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The Ugly Israeli

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Christmas in Eurabia – Deck the Halls

…So this week we had the big demo of thousands on Tuesday night in Beit Shemesh against a dozen budding sociopaths as symbols of Haredi Jews everywhere and then there was another heroine created this week like Tanya Rosenblit, who thinking she too was Rosa Parks deliberately riding a mehadrin bus to challenge the preference of the people aboard for their preferred mode of public conveyance. This was a girl soldier Doron which interestingly enough is one of those bisexual names used here by both men and women.

And then this morning in the newspaper was this dramatic studio photograph, done by like fashion photographer, of eight famous women in Israel facing the camera, taking a stand against what their spokesman called “an ugly, internal Israeli tsunami that wants to sweep us all away.”

And who their spokeswoman was Tsipi Livni right there in the middle of the picture, most forward, standing closest to the camera, dressed in black trousers and black top like a ninja prepared to do battle. Her statement to the press about this “tsunami threatening to sweep Israel away” was characteristic of the anti-Haredi posturing and hysteria.

Also in the photo at her right hand was actress Gila Almagor who said, “I am sure that in Israel a new Jew grew up, proud, free. And suddenly I get smacked in the face with the segregation of women in the face. A Haredi spits at a 7 year-old girl and calls her a slut. I’m sorry this is not the country we grew up in. I really think we have to take to the streets because social justice begins and ends with people.” Whatever that means.

Notice the old Zionist ideal of a “new Jew,” because the old Jew was what caused antisemitism. We are not going to be like that, we Israelis, we sabras. The unspoken background to her remark is the contempt for Jews who were responsible in part for their own fate. Brought it on themselves with their dreadful religion.
One doubts Gila Almagor has any awareness of how she sounds like an antisemite. She objects, as she should, to the behavior of a handful of budding sociopaths but then uses the fact of their existence them to smear all Haredi Jews, which she shouldn’t.

The Enlightened are acting as ugly as the Jews that hate…

Violent Haredim?

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…And lastly a word about our neighbor about Syria where on Friday 44 people were suicide-bombed to death in front Syria’s intelligence headquarters in the middle of Damascus. I think there were another forty dead today.

The Arab League’s observer mission, the head was to arrive last night Sudanese Gen. Muhammad Ahmed Mustafa al-Dabi who was head of Sudanese intelligence when Sudan’s ruling Arab Muslim elite was slaughtering hundreds of thousands of black Muslim Sudanese, the Darfur people. It is this guy the Arab League chose to lead the peace-keeping mission, the monitoring mission.

This is Alice in Wonderland meets Franz Kafka.

The best thing the world could do, if it had the money and will would be to invade all Arab lands, conquer them and rule them as colonies, as in the good old days, for left to their own devices, these Hamitic Arabs are a blight on humankind…

A World Obsessed with Jews

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…Now, as for the local response here in Israel to the Foreign Ministry’s sharp retort to the European attack on Tuesday, the reaction of Defense Minister Ehud ben Yisrael Barak was totally predictable. What Lieberman said to the Europeans was, more or less, “We will ignore you and you will have no say in determining the future of the Holy Land.”

For Israelis like Ehud Barak, isolation from Europe is a fate tantamount to the death of Israel as they want it to be. In the words of Bibi’s book title, Israel is supposed have A Place Among the Nations and not be isolated.

But the unknown secret of the especially Leftist Zionists which they hid from those they wished to recruit was that contrary to their propaganda about being proud Jews who fought back, who did not go like sheep into the gas chambers, their idea of a Jewish state was a non-Jewish state. In a nutshell, they came to the Land of Israel not to be Jews but to stop being Jews, as weird as that may sound.

And there is a connection between that weirdness and Israel’s perennial begging for acceptance by the Arabs and the rest of the world. Some weeks back I mentioned an interview with former Israeli UN ambassadress Gabriela Shalev crying over how alone she felt at the UN.

Versus Avigdor Lieberman who demands respect and not love from the Gentiles. In this, though, seen as a hardline right-winger, he is no different from that famous Leftist Zionist also from the Russian Empire Golda Meir, who once quipped that if she had to choose between being loved and dead or alive and hated, she preferred the latter…

Fatah’s War on UNSC 242

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…Lastly, more information has come out about that storming of the Efraim Brigade last week, the background to it.

It seems the catalyst was the leaking of an IDF plan that day to destroy the Gilad Zar outpost at the order of – behind Prime Minister Netanyahu’s back – Defense Minister Ehud “the Socialist-Atheist” Barak who apparently has a bee in his bonnet about these outposts like so many of his peers. At the last moment, Netanyahu stopped it.

One suspects that Barak wants to carry out the Supreme Court’s order to destroy this outpost in order to preserve the democratic life of the State which includes respect for the decisions of the High Court, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I think that is rubbish on his part. Barak the youthful communard who grew up in a house full of atheists was raised to see in religion, and especially the Jewish religion, medieval superstition. Believing Jews are objects of contempt in Barak’s world, not fit for membership in Herzl’s state of New Jews.

I still don’t approve of what this mob did but now have a larger context in which to understand it.

What possibly could be driving Ehud Barak to destroy that outpost if not a bee in his bonnet? He is getting no pressure from Washington during this election year. His war against the outposts may be coming from the same dark place that drives Little Tommy Friedman.

That’s it for this evening, the first candle of Hanukah.

Chag sameach and I will be back, G-d willing, on Thursday….

Uri Saguy’s Bull’s Eye

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…Did you see how last week Turkey’s antisemitically deranged foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu addressed parliament during budget talks and crowed how Turkey made Israel “kneel down in front of Turkey and isolated the Jewish state in the region.”

Well, my immediate reaction to that last remark about isolating Israel in the region was “Baruch Hashem / thank G-d.” Isolating Israel in the region is exactly what Israel needs; as little to do with these Muslim states as possible because they are so spiritually, politically and mentally backward.

And as for the image of Israel kneeling down before Turkey: this guy is as delusional as any antisemite. Antisemites have a poor grasp of reality when the concept of the Jew rises to consciousness. The political columnist Pat Buchanan is like that. He can be wonderfully intelligent, well-educated, clever and knowledgeable on many topics but when the Jews enter his mind, he blows some fuses.

Maybe that is how it is with Ahmet Davutoglu. Here he is talking about Turkey’s budget and works into his remarks how Turkey made Israel kneel in front of it. When? How? Israel never did as Turkey commanded; Israel never apologized for our sons defending themselves before a band of mostly blood-thirsty Turkish Muslims.

Notice overall the importance in the mind of this Muslim of humiliation as a form of victory and certainly its importance in the handling of foreign affairs. Foreign affairs between civilized societies deal with joint and separate interests and how to manage them via diplomacy; force being the consequence when diplomacy fails.

Here, though, foreign affairs deals with humiliating others and making them kneel down before you.

Spoken like a true Turk throughout their history.

Imagine an American secretary of state or Canadian foreign minister, or British or Australian foreign minister/foreign secretary saying such a thing?

For Muslims and the Arabs who gave the world Islam as well, the clash of civilizations is not about competing for natural resources. The Arabs, the Muslims, do not need the 2,000 miles of Judea and Samaria. The Arabs alone are 40% larger in area than the United States. What they are fighting over in their endless aggression against us is wholly spiritual, psychological, bound up in a miasma of their antediluvian culture…

T. Friedman: Whore

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…Well, did you catch yesterday’s latest verbal droppings from LTF, Little Tommy Friedman, who I call “little” because despite his 60 years I still hear a nasty little boy sniping at his mommy and daddy, like the Kahane-ite I described earlier.

What Friedman never does in his pieces on Israel is present fact and argument; it is always a rant against Israel for its attitudes and feelings toward the Ancient Ones that Israel needs to change. In this regard Thomas Friedman is the worst commentator on Israel in print.

Yesterday as he has in the past he worked into his text the words and phrases “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing,” “stifling dissent,” “weakening minority rights.”

He also wrote that “Israel sees America at its ATM”; that Bibi won all that applause before that joint session of Congress last spring because “that ovation was bought and paid for by the Israel lobby.”

In this LTF exposed himself and not for the first time as no better than a low-life scumbag of an antisemite, for this is how deranged Jew-haters talk. What LTF just said was that all those 535 elected officials had been bought off, corrupted by Jews with big bucks. The Jews have corrupted the very heart of the American system of government.

Not for LTF the possibly that those 535 Americans are pleased and proud to be allied with Israel and not with the ragheads who not only bought down the World Trade Center but attacked the Pentagon, the seat of the American military. LTF in his way holds his fellow Americans and their elected representatives in utmost contempt for allowing themselves to be bought off by Jews with all that money.

LTF, and as I say not for the first time, exposed himself this week as an antisemite; there is no better word for his type of thinking when it comes to Israel. He is always whining, “It’s the Jews’ fault, it’s the Jews’ fault.” He is simply pathetic.

Thomas L. Friedman is simply one of a posse of Jewish anti-Jew prostitutes who have made a life for themselves, well-paid in prestigious careers by bashing Jews. Had LTF never been an Israel-bashing journalist, he never would have been appointed by the New York Times as its first Jewish chief of bureau in Jerusalem since the birth of the modern state. Anyone chosen before then would have been for his dual loyalty.

But not LTF. It is no accident that he became in the mid-1980s the first Jewish bureau chief for the Times in Jerusalem because his views were well known and there was no fear he was going to take Israel’s side. Since 1897 when the New York Times was bought by German Reform Jews, it has always been nastily anti-Israel. Zionism was a moment that impugned their loyalty to the United States and therefore their careers and bank accounts.

I’ve read Friedman call us settlers – those who refuse to leave our homes for peace – “greedy.” And don’t tell me Thomas Friedman somewhere in his brain was never aware of the history of using that word to describe Jews. Never head of Shylock. Never heard of Karl Marx’s crackpot theories about Capitalism which were inseparable from his view that Capitalism was the tool of capitalist bankers like the Rothschilds determined to gather up all the money in the world and make everybody their slaves; that the Jews lived for money, worshipped money, not the G-d of Israel.

Little Tommy Friedman in these instances of using the word “greedy” has got to know at some level of awareness he is spewing antisemitism.

That is who all these Jewboys are: Friedman, Martin Indyk, Aaron David Miller, Jeffrey Goldberg, Danny Kurtzer; whores of the Jewish people who for fame and fortune sell themselves out as professional, career Israel-bashers…

Speak Truth to Liars

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…I think I have to correct myself if last webcast I left you with the impression that Netanyahu had opposed a cabinet vote on backing a law against loudspeakers on minarets because they bother people here in Herzlandia. I thought he sided with the antis when on the contrary he backs the law, postponing a vote only for tactical reasons.

In his party Limor Livnat and Dan Meridor – he who really belongs in Labor – and Mickey Eitan the reformer right-winger – opposed the bill as unnecessarily disturbing the Arabs. They all seemed to side with Shimon Peres who told Yediot on Monday that a law exists against excessive noise and the proposed mosque bill makes him feel ashamed. “This is just a march of folly. What does this gives us? It just damages our image.”

Spoken true to form, Uncle Shimon: worried for Israel’s image among the nations rather than doing what is right for the Jews regardless of what the nations see in our image.

Bibi supports the anti-minaret noise law and rightfully states that Israel need be no more liberal than Europe, where Switzerland, France and Belgium have laws that single out Muslim behaviors and pass laws against them, like the anti-veil and scarf laws in France, and the anti-minaret law altogether in Switzerland. Imagine the global shrieking were Israel to adopt the same law as Switzerland according to which no new mosque built can have a minaret.

Uncle Shimon opined to Yediot yesterday the anti-noise law on the books is sufficient. “Don’t go and create a law with a religious argument. You don’t have to stir up all the Muslims and the Arab world against us.”

Once again spoken like a true St. Simon of Oslo in his ignorance of our mortal enemy. Peres never understood anything about Islam, knew anything about Jewish life under Islamic tyranny, which is why he pursued so ardently the ludicrous Oslo peace plan concocted by his political vizier Dr. Joseph Beilin, PhD, another groiser khochem, a “wise” ignoramus about the Arabs. Shimon doesn’t see that whether or not Israel as he puts up it stirs up all the Muslims and the Arab world, our very existence fuels the fire of their burning hatred and aggression.

Shimon said, “You can’t separate Judaism and democracy. There is no such thing.”

It sounds like he thinks Jewishness and liberal democracy are indistinguishable. Spoken like a true, post-mitzvot modern Jewish liberal…

The Gingrich Bombshell

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…So the good news was the Gingrich performance overseas, but here in Israel the news was not so good. Last week the IDF killed a terrorist cell in Gaza plotting murder and mayhem in Israel, and did so with pinpoint accuracy – and the barbarians responded with the opposite of pinpoint accuracy: a barrage of rockets aimed in the general direction of Jewish communities in hopes of wreaking random murder and destruction among al-Yahud.

Over two days what Gingrich rightly calls the terrorists in Gaza fired maybe 20 projectiles all over the south. For a day (I think it was Friday) hundreds of thousands of Jews were ordered by civil defense authorities to stay within 15 seconds of a shelter.

Is this what Theodor Herzl had in mind? Hundreds of thousands of Jews in their home towns and villages who are limited in their physical movements because of homicidal Jew-haters fixing to murder them?

The other depressing news here was that of the Mugrabi Bridge to the Temple Mount being closed as it should be, but Bibi dares not build a new one because the Ishmaelites are threatening mass rioting in the Arab world if Israel proceeds with the project. The principle, of course, among the barbarians is that Israel has zero rights to make any changes in al-Quds.

Also disheartening was the news today that the Yisrael Beiteinu party may withdraw MK Anastasia Michaeli’s bill to squelch the PA systems on minarets that blast out their calls to prayer that irritate hundreds of thousands of Jews. The majority of Likud ministers oppose the bill in the name of religious freedom.

In other words, in Switzerland the Swiss can pass a law against minarets altogether but not in Israel. Israel, in the name of this religion of Islam, with its 1 billion plus adherents, 56 officially Islamic states and scores more countries with Muslim populations, must bow down to its dictates.

This is the equivalent of allowing since 1967 the Muslims to rule the Temple Mount and literally prevent Jews from praying there altogether. The imbalance in religious freedom on the Temple Mount is a shocking marker of Israel’s lack of self-respect.

One understands the fear in Netanyahu of mass Arab rioting in the volatile Arab states which could break out were Israel to build a new Mugrabi bridge, let alone re-write the rule book for sharing the Temple Mount. No prime minister wants to be held responsible for igniting a third intifada over the Temple Mount, which is precisely what Ariel Sharon did when he ignited the second in 2000.

But there has to be a limit to this self-abasement and retreat which in the long-run can bring on the very thing the self-abaser is trying to deter: even more aggression by one’s mortal enemies.

Israel must every day – as free peoples must fight to defend their freedom in every generation – Israel must every day make clear that Eretz Yisrael is the world’s one and only Jewish country and state and in it only the Jewish people will rule and decide what happens.

And that self-confident stance can begin with the Temple Mount and the building of a new bridge to it, despite the Hamitic menace emanating from our Arab neighbors…

Egypt is a Basket Case

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…There was more on the terrible 3 videos story yesterday when the Ministress of Immigration and Absorption Sofa Landver testified before the Knesset Committee on Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs chaired by Likud MK Danny Danon who summoned her to address the controversy. She said there was no intent to hurt anyone’s feeling, but if there were, she is sorry. She was sorry if people were offended but insisted she was not apologizing. “If anyone was offended, they should look in the mirror, and see their kids when they come back from public schools.” In other words she stood by the message of the videos.

Meanwhile, in the States the senior vice president of the Federations of North America Rebecca Caspi said that indeed American Jews were “hurt to their depths of their souls. The videos presented a message that a Jewish life can only be lived in the State of Israel. It is unacceptable that US Jews are expected to hit the streets when they are needed to protest on Israel’s behalf while Israel delegitimizes their Jewish lives in their home country.” She wants to have her cake and eat it too.

By contrast, Charley Levine told the committee he thought the videos were great. He has lived in Israel since 1979 and as in the States makes his living at PR. He told the committee, “I don’t know why people are apologizing. Any time any Israeli raises the issue of Aliyah, there will always be problems of sensitivity. As a professional, the content here is terrific. If Israel wants to be a Zionist leader, it has to choose between being popular and correct. I prefer that we be correct. These ads are the responsibility of Israel [to make].”

Precisely. So Rebecca Caspi and Jeffrey Goldberg don’t like being told there is a difference between being a Jew who lives in Israel and one who does not? They think there is no difference? Then of Judaism, of Jewishness, of Jewish thought and belief, these are ignorant people…

J. Goldberg & the 3 Videos

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…There is not one good reason to have pulled those videos for they were right on target, masterful productions doing so much in such a short time. And if some Americans of Jewish extraction felt under attack by their message, that’s their problem.

Goldberg said Jews in Washington can identify with what’s happening in Tel-Aviv but not Jerusalem or the settlements. “There is a large gap between most Jews in the US and most Jews in Israel. Jews in the US are becoming more universal in their outlook while Israeli Jews are becoming more and more tribal in theirs.”

Now Jeffrey Goldberg would surely harrumph in protest were he to be called to his face an antisemite, but that is what his words here tell us he is, in spades. Zionism, let us remember, was judged by the world community of nations to be a form of racism. Post-World War II, the membership roster of nations at the UN went from less than 60 to almost 200 new states, all of them with some kind of national liberation movement before liberation and independence with only one of these new dozens of states having its national liberation movement smeared with racism.

In other words, what is laudable nationalism among the nations, among scores of nations – like the movement for national liberation of the venerable Palestinians – in Jewish hands nationalist has been a racist, colonialist, imperialistic enterprise. Jeffrey Goldberg uses the term “tribal” to describe the, I guess, national feelings of Jewish people in Jerusalem and the post-’67 communities. This variation of the old “Zionism is racism” routine smear when he uses the term “tribal” to smear the national movement of Jewish people.

Goldberg objected to the message that he took away according to which America is no place for a proper Jew. But again that was the message of the socialist Zionists who looked down on American Jews for their addiction to the capitalist chasing after wealth.

Notice too how Goldberg says American Jews are becoming more universal in their outlook which he contrasted to us tribal Jerusalemites and settlers.

This is Hanukkah all over again. That is the one holiday of this month of Kislev we shall soon be celebrating.

Jeffrey Goldberg sees himself, though, more universalistic in outlook. He is not at all “tribal” like us primitives here in Judea and Samaria…

One Ignoramus After Another

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…Lastly, maybe you saw how last Wednesday at a Jewish conference in Brussels, the American ambassador to Belgium, a man of Jewish extraction, Howard Gutman, said Jew-hatred among Muslims comes from Israel’s policy toward the Ancient Ones.

Who is this moron? I am embarrassed as an American and a Jew that this numbskull enjoys the cushy office that he does.

Has he no knowledge of the history of Israel before 1967 during which the fate of any “Palestinians had nothing to do with the Arabs’ homicidal hatred? Has he no knowledge of the 1400-year history of Jewish life in Arab Islam? Has he no knowledge of the Qur’an on whose pages the Jew-hatred is plain to see?

What a jerk. Along with Hillary and Panetta, here’s another American ignoramus about matters he knows nothing of.

Okay, there is a lot going on here in this part of the world, like the Egyptian elections and the explosions in Iran, which, bli neder, we will have to get to next time.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael