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US Jewry, R.I.P.

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…I think this Hagel business marks a major turning point that turns downward radically for the American Jewish community. That it left it happen says much about this community. Only one Jewish organization spoke up, the ZOA of Mort Klein. All the others said nothing about Chuck Hagel. Maybe if he had strutted around in a Nazi uniform like Prince Harry they would have been forced to protest. But so long as he did not, they looked away from the glaring truth that Chuck Hagel is an antisemite as that word has been understood.

Chuck Hagel like Louis Farrakhan made a name for himself via his hostility to the State of Israel and Jewish people in general. Farrakhan without his Jew-hatred would be nobody, and likewise Chuck Hagel in the Senate stood out not his rhetoric or eloquence or leading for some great cause, or as an expert in some field; Chuck Hagel stood out for his anti-Jew animosity…

The Root Cause

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…The crappy architecture of the Israeli political system is such that in the recent election, many people wanted Netanyahu to stay in power but still voted for Bennett or Lapid in the desire to strengthen and pressure Bibi to move left or right more to their liking.

I find this weird. It is a political system in which you don’t vote for the one you want to lead but his rival?

This crummy system of voting for party lists only not only is not democratic, it perverts democratic thinking. It messes up the way people think about politics…

Brennan a Muslim?

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…Think of the Biblical story of the theft of the Ark of the Covenant by the Philistines, those Hamitic cousins of the Canaanites. In their primitive ignorance, the Philistines thought the object or objects inside the Ark were some kind of mysterious, magical instrument(s) which anyone could use. They had no understanding that all that was inside that container were Ten Utterances engraved in stone; some words, that’s all.

Indeed, those words have been powerful beyond imagining in producing Jewish civilization, Christian civilization and the spread of Islam -which is just a rip-off of Judaism. Indeed, unbelievably powerful words if but not in the way the Philistines thought.

And so these Ishmaelites have invented “Islamophobia” to compete with antisemitism…

Daniel Kurtzer the Dolt

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…On Friday Haaretz ran an op-ed by Daniel Kurtzer, former U.S. ambassador in Tel-Aviv and former kippa-wearing dean of students at Yeshiva University who may have the distinction of having been the first Jew-boy hired by the U.S. State Department. Kurtzer received his doctorate from Columbia in 1976, with a dissertation whose very title advertised his political bent: “Palestine Guerrilla and Israeli Counterinsurgency Warfare: The Radicalization of the Palestine Arab community to violence, 1949-70.”

Every word hear signals his anti-Jew bias. “Palestine Guerrilla.” Again, there is nothing “Palestinian” about these people, and until the 1960s their leader Haj Amin was adamant there was no such country as Palestine. Yet Kurtzer uses the term.

And “Guerrilla.” No, guerrillas traditionally attack the soldiers of foreign armies to drive them back to their countries of origin; versus the PLO terrorists who preferred to murder defenseless civilians rather than engage with the IDF…


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…In contemporary, Enlightened Israel, there is a taboo on declaring Judea and Samaria Jewish land as of right. That stance is identified with us Religious Zionists and because we are religious, in Enlightened eyes, we are irrational religious fanatics who think our beliefs are more important than peace with the Balestinians.

In effect, we Religious Zionists don’t want peace. Given the choice between peace and living in Judea and Samaria, we reject peace. This is the thought-process of Israel’s Enlightened.

For the Enlightened, religion is a synonym for voodoo and bigotry, hating the Ancient Ones, hating the men and boys of Sodom…

Infected Europe

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…So yours truly won’t know the fate of the Hagel vote until tomorrow, which will compete for our attention with the State of the Union address delivered by this Muslim in the Oval Office who I am convinced is out to destroy America. He has acted like a rebellious, truculent teenager who gets hold of daddy’s card and goes on a spending spree. Obama simply cannot be oblivious to the damage caused by his reckless spending, which behavior I can understand only as a willful, albeit possibly unconscious, act of malice; of malevolence, which means ill will toward America, which he hates as much as he hates Israel.

And now we have his boneheaded choice for Secretary of State, john Kerry, whose first policy initiative since being sworn in 12 days ago is to see that another 700 million US dollars are given to the Fatah killers masquerading these days as the PA…

What’s Obama Up To?

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…These Arabs here are the same Arabs who brought down the World Trade Center 12 years ago and just last month slaughtered 38 oil industry workers in Algeria.

When one reads dispatches from Palestinian Media Watch and the picture could be not clearer: these Muslims truly are a less developed society, a less developed culture than found in Judeo-Christian countries. And that means one cannot deal with them as one deals in the West.

I think Israel’s biggest mistake is humoring them by catering to their delusions. Like Bibi saying “Yes, the Ancient Palestinians should have a state in Judea and Samaria, but only under certain conditions.”

I wish – contrarily – our leaders would respond to the demand for a “Palestinian” state by answering that there is no Balestinian nation and certainly not one entitled to Judea, homeland of the Jewish people…

Comparing Us to Barbarians

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…Secondly, in just the title of this anti-Jew document we see the use of the expression “the Other.” This is the pseudo-Martin Buber-esque language of pseudo-intellectual juveniles like Norman Finkelstein or Michael Lerner of Tikkun Magazine. These deep thinkers accuse both sides of demonizing the Other and that is precisely what this State Department report set out to do. Find words in Jewish books which indict the Jews for bigoted views of the Ancient Ones, and vice versa…

A Leftist Mantra

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…Chuck Hagel is a dimwit, and his choice is another reason to look upon Barack Obama as either an idiot or an enemy of the American people. Or his choice of Hagel may be just another symptom of his obsessive Jew-hatred that consumes him. Senator Lindsey Graham, G-d bless him, got it right when he nailed Obama after the announcement was made for its “in-your-face” aggression against the pro-Israel lobby, which is very large, and therefore, I add, an aggression against the American people. As Walter Russell Mead said during the Republican primaries, supporting Israel is now an essential component of the American identity. And here is the president obsessed with us and America’s support for us here…