents of HaShem, the Merciful G-d of Abraham, in contrast to the cruel pagan gods on the goyim in his time. Michael Lynk and fellow Jew-haters see us as the opposite, as agents of major evil.

This is the mind of Roger Waters who likewise has said Israel is the worst human rights offender in the world. These people minds twist their vision. They hate the one people that at Mt. Sinai accepted G-d’s amazing Torah when all the other people rejected it. The Chosen people was the Choosing people, and for that is hated.

Michael and the UNHRC, 47 states functioning like a panel of priests in 16th century Europe condemning Jews to suffering, in this case, turning Israel into a pariah state, its people denied visas, turning the country into ghetto/prison, cutting off trade to impoverish the state until the Jews themselves decides to drive out the half-million of them living on “Palestinian” land illegally.

And I say, “What do you expect when Israel itself never shoots down that accusation?” Israel never says the opposite, that Judea and Samaria are legally and rightfully Jewish property on which the Arabs there live on our sufferance. Legally and morally, this is our land and they enemy are aliens living on it…

The Post-Jew Menace and “Gandhi”

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Chief Justice Miriam Naor, whose last name means “enlightened,” ruled that the municipality of Tel-Aviv has the right to violate that quintessential Jewish contribution to world culture, the Sabbath. According to YNET’s story, “Traditionally, on their last day justices choose to read a verdict issued on a significant appeal that reflects their judicial worldview.”

How fitting then, how exquisitely appropriate, that on her last day as chief judge in the enlightened State of Israel, she would for her swan song, the capstone of her legal career, issue her blessing of an insult to and violation of a behavior uniquely Jewish. It is the first commandment demanding action. The fourth. The Holy Sabbath.

If you recall, a couple of years ago Tel-Aviv ruled that small groceries in Tel-Aviv could be open for business on the Sabbath because as one complaint by denizens alleged, they like to stop off for a bottle of water as they walk to the beach often in their bathing suits, as naked as Caribbean cannibals. They in effect objected to the inconvenience of having to buy said bottle of water the day before. Horrors. What an infringement on their freedom in this allegedly democratic country, meaning a society not dictated to by religious people.

And her opinion, which was basically a recitation of the folk wisdom “live and let live,” Tel-Avivans have the right to ignore the quintessential hallmark of the Jewish people. “Every individual should be allowed to mold their own Shabbat according to their personal beliefs.”

This makes no sense. Shabbat is not a concept defined and molded by the individual. To think that is to reject the Jewish view that the very idea of the Sabbath came from HaShem, from G-d, not from every individual as he or she sees fit…

Dying American Jewry and J.D. Salinger

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…J.D. Salinger, author of Cather in the Rye, also wrote Franny and Zooey in which Franny, a young woman, finds herself in a spiritual crisis and falls in love with a book about a religious pilgrim who has a prayer that he constantly repeats until it matches the beating of his heart.

Salinger thought he was a Jew until he discovered in his teens that his mother was not and it precipitated a major identity crisis. Salinger grew up in several different apartments on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. At one point, home was a couple of blocks from the future site of the ultimate in non-Jewish Jewish delicatessens, Zabar’s…

Europe’s Eternal Aggression

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…In fact, these eight states are members of something called the West Bank Protection Consortium, and I heartily recommend you all find time to Google this outfit that came into being in 2009, I think. I just briefly scanned its website, slack-jawed at yet another group of non-productive international civil servants, unelected, who can give birth to themselves as yet another body targeting the world’s only tiny Jewish state. In a related item this weekend, we learned that the UN recognized, I presume, has registered and given privileges and even assistance to 6,200 NGOs, that according to UN expert Anne Bayefsky have used their global legitimacy to promote bigotry, antisemitism and at times, terrorism.

You got that? I never asked myself the question how many NGOs are there in the world, in other words, in this context, non-governmental, self-starting associations commonly involved in international affairs, lobbying for one cause or another, and in the end producing nothing of value, mostly hot air, hatred and incitement to homicidal massacres, a/k/a terrorism.

Who are these nameless, unelected European bureaucrats to create sort a consortium with a budget to give us Jews a hard time by supporting our mortal enemies, the Arab Muslims in Judea and Samaria who overwhelmingly supportive of Barak Obama’s soulmates in the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Looming Menace of Iran

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…In the past, Israel never publicly crowed over its successes, and Assad was allowed to deny they ever happened. He did not respond to Israeli operations.

But since March Syria has been attempting to shoot down Israeli planes and even claimed success, lying to the Syrian people.
Israel is reported to have asked the Russians to keep the Iranian forces now in Syria at least 40 kilometers from the border. Russia says 10 or 15 maybe.

In any case, bottom line, our strategic posture is about to change for the worse. The Iranians are driven by their Jew-hatred to provoke us. It makes them feel good. The Zionist entity of free Jews does not deserve to exist. It is doctrinally opposed to Islam and in practice has resulted in the outrageous situation in which Believers in Israel and the Palestinian territories are actually ruled over and ordered about by the infidel Jews.

In a related unrelated story today as well you likely came across, a lifetime Nazi-lover in the UK, one Kevin Wilshaw, declared he was living the movement because he is sodomite, and was persecuted for this by fellow Nazis, which helped him to see the reality of persecution. He also said his mother had Jewish blood, whatever that is…

Israel’s Messianic Left

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…How ironic that such as Tsipi Livni sneer at the religious settlers for being “messianic,” for celebrating HaRav Avraham Yitzhak HaCohen Kook, the great rabbi of Orthodox Zionism and his son who saw in 1967 another step forward toward the messianic redemption of Israel, when there are no greater dream messianic dreamers than these Leftists who refuse to see the reality of our lives, namely, the quality of our enemy, these Arabs, these descendants of Hamitic Ishmael, a violent and predatory people obsessed with Jews as agents of Satan, when they are the agents of satan in their satanic terror strikes.

It has been Israelis like Tsipi Livni and “Bougie” Herzog who invented the Palestinians as a mirror image of themselves, fellow nationalists as attached to their ancient homeland as Jews who have been the victims Zionism, of Jewish nationalism that Israelis must atone for. If Israelis want peace, they must pay for it by returning land they conquered in 1967, and really starting in 1948. Mahmoud Abbas was in Fatah before the Six-Day when the desire for a state in the West Bank was in no one’s heads. Fatah was established in 1959 when the Arabs were still insisting there was no such country called Palestine. Trouble is, in that year Tsipi Livni was a one-year old baby, and only 9 years old in 1967. She has no serious memories of Israel when there were no “Palestinian” terrorists attacking the country but Arab terrorists as they were all, fedayeen, which also happens to be a religious concept. And it’s a fair bet she has never studied the history of the 1920s and 30s here under Haj Amin when the content of all anti-Zionist propaganda was religious, Islamic. Tsipi Livni’s problem and that of others like her in Israel is their misperception of the enemy as “Palestinians” with national rights to their ancient homeland just like the Jews.

No, they are Muslims. Fatah is the name of a chapter in the Koran. Zionism as an escape from religious Jew-hatred has thus far, among the Arabs, been a failure…

Trump’s Iran Strike

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Program Link: ‘Trump made a historic, bold decision on Iran’
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Israel is their obsession. For Islam, Israel is like George Orwell’s Goldstein, Public Enemy No. 1 who government employees were require to shout out their hatred of him every day.

Donald Trump took note of that in his groundbreaking speech on Iran on Friday. He could not have been clearer and more focused. The target of his Iran policy is Iran’s A-bomb project and, as he did many times during campaign, swore that was his goal. All the rest is tactics and strategy toward that goal.

His listed, G-d bless him, the numerous acts of war by Iran against the US, to which the US has never responded with war. And via his declaration of war, without calling it that, he proved, leastwise to yours truly, at least for now, that his choice of three military men among the four most important foreign policy directors — State, Defense, CIA and NSA — was done from the conviction that armies and navies and air forces are necessary and sometimes must be used in the national interest.

Those of us with not a dual loyalty but a double loyalty to the US and Israel have been worried over three of the four appear who appear to be antiJews, not at all friendly to Israel.

But in this decision, Trump appears to have overridden their pathetic counsel of keeping the Iran deal, and rightly is on track to wreck it.

How many times has he said it was the worst deal in American history, though I still yearn for a politician to go public and call the Iran deal not the worst deal but the best deal — for a traitor? Obama and John Kerry who not only promised 150 billion dollars to the anti-American enemy of Iran but shamelessly shipped as asked by Teheran some of it in unmarked bills, stacks of different currencies. This is the work of criminals…

Bibi’s Patience

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This week FOX TV ran an hour-long interview with the prime minister and two things caught my attention. His father was a historian and Bibi reads history — unlike Rabin and Peres two of the most uneducated Jews in history. He said he read a biography of George Washington, surely searching for wisdom and inspiration from a great national leader, and when asked what he had learned from Washington, he said the biggest lesson was Washington’s patience.

For sure George Washington was the Real McCoy too. Today he is an unsmiling marble statue or oil painting but in life was the richest landowner in the country. He was in battle utterly fearless. He was physically incredibly strong. And having read his correspondence, I can say that while Thomas Jefferson has won history’s praise for his writing skill, Washington was no less a splendid thinker and writer…

The Hillaryites Are Perverse

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…They say this devil Stephen Paddock was a millionaire, a compulsive gambler, which is why he lived near to Las Vegas. He calls to mind that Muslim who massacred 49 sodomites in that night club on Orlando, Florida. That one seems to have been profoundly tormented about his addiction to homosexual fantasies and behaviors he otherwise in public scorned as a good Muslim. Call it an overpowering hatred for the scene in that den of iniquity that so attracted him and made him hate himself for its very existence. His act massacre was all bound up with his own conflicted impulses. He hated being gay and hated the gays for their temptation.

And here is a guy with gambling problem, son of an armed and dangerous bank robber, like the Orlando murderer imagining a fantasy and carrying it out. Much preparation and forethought.

It seems Stephen Paddock was as attracted to and hateful of sin city, Las Vegas, and this was his revenge…

The Return of the Arab Boycott

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So the most important story today was Haaretz scoop on Friday that the UNHRC has prepared a list of 150 businesses doing business in Judea and Samaria to be distributed to the nations united in their Jew-hatred as around no other topic. It is billed, this Black List, as targeting the Jews in Judea and Samaria, but really its target is Israeli companies as a whole.

This type of Jew-hatred is like napalm, that burning jelly that sticks to the skin as it burns its victim. Most the Black List is Israeli companies, and that is because the same companies who do business all over Israel do business in Judea and Samaria. The shelves in the supermarkets serving a half-million Jews stock the same food products. There are businesses in Judea and Samaria with accounts in normal Israeli banks, which according to the Black List burns the banks in Israel…