Israel Needs New Ideas

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…Lastly, did you see where one PA-affiliated media outlet reported that maybe some Thai migrant workers were responsible for what happened at Itamar?

Another PA-affiliated news outlet pushed the theory that Israelis, that they did it, to make it look like the Ancient Ones were responsible.

I would love to see an Israeli politicians say that these Arabs, these Muslims, are simply not ready for independence; not ready for prime time. They are not the type of people to govern themselves without the supervision of their civilized betters. Israel, therefore, will not hand over any more land and will not midwife “Palestinian” independence on land, in any case, that we have more right to than they. We Israelis, we Jews have as much right to Judea and Samaria as Barack Obama has to his home in Chicago, Illinois. Both names, state and city, come from the native Native Americans from whom Americans took that land.

We have as much right to this land as those parts of Germany that Czechoslovakia and Poland got to keep after the War.

Land here granted us by the League of Nations, which land grant renders every settlement in Judea and Samaria legal.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael