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The New Israel Fund

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Webcast Title: The New Israel Fund
Webcast Date: 01/31/2010
Length: 41:51 Minutes
(January 31, 2010) “…And now we have the New Israel Fund and all these NGOs allegedly dedicated to improving Israel being revealed as the producers of the Goldstone Report.

“With the extra added information that the New Israel Fund itself is funded by the Ford Foundation, rooted in the founding father of the dynasty Henry Ford I who used to publish the Dearborn Independent in Michigan, a newspaper in the 1920s which he used for his antisemitic ranting. It was worthy of the Nazi publications popping up in Germany at the same time. I have heard, I think, that Adolph Hitler imakhshemo, the devil incarnate who was incandescent in his demonic hatred of Jews had no photograph or decoration in his office except for a picture, either hanging on the wall or on his desk of Henry Ford, inventor of the assembly line later put to interesting use at Auschwitz. Theirs was a mutual admiration society.

“The Ford Family also funded the fancy Hotchkiss prep School in Connecticut which barred Jews and probably still does.

“As a result of this long article in Maariv on Friday by star Israeli journalist Ben Caspit, there is going to be an investigation in the Knesset into this matter. And the head of the New Israel Fund today is none other than MK Naomi Hazan. We are already hearing demands that she resign from the Knesset for her organization’s responsibility in the Goldstone apostasy and the headache the country now suffers as its sons are accused by the world via Goldstone of being cold-blooded killers.

“In Barbary days there was a slang expression for Christians enslaved on the Barbary Shore who converted to Islam to escape slavery. It was called “turning Turk.” To “turn Turk” was to convert to Islam because the Barbary city-states were semi-independent Regencies that paid tribute to the superior Ottoman sultan in Constantinople. “Turk” was synonym for Muslim.

“And that’s what Richard Goldstone has done: he’s “turned Turk” and begun thinking like the Turks today who think IDF soldiers are cold-blooded, conscienceless murderers of the innocent…”

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What is the “oPt”?

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Webcast Title: What is the “oPt”?
Webcast Date: 01/28/2010
Length: 43:39 Minutes
(January 28, 2010) “…Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 6th day, yud-dales be-Shvat, Parashas Beshalakh, tav-shin-ayin, the evening of the 5th day, Thursday, 28 January, 2010, webcasting from what the U.N. calls the lower case “o,” upper case “P” and lower case “t”, the Occupied Palestine Territories.

“I just noticed that in some U.N. document. That is the new term for Judea and Samaria. And notice the peculiar style of upper and lower case. How fashionable of them. Like iPod or iTunes. This is the “oPt,” with the P standing up in the middle there. That’s what the new name has become…’”

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Erasing the Jews

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Webcast Title: Erasing the Jews
Webcast Date: 01/26/2010
Length: 36:31 Minutes
(January 26, 2010) “…According to others, this phenomenon is particularly prevalent in the Baltics, in Lithuania and Latvia where, unlike even in Poland, there was massive collaboration by the locals with the Nazis in their extermination of the Jews. For sure, these two peoples suffered under Russia’s occupation for almost 50 years, thousands were shipped off to and died in Siberia, still, this drive to lump Communist brutality with the Nazi crusade in which they participated is yet another attempt to deprive the Jews of their unique history. And I would add their own culpability.

“Think as well of the transparently ridiculous attempt here by the Arabs who equate the Holocaust with what they call their Nakba, which is another way of painting Zionism in the colors of genocidal racism.

“In the West too, I wish had a shekel for every Western leader in a democracy who also, when it comes to addressing antisemitism has clearly condemned it; and then in the same breath condemns all kinds of racism and bigotry and prejudice, and Islamophobia and homophobia, and ageism and heightism and ismism.

“How hard it is still for so many otherwise benign people to confront the enormity of what not only the Germans but other nations did, like the Baltic people during WWII, and in truth in other periods over millennia.

“’Yes, we condemn antisemitism and all forms of hatred and discrimination and persecution of sodomites and lesbians and yadda, yadda, yadda…’”

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Hamitic Primitives

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Webcast Title: Hamitic Primitives
Webcast Date: 01/24/2010
Length: 39:28 Minutes
(January 24, 2010) “…Why is that? Why is it that civilized people, Jews and others in the West, harbor those who support their country’s enemies – versus the Arabs who have nothing of the kind to compare?

“Consider all the Israelis and Jews, like in J Street, who wave the flag of the Fatah murderers, the banner of the phantom Palestinian Nation, while we have never ever seen even one Arab waving the flag of Israel.

“In this perfect absence of equivalence between the two peoples lies the difference between the freedom of civilization and totalitarian uniformity of Muslim/Arab cultures. The Jewish side has offered compromises and several plans to share this land, but the Arabs demand it all. This too tells a tale…”

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Unexamined Givens

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Webcast Title: Unexamined Givens
Webcast Date: 01/21/2010
Length: 37:33 Minutes
(January 21, 2010) “…Dempsey wrote that in her joint press conference with Netanyahu on Monday, when Merkel was asked about Israel’s settlement policy and the blockade of Gaza, she minimized the issue. Excuse me, but if any country is seriously blockading Gaza, it’s not Israel; it’s Egypt. Israel lets in daily hundreds of semi-trailers loaded with food and other necessities, versus the Egyptians who let in nothing.

“Elsewhere Judy Dempsey writes, “Mrs. Merkel has embarked on her own particular policy toward Israel, even after the Gaza bombing.”

“Unspoken here is the unexamined judgment that there was something wrong with Israel bombing Gaza a year ago. Absent here is any reference to the fact that prior to this “unacceptable” bombing by Israel of Gaza last year, there had been the Arabs’ bombing of Sderot and environs that had gone on for seven years. Like the Arabs, she starts her story on Chapter 2 when it comes to bombing. She brings up Israel’s bombing of Gaza but says nothing of Gaza’s bombing of Israel…”

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AntiJew Denialism

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Webcast Title: AntiJew Denialism
Webcast Date: 01/19/2010
Length: 40:41 Minutes
(January 19, 2010) “…I think the IDF deserves the Nobel Prize for Peace for its behavior a year ago during Operation Cast Lead. Think of what the Air Force did in 5 weeks of bombing southern Lebanon in 2006, doing immense damage; then think of the 3 weeks of IDF operations in Gaza and compare. If Israel had wanted to, Israel could have flattened much of that 5-mile by 25-mile rectangle and killed thousands of non-combatants, not the few hundred who did die. And that it did not is evidence of Israel’s restraint and its taking the trouble to make hundreds of thousands of computerized phone calls and dropping thousands of leaflets, both actions intended to minimize non-combatant casualties. What other nation has done this?

“This Operation Cast Lead libel campaign is the true organized and orchestrated smearing of Jews which people like Foreign Minister Store and doctors Gilbert and Fosse have done in every generation for thousands of years.

“Only now, in a new, post-Holocaust twist, they deny their perversion of reality whose purpose is to smear Jews with crimes we do not and have not committed.

“This is antiJewism in a new key. Bashing Jews and denying at the same time that is what you are doing. Like I say, denial of almost psychotic intensity…”

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“Orient House”: More Evidence

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Webcast Title: “Orient House”: More Evidence
Webcast Date: 01/17/2010
Length: 39:07 Minutes
Program Link: “First, the Good News” by Oliver North
(January 17, 2010) “…The wackiness of Israel is manifest in the contradiction between its going along with the so-called peace process whose vocabulary is all about justice for the Ancient Landlords of Palestine, the victims of Zionism, while on the other hand in practice acting very differently.”I mean, here was Bibi in his Bar Ilan speech trying to sound like an Enlightened man who says that a state for the poor poor Palestinian people is his goal too, but in practice he sees no way for Israel to retreat as the world demands and let the Arabs in Judea and Samaria govern themselves free of all Israeli involvement.

“Why, just this morning after day break, IDF soldiers from the Kfir Brigade – kfir means “young lion” – and the Duvdevan unit – which means “cherry,” whose specialty is masquerading as Arabs in order to penetrate on foot into Arab streets and alleys in order to arrest aspiring Jew-killers – were able, working with the GSS, to arrest four of them right there in the belly of beast, in Nablus, the lisping Arabs’ mispronunciation of the Latin name Neapolis, further evidence like “West Bank” and “Orient House” that the Palestinian nation is a hoax…”

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Israeli Politesse

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Webcast Title: Israeli Politesse
Webcast Date: 01/14/2010
Length: 42:06 Minutes
Program Link: Analysis – The “Palestinian Nelson Mandela”
(January 14, 2010) “…Moreover, its denouement last night was not the Turks apologizing for their ugly Jew-hatred. It was Israel apologizing to them for our insulting behavior; an apology orchestrated by none other than Shimon Peres, the erstwhile, post-Jewish Marxist philosopher who in the 1990s let Arafat literally on one occasion lead him around by the hand and one occasion even kissed Arafat on the cheek.”How the antiJew goyim love Uncle Shimon as Israel’s wise man, as one goy politician called him today the settling this contretemps.

“How ironic that Peres and other scions of the original Zionists who sneered at Diaspora Jews for kowtowing to the goyim end up being the very people they were raised to despise…”

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Turkey’s Turkey P.M.

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Webcast Title: Turkey’s Turkey P.M.
Webcast Date: 01/12/2010
Length: 40:06 Minutes
(January 12, 2010) “…Erdogan in his press conference also accused Israel of threatening world peace. He also called on the U.N. Security Council to pressure Israel over its nuclear program as it is now pressuring Iran. Moral equivalence between Jews and their oppressors. And for sure Iran is our oppressor. What is Hezbollah, what is Hamas if not Iran in disguise that spends zillions on arming these two cult gangs who are always trying to murder us?
While we pose no threat to Iran whatsoever. What Israel might do is switch tactics, jettison its long-term policy of denying it has nuclear weapons and take a page out of the Bible, the one on which we read of how future King David is pursued by reigning King Saul; David hides in a cave at Ein Gedi by the Dead Sea and Saul rests for a time at the mouth of this cave and is unaware when David creeps up on him in silence and cuts off a piece of his robe.

“Later when Saul rises and goes a distance, David appears and calls to him. He holds up the piece of cloth, points to Saul’s robe and protests Saul’s deep belief in David’s threat to him. David says this proof that he could have killed Saul if he really wanted to, but did not.

“Israel might confess its arsenal and tell the Iranians, Israel could have vaporized Teheran and the priestly city of Qom years ago, and still might do if necessary.

“It is Iran than menaces and wounds Israel and not the other way around. And this is why the U.N. Security Council targets Iran and not Israel. Because Iran, governed by Islamist madmen, is a danger to Israel and the world…”

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The Mind of a Madman

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: The Mind of a Madman
Webcast Date: 01/10/2010
Length: 39:59 Minutes
Program Link: Jihadi Forum Publishes Posthumous Article by CIA Khost Base Bomber; Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility for Bombing; Jihadi Forum Moderators Eulogize Bomber, Urge Members of Media Jihad to Follow in His Footsteps; ‘Al-Sharq Al-Awsat,’ ‘Al-Quds Al-Arabi’ Report Details on Bomber
(January 10, 2010) “…The Canaanites were like the Aztecs who daily murdered surrounding tribesmen as part of their religious ritual. As the Holy Temple’s principle activity was sacrificing wine, grain and animals on a daily basis, so the Aztec daily captured some non-Aztec Indian and dragged him to the top of a pyramid where Aztec priests sliced open his chest and cut out his beating heart and ate it. Then they chopped up the corpse and threw the pieces down to the common man gathered at the base of the pyramid for them to eat.

“Such were the Canaanites, and at Har Megiddo, which is an archaeological park in Israel, in English Armageddon, one can see the kind of altar they used for their sacrifices.

“Abraham became most famous for almost slaughtering his own son according to the wishes of his G-d. But then his G-d did not allow him to go through with the killing and ordered him to instead slaughter a sheep. Sublimate the killing instinct…”

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The War on Tribalism

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Webcast Title: The War on Tribalism
Webcast Date: 01/07/2010
Length: 41:12 Minutes
(January 7, 2010) “…The differences between civilized peoples and these barbarians is the age-old difference between civilization and tribalism. The former thrives in cities, the other is commonly described as nomadic, mobile communities who move around often in pursuit of good land for their flocks. Such are the Bedouin; such were the American Indians who lived off the buffalo for meat and clothing and shelter; that is, a style of society rejected in the Torah from the very beginning when Adam is called to work the land and subdue nature and put it to human use.

“The ‘War on Terrorism,’ which this bad guy Obama denies exists, is admittedly not the best name. It is mildly Orwellian in covering up the truth, that it is a war against violent, crusading Muslims.

“But on another level it perhaps might be more accurate for people in civilization to start calling it the War on Tribalism, and that is because real, actual, living tribesmen are playing a major role in this 21st century conflict between the West with its armed drones and cruise missiles costing zillions, hunting individual enemy leaders who use weapons so small they can be hidden on a man’s body, or even in his underwear…”

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Newman’s Delusions

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Webcast Title: Newman’s Delusions
Webcast Date: 01/05/2010
Length: 40:01 Minutes
(January 5, 2010) “…This David Newman piece is a good example of similar pieces in Enlightened Israel this week in the wake of that wretched High Court decision to re-open Rt. 443: smearing Israel with “apartheid” for keeping it closed these seven years.”In his final paragraph, the ‘balanced’ academic of course tips his hat to Israel by saying, “Security is important to all of us. None of us wants to be blown up by a roadside bomb…” (Those too were used before the road was closed – and another failed attempt happened just last week, or the week before.) “None of us wants to be blown up by a roadside bomb, a Katyusha rocket or a suicide bomber, just as no Palestinian wants to see IDF tanks and soldiers in their backyard or ripping up their orchards.”

“Notice the moral equivalence; notice the wildly unbalanced arithmetic: the Arabs have launched thousands of Katyushas over the years and hundreds of suicide bombers, versus how many times have IDF tanks ripped up orchards?…”

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Obama, Yemen, Evil

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Featuring: Political, historical, religious commentary with modern Israeli music
Webcast Title: Obama, Yemen, Evil
Webcast Date: 01/03/2010
Length: 42:12 Minutes
Program Links:
Hebrew Video of Interview with Arab MK
Arab MK: Tel Aviv is the Arab Village of Sheikh Munis!
Obama Pretends to Get Tough on Yemen
(January 3, 2010) “…Stephen Hayes yesterday in the Weekly Standard in a piece called “Obama Pretends to Get Tough on Yemen” not only reminded us of how on his second day on the job as president, when he signed an executive order calling for the closing of Guantanamo, where 100 of the 248 captives at the moment were from Yemen, the U.S. State Department on its website posted an interview with the U.S. ambassador in Sanaa, Stephen Seche, who said it was the goal of the new administration to “repatriate a majority of these Yemeni prisoners so they could make a future for themselves here…have them integrate themselves back into their own society with their families. Except for some hardcore elements, we believe the majority of these detainees can be put productively into a reintegration program with the goal over time of enabling them to find a way back into Yemeni society without posing a security risk.”

“What is this? Social Work? It is America’s goal to rehabilitate these Muslim maniacs affiliated with the madman ibn Ladin?

Hashem yirakhem. Lord have mercy…”

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