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Jordan Won’t Talk

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Today it was reported that the Prime Minister has repeatedly tried to get King Abdallah II on the phone to ask him to cool it with the allegations of aggression on the Temple Mount which as an intelligent, Western-educated fellow he surely knows are lies.

But the king has refused to talk to him, which should not surprise nor overly concern us. Of could he won’t talk to Bibi. And neither would any of us in his position, with his biography. He is King Abdallah II who was named after his great-grandfather who was assassinated on July 20, 1951 in front of Al-Aqsa Mosque by a suicide-assassin sent by Haj Amin al-Husseini, the bloodthirsty Grand Mufti. Five days previously, Amin had engineered the assassination of Lebanon’s Prime Minister Riad Solh in Amman, and when a memorial service was held in front of Al-Aqsa, King Abdallah I of Jordan attended and was assassinated by another Haj Amin assassin.

Of course in our time our King Abdallah II is not going to speak to Bibi and will continue to sing in the chorus of his fellow Arab-Muslim potentates because if he shows the slightest respect for our Israeli, our Jewish, demands for respect, he marks himself for death, just like his namesake, the target of fanatical, homicidal, conscienceless Muslim priests. One of the ways Islam is different from all other religions and should be outlawed the West is the oddity of its political system which simply does not include the principle of the separation of church and state.

In the West, the clergy, Jewish and Christian, are the last in society to beat the drums of war and shriek, “Kill the enemy!” They are the last in society to favor violence and war.

Versus Araby, where the holy men are bloodthirsty rabble-rousers…


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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So the top story here continues to be the violence against Jews by homicidal Hamites using literally stone-age weapons. In their culture there is no concept of the dividing line between soldiers and non-combatants. Descendants of nomadic outlaw bandits who never fight over land only portable possessions; what one raider can carry away from a raid. Their targets are commonly non-soldiers, the defenseless who are surprised in ambush strikes. Today a family car near Tekoa was penetrated by a thrown rock that hit the baby seat in the backside but not the baby, thank G-d, I know what is it to have a window suddenly shatter and spray me with shards of glass. No fun.

At the same time, in a scene right out of Rod Serling’s “Twilight Zone” or Franz Kafka’s The Castle, world leaders are tongue-lashing Israel for violating the rights of Muslims on our Temple Mount, changing the status, when it is they who have changed the status quo. For years Jews visited but were forbidden from praying as they walked around. Now they can barely hear themselves think surrounded by shrieking Arab harpies…

Muslim, Not Pally, Violence

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes, the top story this week was the murder of yet another Jewish martyr via rock-throwing and days of violence to disrupt Jews wishing to ascend the Temple Mount on his arguably most solemn day in the Jewish calendar, the Day of Judgment.

It is common among the goyim, other nations, to pass their New Year blitzed, blotto, partying, making merry, I think in order to mask the underlying anxiety of another year passing, meaning one is one year closer to death. For Jews though, it is no time to get drunk and party but repent.

And here are these Ishmael-clones, these violent Arab teenagers paid by blood-thirsty Islamists to throw rocks and bricks and cinder blocks at Jews on their holiest day on their holiest site.

With Israelis as mute as ever over the religious dimension of these clashes. Secular Zionism was the fruit of post-religious Jews who though that if they shed the Jewish religion with its claim for Jews as the Chosen People, the goyim would end their eternal hatred and abuse.

But apparently not, though the Israelis have yet to catch on to that. Leastwise the ruling class.
Like two ships passing in the night, Israel speaks of nationalism for Jews and for Balestinians, while the Arabs shriek “Allahu Akbar!”

Israelis Must Wake Up!

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Rubinfeld is surely correct in his prophecy. This is the last generation of Jewish life Europe because at this moment these Muslim barbarians are invading. Let me correct that. They are not invading any more. They are being invited to invade by the Europeans who have got to know at some level of intelligence they are committing suicide.

Actually, judging by some worthy analysts, this move by the Germans in particular in welcoming all these Muslims may be less attempted suicide than an attempt to survive. The birth rate for decades has been so low in Germany; they literally are going out of existence. They are going the way of the, I don’t know, the Etruscans, the Visigoths, the Alans and the Lombards, etc.

How else to explain the seeming lunacy of a Merkel who just a few years ago said integration had failed doing this?

We seem to be living in a time when the great tectonic plates of civilization and history are shifting. A thousand years ago, the nation states we are all familiar with did not exist. Germany and Italy did not congeal as unitary nations until the 1870s. France into the 20th century was to a population twenty percent of whom did not speak Parisian French but the provincial languages of Brittany and Provence.

Where are the Celts and the Druids? Excepting us Jews, nations come and nations go, and I think we are witness to something like that now.

And not surprisingly, one feature of national turmoil that keeps recurring is a rise in Jew-hatred, the eternal nation that does not disappear…

Loss of Faith and Nation

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Let us end on an up note. Last Thursday in Hebron those five American yeshiva boys were rescued by an Arab who took them into his house as they were being pelted with rocks and firebombs. His name is Fayez Abu Hamadiah who since then has been receiving deaths threats. He said on Channel 2 TV on Sunday evening that people have threatened to burn his house down or cut off his head.

The Israeli interviewer called him a hero. He said, “No, I am not a hero. This is what every person should have done. I did it because I’m a human being. With all my heart, I am a man of peace.” He said he had been afraid at the moment that men in ski masks would show up and give us trouble, when the boys were inside. “But I knew I would defend them even if it risked my life and the lives of my children.”

Hasid umot haolam. He is one of the Righteous among the Gentiles. Imagine if his type were dominant in his community what a different place Eretz Yisrael would be.

Leila tov.

Europe Commits Suicide

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The only one speaking truth in Europe is PM Victor Orban of Hungary who last week told all these refugees not to come to Europe but remain in Turkey. When asked if it was not immoral to close Europe’s doors as he was demanding, he said no, just the opposite. It was immoral to encourage these people to swarm into Europe like this. He expressed fear for the collapse of Christian society. Of course the other leaders in Europe almost had a case of the vapors I am sure that he spoke that way. The moral thing to do, he said, the humane thing to do is to be clear and say to these refugees “Please don’t come. Turkey is a safe country. Stay there. It is dangerous to come here.” He said tens of millions of Muslims coming into Europe would destroy it.

Orban even dared to say Hungary will give asylum and refuge to Christian refugees only. Israel Hayom reported today other East European countries are in agreement with that but in the West, of course, movers and shakers were very angry. The foreign minister of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn said Orban should be ashamed of himself.

Coincidently, this same Jean Asselborn was in Israel and met Uncle Shimon whose politics he shares. This Asselborn has been a radical left jackass since his student days in the 1960s and of course has a solid record as an anti-Jew, a crusader for our mortal enemies the Muslims and the Arabs masquerading these days as Balestinian victims of racist, fascist, colonialist imperialists Zionists like me…

Obama the Destroyer

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…But of course, what’s bigger these days than this massive invasion of Europe by Muslims, this tidal wave of people who are literally running from their lives due to “Islamic terrorism”? How ironic that is the very expression that this president insisted must never be spoken.

There is a connection between Obama’s denial of Islamic terrorism eleven months into his term after the slaughter at Ft. Hood and this tidal wave of humanity out of mostly Syria and Iraq literally fleeing for their lives from their fellow Muslims who daily attain new heights, or should we say, plunge to new depths of depravity. “Islamic terrorists,” whose description the President of the United States refuses to utter; the same president who last January refused to join world leaders in Paris after the Ft. Hood-like carnage in the Charlie Hebdo offices and then denied that the four people murdered in that kosher grocery store before Shabbos were Jews murdered by Muslims because they were Jews. Barack Hussein Obama said the victims were “just some folks.”

I’m telling you, this guy is virtually clinical in his ability to deny what he does not want to accept. Worse, not only does he not want to accept the reality of Muslim maniacs on the loose in the world, he wants people to like Islam and pay no mind to behaviors he claims are those of unrepresentative “extremists.”

There is a connection between the situation now in the Middle East, this eruption of hell on earth produced by ISIS, and Obama and Hillary Clinton’s support for Islamists against Qaddafi and against Mubarak. This villain Obama popped open a bottle found on the seashore and out popped the Demon of Satanic Islam on the march.

The violence in the Muslim Middle East reaches new levels of evil daily. You must have seen at least the still photo if not the actual video of those four Shiites in Anbar Province in Iraq chained upside down, hog-tied, doused with some flammable liquid, and then four separate lines on the ground of the fluid were lit at one end which then crept toward the men to ignite them and barbecue them to charcoal.

And what a coincidence that this Nazi-like sadism comes out of this movement that hates Jews with the same satanic intensity as Nazism…

The Compulsion of the Left

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This academic philosopher also seems to have no serious knowledge of the Arabs. He is the one who cannot see them for who they are. It is as if he has never heard that they are given to telling tall tales. He has never heard, apparently, that the IDF and GSS long ago gave up using lie detectors with them, for they uniformly beat them; for they, I say, like Obama, are constantly lying. They are constantly defending themselves with a bodyguard of lies.

Ironically, it is such liberal types who more than Im Tirtzu types cannot see the Arabs for who they are they and the quality of their culture. Dr. Motzkin, head of the Van Leer Institute, shows no evidence of understanding that when the enemies talk of the Nakba, they are not fishing for sympathy for their suffering. Van Leer types see anti-Balestinians as coldhearted in their refusal to commiserate with the enemy over his suffering as a human being regardless of the circumstances. Motzkin does not see that when an Arab talks of the Nakba, he is accusing Jews of war crimes on a par with Nazi war crimes. By comparing the Nakba to the Holocaust, one compares the behavior of the Nazis to Jews with the behavior of Jews to the Ancient Ones…