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Arab Verbal Antics (09/16/10)

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September 16, 2010
36:15 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:16 Mins)
…To begin with, for the otherwise very bright and sharp Glick, and often obtusely sabra-esque Marcus, this demand by Bibi goes to the heart of the matter, to the ultimate lie of the entire so-called peace process now 17 years old and counting. It is Bibi’s ultimate defense line.

Unfortunately, Bibi is ill-served by his own formulation. Were I advising him, I would phrase the demand differently in order to clarify the issue. Instead of asking Abbas & Co. to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, I would demand they recognize the rightness of Jews having their own state in their ancient homeland.

For what the sneaky Arabs have done in “recognizing Israel’s right to exist” as Hanina sees things is more of what they have always done, which is play word-games. In fact, contrary to Hanania’s claim that the “Palestinians” have recognized Israel’s right to exist, they have never repealed the PLO Covenant’s clauses calling for the destruction of Israel, as Netanyahu and Clinton claimed in 1998. In fact, in December 1988, they did not do that either as Secretary of State George Schultz at the time claimed they did, which led to U.S. acceptance of the claim Arafat had finally spoken the “magic words,” and therefore the U.S. chose to open talks with those enemies of not only the Jewish people but Western civilization.

What happened at the time was this…

“Security Arrangements”? (08/31/10)

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August 31, 2010
39:44 Mins
Audio Excerpt (1:43 Mins)
…So in conclusion, if Israel is being de-legitimized today; if it is only Israel that is called upon to make “confidence-building measures,” maybe it is because all Israel asks for is “security arrangements.”

It is attacked for occupying “Palestinian” territory and never says “No, it’s Jewish territory.”

We are our own worst enemies…

“Murder of the Innocents” (08/12/10)

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August 12, 2010
38:41 Mins
Audio Excerpt (1:34 Mins)
…killing peaceful peace activists just trying to alleviate the suffering of the Ancient Ones in that new air-conditioned mall in Gaza.

That is why Israel is acting foolishly with this Turkel commission. They want to show the goyim our innocence, in the belief that this will change the black heart of World AntiJewry; change the heart of Tony’s Blair’s sister-in-law who the other day, remember, painted a picture of a cruel, sadistic unit of Israeli soldiers who pounced on that ship and massacred the innocents.

“The Massacre of the Innocents.” That is a term used to refer to an episode in the Gospel of Matthew 2:16-18, when Herod, King in Judea, ordered all male babies slain because the Magi, the magicians who came from the east and prophesied that the Messiah, the King of the Jews, would just now be born in Bethlehem, who would obviously overthrow Herod. He had to kill all the male babies to prevent this from happening.

The King of Judea oversaw the “Murder of Innocents,” what Christianity teaches were the first Christian martyrs.

Five of them; count ‘em, five inquisitions into the reported bestial behavior of the Jews and their Murder of Innocents…

Where’s the Oratory? (08/24/10)

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August 24, 2010
38:48 Mins
Audio Excerpt (1:05 Mins)
…What has been lost in the state that secular Zionism built is a tradition of oratory, of orators, propagandists, PR spin doctors, call them what you will. Men like Abba Eban and Ze’ev Jabotinsky, David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin, all of whom sang songs of Zionism and belief in the right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel which includes Judea and Samaria. It included Judea and Samaria for them.

What’s missing in Israel today is a leadership that will answer these wild asses of criminals, these mass murderers like Mahmoud Abbas with counter-claims to this Land and tell them it is our ancient homeland. And unlike in the lands of our dispersion, where we were told where we had to live and could not live, where on a whim we could be driven from the homes we had built for ourselves, here, back in the Israel we Jews brought back to life, no one will tell us where we can and cannot live…

Absolute Truth (08/26/10)

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August 26, 2010
41:07 Mins
Audio Excerpt (1:49 Mins)
Program Link: What to remember and what to forget
…Lastly, in keeping with the ideas of this webcast, yesterday the UNIFIL so-called peace-keeping troops in Lebanon sent the IDF its version/its report of events earlier this month when Lt. Col. Dov Harari was murdered along the border with Lebanon, which UNIFIL report tracked perfectly with Israel’s version of events at the time. That Israel did not violate the border; its behavior was by the book.

Versus the lede sentences three days ago in the Herald Tribune – which is the New York Times – by their correspondent Robert F. Worth writing about the discussions in Washington after that incident about continuing to send arms and ammunition to Lebanon when this is how the Lebanese are behaving. “Earlier this month, Israeli soldiers were pruning a tree on their country’s northern border when a firefight broke out with Lebanese soldiers across the fence, leaving one Israeli and four Lebanese dead. The skirmish seems to have been accidental…” and so on and so forth.

Give me a break. It was immediately clear what had happened. No firefight just “broke out,” and everything was the opposite of accidental. Some hotshot Hezbollahi in the Lebanese Army invited cameramen ahead of time to come down from Beirut to watch as some sniper-assassin drew a bead of that Jew and murdered him.

This is so typical of the New York Times and the Enlightened for whom there are different narratives and who is to say what the truth is?

No more “Palestinians,” please (07/22/10)

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July 22, 2010
38:26 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:50 Mins)
…What a strange world we live in when these 56 states of the Islamic Conference are self-proclaimed, officially Muslim states, and there are 21 officially Arab states, and nobody says boo about this.

But when the Jews assert their right to have their own, officially Jewish state, as a nation and a religion, the Enlightened start smirking and sneering at those racist Jews who don’t want to share Palestine with the Ancient Palestinians. Wasn’t Zionism uniquely singled out in the council of nations in 1975 as the only nationalist movement on Planet Earth that was a “form of racism”?

When the Arabs and Muslims assert their national identities as Arabs and Muslims, that’s okay. But among the Enlightened these very days their deep-thinkers of the Left continue to toy with the idea that if the Two-State Solution doesn’t come about, then we will have a One-State Solution in which Israel ceases to exist as exclusively a Jewish state, as Saudi Arabia is exclusively Arab-Muslim. It will become a bi-national state in which both ancient nations can live in perfect harmony and equality, and never mind that for 14 centuries they never did.

So I wish these Israelis would stop calling these Arabs, these Muslims, “Palestinians.” I mean, how did the IDF Spokesman know for sure that they were “Palestinians”? Arabs have been known to travel from their home countries to others in the world to kill people. Volunteers like Osama bin Ladin went to Afghanistan in the 1980s to resist the atheist Russian invaders. For years, Arabs wanting to kill Americans and other Allied soldiers have gone to Syria then crossed over into Iraq. They also have infiltrated via the border between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, which traffic the Saudis did not care for and thus built a long security barrier about which the Enlightened says not one word of protest.

I think it is historically a grievous error on Israel’s part since 9-11 for Israel not to re-brand our neighbors here as Muslims, fanatical Muslims, the same enflamed rag heads who brought down the World Trade Center; the same homicidal maniacs who blew up trains in London and Madrid slaughtering hundreds of innocent people.

I await the day Israelis stop calling these people “Palestinians” and start calling them as their fathers in Zionism called them: Arabs. Herzl, Weizmann, Jabotinsky, across the spectrum they called the Arabs Arabs…

“Taking Risks for Peace”? (07/08/10)

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July 8, 2010
37:05 Mins
Audio Excerpt (4:32 Mins)
…And that was Psalm 113, assorted verses from it, from the Hallel Prayer. What a talent he is. And that is the tenth of his ten selections on his a capella album, and so now for the remainder of the three weeks, another four webcasts and today, we will repeat the cycle.

So, not surprisingly on Tuesday when Bibi met Barack, the latter came out of the meeting pleased to tell the press that he was persuaded that Israel is, under Prime Minister Netanyahu’s leadership, ready to “take risks for peace.”

That’s an expression of lengthy pedigree; it has been in the lexicon of the peace processors for years. They believe that one necessary ingredient of successful peace processing is Israel’s readiness to “take risks for peace” – which is code for “retreat and weakening itself by handing over strategically important terrain to the enemy in the belief this will please him and slake his thirst for what Israel possesses. Israel must take a risk for peace by endangering itself even more than it is endangered now.”

And why? To placate, to satisfy, to soothe the savage breast of the Ishmaelites who feel aggrieved because Israel stole Palestine from them. If Israel wants peace, it must compensate the victims of its national movement.

Hence, even more “confidence-building gestures” to be made by Israel. Notice, the Ancient Palestinians are never asked to make their own confidence-building measures, like reducing the quantity of antisemitic bilge on their PA TV station.

Nothing. Never. Goornisht. Only Israel must make confidence-building measures a/k/a baksheesh, tribute. The Ancient Ones never, the aggrieved party in this relationship.

One wishes for a prime minister who when asked by some obnoxious, ignorant journalist like a Thomas Friedman if Israel is prepared to take risks for peace, answers candidly: “What, are you crazy? Do you think we are crazy? We are surrounded on the three sides, 5 and a half million of us, by 300 million barbaric Arabs and Muslims whose core identity, Islam, is a nasty piece of antisemitic nonsense in a league with Mein Kampf or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

“We Jews too, if not ahistorical Israelis, have a history with these Muslims going back 14 centuries, and it’s not a pretty story. And in our own time as well, these cruel savages have bombed us hundreds of times with their suicide maniacs, homicidal Muslim maniacs for whom murdering Jews is the ultimate in piety, more important than life itself. Exploding yourself in the middle of a crowd of unsuspecting Jewish people in an otherwise peaceful civilian setting is worth it – if you take the lives of as many al-Yahud as you can with you.

“That’s who the enemy is, No. 1. No.2: We don’t take risks because we live on the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea on a strip of land 50 miles/80 kilometers across, that’s it.

“Take risks for peace”? The last person in Israel who should be ready to take risks for peace is the prime minister. His first duty is to protect his people. A parent sends his child to school on a school bus and expects the driver to take no chances when on the road with his charges. He must take no risks. And likewise the prime minister of Israel is charged with the safety of his people surrounded by all these brutes.

“No sir,” I would tell Prince Obama Israel will take no risks for peace whatsoever. Let the other side take risks for peace. We took a big risk in 1994 when we handed over a significant amount of land to the Arabs in Yesha and what we got in return was a series of diabolical bombings that took the lives of almost 2,000 Jews and wounded even more physically, and even more emotionally: the surviving family and friends of the dead, the crippled and the mutilated.

I am sick of these peace processors and their process which is all about kowtowing to these barbarians…

A World Gone Mad (07/04/10)

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July 4, 2010
33:51 Mins
Audio Excerpt (5:21 Mins)
…So sort of continuing in the vein of last Thursday’s webcast rumination on antiJew madness, there may be some connection to the parallel madness loose in the world in the matter of sodomy, which like Roman Catholic celibacy is simply not healthy for society and culture.

I mean, down in the imitation goy university in Beersheva, named for David ben-Gurion, a professor of bioethics was just fired because he told his students that homosexuality was flawed behavior and could be restrained. As he restrains himself from fornication with women he finds attractive because he is married; so this behavior likewise can be contained.

He also said same sex couples raising a child deprive that child of a normal life.

This offended a sodomite in the class who got him fired. And although did not report if the professor believes in the G-d of Israel, it did report that he lives in Kiryat Arba, which of course is in “Occupied Palestine.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I think society, Western society has gone crazy in the matter of sodomy. Just last Monday, the U.S Supreme Court said a university can deny recognition of a Christian student group because it will not admit people who sodomize one another (and other non-Christians), for surely it is as anti-Christian a behavior as it is antiJewish.

In a five-to-four decision in Washington, the U.S. Supreme Court sided against that Christian group because of its rejection of sodomites as members in their group.

I think the world has gone mad.

Last week too, in her confirmation hearings, the post-mitzvot Jewess Elena Kagan, which name reveals her descent from Aaron the High Priest, spoke of a decision she made at Harvard having to do with fair treatment regardless of “sexual orientation.”

“Sexual orientation.” That is an invention in a class with “homophobia,” “Islamophobia,” “transgender,” “Ancient Palestinian.” It is a verbal invention whose purpose is to spread a smoke-screen of fantasy over the truth.

“Sexual orientation”? There is no such thing. This expression was invented by sexual deviants to re-brand their deviation as normal and not deviant.

“Sexual orientation” was invented to preach the moral equivalence of normal sexual behavior between men and women, versus abnormal behavior. To say that so-and-so has a different “sexual orientation” is like saying the anorexic has a different nutritional orientation. Most people like to eat. The anorexic prefers not to. What’s the deal?

Of course with the anorexic her different nutritional orientation will kill her. Homosexual orientation does not necessarily kill on an individual basis, but if enough people in a society commit this perversion, the society will die. This is historical fact. The homosexuality of ancient Greece and Rome was a major factor in the disappearance of those cultures and societies.

A couple of months ago in England, somewhere in Cumbria, a Baptist street preacher spoke against sodomy and a complaint was filed, and he was arrested and jailed for basically hurting the feelings of a sodomite who heard him.

And then there is the “transgender” invention associated with the so-called “sex-change.”

The truth is that no man or woman has ever been turned into the opposite sex. This is a verbal fantasy invention. Men and women are distinguished from one another by possessing one of two types of reproductive, bodily organs: the man’s two-part equipment external to the body and the woman’s internal womb. No man has ever been fitted with a womb; no woman with a working set of male equipment.

And in fact, the professional literature regarding the misnamed “transgender” patient never records the desire of the sick one to either father a child or become pregnant to bear and nurse a child. What these slaves of their fantasies want is to wear the clothes of the other sex and pretend to be the other sex – which has nothing to do with procreation and child-rearing and everything to do with the archaic image in Greek and Roman mythology of the hermaphrodite…

The Daily Barrage (06/24/10)

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June 24, 2010
40:21 Mins
Audio Excerpt (5:46 Mins)
Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 6th day, yud-gimmel, beTammuz, Parashas Balak, tav-shin-ayin, the evening of the 5th day, Thursday, 24 June, 2010, webcasting from the Daily Unholy War against Israel, he who strove with G-d and survived.

In today’s attacks by World-AntiJewry, they came from Gaza on the continent of Asia, dominated once again after all these years, these centuries, these millennia by spiritual descendants of the Philistines whose champion Goliath our David son of Jesse was victorious over, but whose real, genetic descendants today have yet to vanquish.

Israel was also attacked from the port city of Goteborg, Sweden in Scandinavia; also from the continent of North America, specifically at United Nations headquarters in New York City; also from Brussels, Belgium and Strasbourg, France on the continent of Europe.

Not that all the attacks were the same. What stood out was the micro-military act of firing mortars at Jewish villages east of Philistine Gaza; actual weapons that armies use in war. But really a micro-military-like attempt to physically murder Jews, which set it apart from the other attacks. The other barrages from other continents were verbal.

Accusations of crime, of guilt for crime against these very same Neo-Philistines in Gaza and the Neo-Canaanites in antisemitically misnamed in “East Jerusalem.”

That name never ceases to amaze, for its verbal purpose is to set apart, to deny it to Jews. When the Berlin Wall was torn down by Germans in 1989, the Free World wept and laughed and rejoiced for joy that that city divided by not just a wall but a security barrier thrown up by the enemies of freedom, the Commies in Russia and their East German Commie stooges. I remember when it went up around 1960 to keep people oppressed by the evil disciples of the evil Jewish apostate Karl Marx from escaping. And when it was torn down in 1989, the Free World rejoiced.

But after 1967 when Israelis had done the identical thing – tear down a wall that divided their capital city – World AntiJewry did not like that. In a way, 1967 was far more momentous than 1948 when Israel declared independence and fought and won the war, at least up to a cease-fire. Only in 1967 did the heart of the Biblical narrative come into Jewish hands. Judea and Samaria, and above all Jerusalem. Not since before the birth of Christianity had Jews been sovereign in Jerusalem, meaning over the heart of Jerusalem, the only reason for its existence: the Temple Mount.

It is illuminating that Jerusalem, this most contested piece of real estate on our planet that commands no natural resources; sits astride no vital artery of international commerce and business is so important; while its value has never been anything but in the realm of ideas, religious ideas. The heart of Jerusalem is the Temple Mount, site of the Binding of Isaac 3,687 years ago, when the seed of today’s Jewish people was just a nuclear family. And it is no coincidence that that story of the binding of Isaac was stolen and renamed and called Islam, when Ibrahim allegedly bound his son Isma’il at the Kaaba in Mecca.

And that is why the marauding first Muslims built over that site their Golden Dome of the Rock which Muhammed had allegedly mounted before he allegedly leapt to heaven to meet all the prophets who preceded him, before returning to earth the same night to lead his Arabs to Islam, a word meaning “submission” – a word for slaves – submission to Allah.

Jerusalem is the heart of the matter, and today out of UN headquarters in New York City this Korean guy, from the far, Far East speaking in the same of all the nations of Planet Earth accused Israel of planning to illegally destroy Ancient Palestinian dwellings in “East Jerusalem,” by which he and the whole world really mean the Temple Mount above all. Ban Ki-Moon, secretary of the world’s goyim said, “The planned moves are contrary to international law and to the wishes of the Palestinian residents.”

So, he basically called us criminals. Criminals who break the law, in this case international law which supports, he says, “the wishes of the Palestinians.”

Most Ran Away (05/27/10)

Internet Radio

May 27, 2010
41:19 Mins
Audio Excerpt (4:13 Mins)
…In other words, Israel is not wholly pure in this matter. Some 5% seem to have been driven from their homes in the Ramleh-Lod area for military necessity, with the young Communist-educated IDF officer Yitzhak Rabin in charge of that expulsion.

But, really, like 95% ran away in part because there were good reasons to do that. So many of them who fled were migrant laborers living in shanty shacks who owned nothing. And it was no big deal to leave behind one’s worldly possessions for what they assumed to be for a few days.

Most of these migrant workers had come from all over Araby. From Morocco to Yemen to Iraq and were illiterate, unskilled manual laborers who had no permanent homes and possessions in Mandatory Palestine.

But then there were other Arabs who did run away and did have homes and possessions; the crème de la crème really. Like Edward Said’s uncle who lived in Jerusalem in the Arab Christian neighborhood of Talbieh next to Jewish Rehavia, an Arab neighborhood for Christians, mostly Lebanese like the Saids, which neighborhood would not have existed without the Zionists first creating Rehavia. These far more sophisticated Arabs – especially those living in Haifa, because they had come recently from Lebanon to get in on the development of the Zionists – still had family in Beirut. And so it was not much of an ordeal when the war began to throw some clothes into a suitcase and drive the family car – an indication of their greater wealth – over the border into Lebanon to spend some time with family as the Arab armies overran developed Palestine and took it away from the Jews. What shameless thieves these Arabs are.

Yes, the first wave of 100,000 Arabs left Palestine even before the war began, following the U.N. General Assembly Resolution 181 of 2 November, 1947 which called for – finally – creating a Jewish state on 12% of the original promise to the Jews.

(The Merchant of Venice, come to think of it, is also about doing business with a Jew and breaking one’s promise to him.)

So the first exodus from Palestine, after word came from New York in early November of ‘47, were these 100,000 richest and most sophisticated Arabs: the lawyers, doctors, pharmacists, successful merchants, Edward Said’s people, who simply picked up and left because they did not want to fight for Palestine – which made Edward Said’s career all the more, in my eyes, contemptibly disgusting.

In a way, the career indignation about the alleged theft of Palestine by us racist Jews was really for Said a masquerade meant to cover the truth that his people did not fight for Palestine. They were cowards.

And this goes for all of them. Mahmoud Abbas as well is on record remembering his flight from Tsfat as a young teenager, when teenage Jewish boys were helping with the war effort. Arafat as well was living in Gaza at the time when he fled to Cairo even before the IDF showed up.

So these first 100,000 Arab refugees were not driven from their homes. And the bulk of the rest weren’t either.

Yet this is the fairy tale of Jewish evil that is in the head, at this very moment, of hundreds of antiJews on nine small vessels having, I am sure, this evening a wonderful time partying aboard ship as they cruise toward Gaza to act out the fairy tale of Jews starving the Ancient Ones to death after having in 1948 stolen their country from them…

Theater of the Absurd (05/04/10)

Internet Radio

May 4, 2010
38:58 Mins
Audio Excerpt (7:25 Mins)
…But to return to an earlier idea that there is a through-line between the collapse of the capitalist system, the victory of sodomy and the corruption of the peace process as a railroad process meant to railroad Israel to its death, G-d forbid. It is no coincidence, I think, that in the same year of 1969 two years after the Jewish people returned to rule in Jerusalem and Judea as they had not since before the Roman occupation a half-century before the rise of Christianity, the denizens in the West of the Sodoms and Gomorrahs emerged from their haunts to demand the re-branding of their behavior from an abomination into a blessed behavior; and at the same time the emergence on the stage of history and international diplomacy of the heretofore unnoticed Ancient Palestinian nation as a party to the Arab-Israeli violence separate from “the Arabs.”

As for the Sodomites, “Gay Liberation” it was called, and “Palestinian national liberation both emerged within weeks of each other, the former before man landed on the moon that year and the latter afterwards, but still in the same satanic year when the Rolling Stones sang of their sympathy for the devil and a member of the audience one evening in a Stones concert was stabbed to death.

This was the age as well of the feminists who burst upon the scene in 1966, not coincidently when the birth control pill and other devices became publicly available. Until then, society had scorned sodomites as hedonists for whom sexual pleasure had nothing to do with procreation, the creating other human beings, the next generation. After 1966, when sexually more normal people adopted the revolution in birth control, the gays laughed in the face of proper society by pointing out that now “We are all equal.” If “straights” could separate the unique pleasure of sexuality, why not Sodomites?

And this led to the opening of the flood gates of appetite for all kinds of desires, including making mountains of dollars one would never spend and not be above killing the goose that laid the golden egg of the capitalist system to do that, by wrecking the banking and financial system, milking it to death.
The 1960s was a time when conventional morality collapsed in a variety of ways. Sex, money, and the Arab-Israeli conflict which was turned on its head and transformed into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in which the Jews became once again the villains.

As we have been in every generation for millennia…

Israel’s Sin in Gaza (06/17/10)

Internet Radio

June 17, 2010
39:14 Mins
Audio Excerpt (4:05 Mins)
Program Link: If Israel goes down, we all go down
…There is an aspect of craven dhimmitude in this whole sorry episode of all these goy leaders in the West telling Bibi he has to ease up on the victims of the IDF last year. “Let them re-build the homes you Jews destroyed.”

And I say, no, because they don’t deserve to have their homes rebuilt. If they are living now among the ruins, tough. They deserve it. These people, this collective as a collective is as hateful of Jews as European Nazis were. And if they don’t like living in the ruins, they should not have applauded when their rocket-launcher boys fired all those thousands of rockets into Jewish apartments in Sderot and homes in the kibbutzim. Off the top of my head, like that poor fellow in Nir Am who created a popular Indian food restaurant which one day took a direct Qassam hit and was completely obliterated. And he never rebuilt.

The nerve, the chutzpa of these Arabs to whine about the rain of armaments the IDF let loose last year. All Israel was doing was returning some of the projectiles launched at us over eight years.

But don’t expect Baroness Catherine and Tony Blair to demand of the Hamas that they pay for the damage they did to us. We have to allow them to rebuild.

Why does Israel have to allow the enemy to rebuild? The enemy is suffering? The enemy brought it on himself.

By the first week in May of 1945, Germany was a landscape of rubble, ruined, bombed out cities and railroads and factories, and there was likely not one journalist in the West who wrote one column weeping over the surviving Germans living in the ruins.

Israel’s problem, Israel’s sin from Day One has been the opposite of the slander of the AntiJews. Israel’s sin has not been its cruelty to the Ancient Ones in Gaza but its mercy.

Israel has every right now to start bombing tomorrow and continue bombing until Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas surrenders, as surely as the German high command surrendered after that Archdevil Hitler killed himself.

The Washington Post today cited Sari Bashi, an Israeli, head of the pro-enemy Israeli NGO called Gisha, which means “approach” or “coming together.” She advocates an end to the blockade and she said, “The restrictions on goods into and out of Gaza was instituted not for security reasons, but rather as part of a declared policy to restrict the movement of people and goods as a means of applying pressure on the Hamas regime.”

She protested this and I ask, “Why?” Hers is an accusation, when there is nothing more normal than this age-old behavior. It is part of siege warfare. What’s the problem, Sari?

She went on kvetching, though I imagine an Israeli like her just hates the sound of Yiddish. She said, “The express purpose of this policy is to block all economic activity in Gaza.”

Of course. What’s the problem?

You know, there have been over the last year numerous items in the news about Europeans either already in clandestine talks with Hamas or gearing up for that soon, and that is what this Israel-bashing is all about. Tony Blair, Baroness Ashton, the Norwegians and the Swedes and the Irish antisemites are nothing these days if not backers of the people in Gaza who brought Hamas to power.

Sixty-five years after Hitler committed suicide, they have come to side with this generation’s Nazi-like Jew-haters and Jew-killers…

Arab Word Games (06/10/10)

Internet Radio

June 10, 2010
37:57 Mins
Audio Excerpt (6:57 Mins)
…Yesterday the AP reported that Pres. Obama said to his visitor Mahmoud Abbas, whose murder gang nickname is Abu Mazen, that the PA has to “make more progress on incitement issues.” This was the President of the United States lying because his statement posits/implies that some progress has been made when it has not.

To which pseudo-demand, the AP said, Abbas replied, “I say in front of you, Mr. President, that we have nothing to do with incitement against Israel. And we’re not doing that. What we care about is to live in coexistence with Israel in order to bring about the independent Palestinian state that will live side by side with Israel.”

That’s three sentences and three lies. He says, “We have nothing to do with incitement,” number one. He repeated that; that’s two. And then said he wants to “live side by side with Israel.”

These Arabs are chronic, 24/7 liars. They go through their days dissembling, telling people what they want to hear.

This information, by the way, comes from PMW which issued its latest report just the other day on the chronic incitement in the PA media which the chairman of the PA does nothing out, the very same Dr. Abbas. It’s the same-old, same-old Jew-bashing.

When this antisemitic murderer Abbas told Charlie Rose yesterday that his people must have East Jerusalem, this liar was thinking of all of Jerusalem, namely, the old walled city in its entirety, which includes the Temple Mount in its entirety; which includes the Western Wall which was originally just a civil engineer’s retaining wall, because that’s the way it used to be, with the Muslims in control, before Zionism; and certainly before 1967.

The current arrangement in which Israel decides which Muslims may or may not ascend to Haram a-Sharif on Fridays to visit the Dome of the Rock Shrine and pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, that has got to go, according to Mahmoud Abbas. All of this land must return to full Muslim sovereign control. The Western Wall too.

This is the word game this murderer of Jews is playing when he asks just for East Jerusalem, making no claim to West Jerusalem, meaning the Zionist additions.

I think there is a consensus among Jews today, even willy-nilly among the non-comatose leftists, that the Oslo process obviously did not succeed. Its architects were hoping to realize the stated Arab goal of the Jews running from all the spoils of 1967 but this process failed, big time.

And so a reasonable person might contemplate starting over; returning to Space One, the status quo ante before Oslo because it failed big time.

A reasonable person might suggest returning to the way things used to be before Israel took this wrong turn, made a hard left turn in 1993 and got all bloodied and is still suffering the consequences of having made that wrong left turn.

And one way of returning, retreating from the wrong-headedness of Oslo might be revoking the tolerance/clemency afforded men like Dr. Abbas. An essential promise made by Israel in 1993 was that once PLO leaders had come into the country, Israel would not pursue them for their previous activities, such as their hundreds of murder attempts a/k/a terrorist atrocities. The slate would be wiped clean.

This was basic to the Oslo process. Without Israel’s signed commitment to write off these Arab atrocities, there could be no Oslo process.

So I suggest, let’s start all over and return to judging Mahmoud Abbas as good, post-Holocaust, Zionist Jews and Israelis used to judge him: as an evil murderer with whom you don’t break bread. You try to kill him.

For yours truly, nothing about Israel has been more immoral than wiping the slate clean for these people. Uncle Shimon and his partner the Communist-raised Yitzhak Rabin and their scientist colleague Dr. Beilin had no right to cleanse these evil people of their heinous, satanic murders of Jews; these murders that were every bit as reprehensible as any murder of Jews in every generation.

Nothing in Oslo to me was more revolting than that photograph of Shimon Peres kissing Arafat on the cheek.

This was the 49th no, the 50th level of tuma/of impurity.

And I’ve always held the belief that it is false for people to think that it is not enough to be right, one also has to be smart, as if there is a contradiction. On the contrary, the right thing to do is the smart thing to do; it is also the moral thing to do.

There is no clash there. In other words, dealing with Fatah and his sidekick Abbas is not only immoral; it is profoundly stupid because such low lifes simply cannot be trusted. What is the point of making a deal with such monstrous men when constitutionally they are wholly untrustworthy? Murderers are not likely to be the type of people who keep their word.

What is the point of negotiating with these cold-blood killers if the only thing trustworthy about them is their chronic untrustworthiness?

Words. They don’t keep their words. They don’t mean what they say…

Obama the Wicked and His Plan (05/20/10)

Internet Radio

May 20, 2010
38:28 Mins
Audio Excerpt (4:48 Mins)
…in Hezbollah, there are moderates. And it is America’s job to build them up.”

No, John. That’s not America’s job. I’ll tell you what America’s job is: it is to kill Hezbollah, destroy it. It was Hezbollahi suicide freaks, basically agents of the same crowd that overran the U.S. embassy in Iran in 1979, who in Beirut four years later in April 1983 blew up the U.S. embassy and killed 60 people inside, including – John Brennan, if you are listening, you moron – the whole CIA station; wiped out.

And then more Hezbollahi six months later in October 1983 killed 241 U.S. military personnel, most of them U.S Marines, in that same chaotic, rotten Arab country.

John Brennan is typical of too many CIA and State Department Gentiles who get posted to the Arab Middle East and often have an eye, while still in service, on their retirement when they can look forward to making big bucks negotiating deals for American and other investors with acquaintances they made while working in these oil countries.

What Obama and his Jewish clown sidekick Rahm Emanuel and James Jones and John Brennan and Zbigniew Brzezinski are doing is forfeiting America’s right to protect its own interests which cannot possibly include a nuclear Ian.

Since when did U.S. foreign policy and the decision to go to war slip from the hands of America’s democratically-elected officials in the government and fall into the hands of the U.N. Security Council?

Was there an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that passed when I wasn’t paying attention that awarded the decision to go to war basically to the Russians and the Chinese and the French and Brits and the rest of the nations of the world – except for Israel, of course, which is kept out of this exclusive club? You know, the U.N. which denies Israel the right to be included in the Security Council, uniquely so, is the same organization that has voted on literally thousands of resolutions to smear Israel for its exclusivist, racist exclusion of the Ancient Ones and for its outrageous owning and governing of historic Palestine of the “Palestinians.”

On one of the conservative websites, Fouad Adjami, one of the last of the sober south Lebanon Shiites, at Johns Hopkins, says there are only two people in the world who can stop the Iranians from going nuclear and they are Obama and Netanyahu; and Obama is not going to do it.

How true. This wicked disciple of Wright and Farrakhan is doing nothing serious to prevent the Iranians from going nuclear; and he will do this by supporting this timid resolution at the U.N. while smiling at gullible, dejudaized American Jewish politicos. And at Elie Weisel.

What should be done is for the United States of America to re-take control of its own foreign policy and project its power at Iran by declaring war on that country. The U.S. Constitution does provide for that.

And there is no shortage of legitimate justifications for declaring war like the aforementioned assault on American sovereign soil at the U.S. Embassy in Iran. Invading it in 1979 was legally identical to invading New York City or Boston or L.A.

Blowing up the embassy in Beirut was the equivalent of blowing up the State Department.

Iran has killed other U.S. military personnel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and aboard the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen.

The U.S. should declare war and give the Iranians an ultimatum: 72 hours to start dismantling their nuclear enterprise or America is going to bomb not only the installations themselves but power plants all over Iran; bomb the parliament, bomb whatever it takes to make the Iranians surrender and agree to American terms which should include an end to Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

All this turning to the U.N. is a symptom of the decline of the West before the rising power of a renascent Muslim caliphate…

AntiJew Hysteria (06/08/10)

Internet Radio

June 8, 2010
38:32 Mins
Audio Excerpt (3:05 Mins)
…For sure these days, as Der Spiegel reported today on line, the whole world is furious with Israel for last week’s boarding of an enemy supply ship and having to kill as we now know, religious fanatics who had been praying we would martyr them, and they forced us to do that. After which the man behind the operation, Erdogan of Turkey the fanatic has gotten to pontificate all week long to the world this was a “crime against humanity,” a term/a phase, if memory serves, first used at the Nurnburg war trials against the captured Nazis.

Like Holocaust Deniers who constitutionally simply cannot tolerate conceiving of Jews as innocent victims of irrational, unjust baseless aggression, because they are creatures of evil incarnate, so Erdogan and Ahmadinejad. The latter must deny the Holocaust because he just can’t deal with it, while the former can accept the historical truth of the Holocaust but then he must paint the Jew as Nazi-like himself in order to diminish the moral impact of the meaning of the Holocaust. Haters like Erdogan can accept the historicity of the Holocaust but then must go on to see the Jews on a moral level today equal to Nazis, which mitigates their claim on the conscience of the world. What’s going on these days is nothing less than an hysterical wave of antisemitism the likes of which we have not seen since before the Holocaust. A Nazi-like hatred of Jews in the 1930s which was not confined to Germany or Austria. Make no mistake; it was all over Europe, as today’s Israel-bashing is likewise a global phenomenon.

It is simply a kind of mass hysteria, this international demand that the Jews be put on trial by an international court for their inhuman murder of nine innocent peace activists.

There is a craziness here, which the government of Israel, I believe, is mishandling to the extent it is unaware – is even in denial – as to the crazy antisemitism propelling this heating up of the atmosphere, this hysteria that the Arabs in Gaza are any poorer than they ever were.

Israel denies them building materials for experience has shown that they would not be used to re-build homes and hospitals but be stolen by Hamas and used for their operations of death against us Jews.

I don’t think Bibi and his defense minister, prince of the communes Barak fully understand what is being done to Israel these days. What was done to Jews throughout the Middle Ages. Accused of demonic crimes, tested in rigged trials. Tortured. Executed.

In Jerusalem, they’re just not thinking Jewish enough to my satisfaction…

Proof! We are the Chosen People (05/06/10)

Internet Radio

May 6, 2010
39:17 Mins
Audio Excerpt (10:03 Mins)
Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 6th day, kaf-gimmel be-Iyyar, Parashas BeHar, tav-shin-ayin, the evening of the 5th day, Thursday, 6 May, 2010, webcasting from the home of the Chosen People chosen by mankind as the Scapegoat People.

Interesting word “scapegoat,” invented, if memory serves, by William Tyndale, who was put to death for translating the Christian bible into English so that people could understand it. What a difference between Christendom and Jewishness until the age of Tyndale and subsequent translators. In the Catholic Church, the Latin Vulgate Bible was forbidden most believers because they couldn’t read Latin.

Versus Yiddishkeit which demands not only that our rabbis but all Jewish men read and study all the holy texts. The Jewish rabbinate has no monopoly on what’s written in the Bible and Talmud. And because of that rabbis, when they cite a passage to make a point, if it is inaccurate and/or poorly argued, his listeners will not hesitate to tell him and challenge him.

Versus the Reform rabbis I knew in my youth who were never asked questions because there were no texts, so whatever the rabbi said was unchallengeable. Reform Jews simply do not read let alone live by what’s in the holy books.

But I digress. Roman Catholicism was in a way akin to the Druze religion which is known fully only to their priests; the laity is in the dark. And as part of the evolution of history leading up to the Protestant Reformation was the translating of the Latin Bible into a language Catholics could understand. It was a capital offense to do that, though, which is why Tyndale lost his life.

And when it came to the passage we just read on Shabbat the other day concerning the two goats sacrificed on Yom Kippur by the High Priest in the Temple in Jerusalem on land now in the hands of Ishmaelites who hold it captive as surely as their brethren in Gaza are holding poor Gilad Shalit, William Tyndale in 14th century England translated the term se’ir laazazel, the goat spiritually laden with all the sins of the community chosen to be sent into the desert away from the community to be pushed off a cliff and killed… Tyndale came up with the word in English, he made it up, “scapegoat.”

Later on in history when Israel sank in sinful failure, and the nation of Greece arose, the Greeks too, descendants of Esav, had yearly rituals of expelling from the community a goat who carried the evil spirits. In Biblical Hebrew goat is se’ir and in Greek it’s tragos, whence cometh the word “tragedy.” Today, “tragedy” is misused to stand for misfortune or sad occurrence or accident; originally it was connected to this ritual of expelling bad feelings.

And over time the religious rituals of early Greece led to the composing of poems and stories and dramas which were acted out as part of the ritual. And these early dithyrambs evolved into the theater of Greek tragedy, which commonly concerns man and fate/divinity in conflict.

Aristotle the great theorist of art defined tragedy as a story leading to, in the audience, the purging or expelling of the emotions of pity and fear.

So Tyndale gave the English language the word “scapegoat,” which is directly rooted in the Torah miSinai. It comes as a concept from the Jews, and historically the Jews have been mankind’s scapegoat people who are laden with the community’s – in this case, the international community’s – worst sins. Leastwise it is one way to understand the current moment in the news in which we in Israel are being bashed from all sides…

Alma DiShikra/World of Lies

Internet Radio

October 7, 2010
36:40 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:22 Mins)
…First the two top stories in Israel today, seemingly separate yet very much linked. Last webcast on Tuesday, I reported that although Prime Minister Netanyahu convened his seven top ministers to talk about the latest Obamanation of a demand that we Jews continue to throttle our own growth in the Promised Land by extending the freeze on building but in the end they didn’t discuss the topic at all, and today in Yediot one of their ranking political reporters Shimon Shiffer explained why. Apparently, Bibi had sent a reply to Sultan Obama’s offer of some goodies for continuing to keep young Jewish couples marooned in leaky caravans and not allow them to start building homes that they have been paying mortgages on for ten months now. But Barack Hussein had yet to reply to Bibi’s reply which contained his own request for other goodies, in particular a commitment from this bum Obama to sign off/agree to Pres. Bush 43’s letter of April, 2004 to then prime minister Sharon. Obama, you may remember, since he came to power, has refused to do that because W’s promises are game-stoppers for Obama’s beloved Muslim Palestinian victims of Zionism…

Krauthammer Misreads

Internet Radio

October 5, 2010
37:19 Mins
Audio Excerpt (3:42 Mins)
Palestinians and Israelis
…Well, for my money if Jews did this, it is just more stupidity for it accomplishes nothing positive and could trigger the Arab response of, G-d forbid, vandalizing a synagogue and burning Torah scrolls. If Jews did this it is also shameful for it is the kind of stupid and primitive behavior Arabs are given to. And its Halacha that we don’t imitate goyim and in the most benign of ways. For example, one reason we don’t adorn synagogues with flowers is because other people in their religions adorn their houses of worship with them. One must never imitate what these barbaric Arabs do, these so-called Balestinians, whom George Gilder has called Nazis.

Still, the blockhead Barak was characteristically way out of line in calling the perpetrators “terrorists.” Hardly. Terrorists cause terror, hysterical fear, and this act of vandalism scared no one. Barak, remember, at the height of the Oslo madness was also a left-wing peacock preening his moral equivalence when he said that if he were a “Palestinian,” he would be a terrorist too. So what is this criticism of terrorism all about? There is a contradiction here.

He was also out of line in assuming Jews did this when the Arabs are perfectly capable, as in the alleged killing of the boy Mohammad ad-Dura, of staging such a deception to smear.

And no less in the realm of unacceptable, witless, even brainless behavior was that of Rabbi Shlomo Riskin of Efrat and Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein of Yeshivat Etzion who not only paid a kind of condolence call on the mosque, they came bearing replacement copies of the burnt Qur’ans.

I find this is just intolerable. It’s a fair bet that both of these learned rabbis have spent no time reading the Qur’an and discovering why Geert Wilders this very week is on trial in Holland for, inter alia, wanting to see the Qur’an banned like Mein Kampf.

The Qur’an is an abomination of a book, at the root of all the evil Muslims are wreaking in the world these days. It is an antisemitic book which no rabbi should ever be replacing. It is one thing to reject the behavior of such crude vandalism and quite another to replace these texts. If the target of these vandals had been a clubhouse of Nazis in which copies of Mein Kampf had been burnt, you just know these two otherwise estimable rabbis wouldn’t even think of replacing the damaged books with new ones….

Obama: Low-life

Internet Radio

October 3, 2010
42:41 Mins
Audio Excerpt (2:34 Mins)
…To which the interviewer asked, “And the moment you say this to a journalist, he sees in you a political propagandist?”

Seaman: “A few years ago, they were ready to accept this logic, but today, after Israel has surrendered its honor and its principles and has not stood firm on its agreements with the Palestinians, it comes across as one who trips himself up by agreeing with the claims against him…”

Indeed. This is more or less what yours truly never stops kvetching about: Israel never rejects, refutes, demolishes, mocks the outrageous claims of the other side. All these Israelis do is dismiss as futile, in a post-modernist sense, arguing against what the other side says or believes. Instead, Israel just pleads for a deal, a compromise, a sharing of the Land. Idiots like Peres and Rabin never pooh-poohed the ahistorical, mendacious “Palestinian” narrative which has no more validity than the 9-11 narrative of Ahmadinejad. On the contrary, they have accepted it because it is accepted by the world.

What fools these post-Jewish Israelis be. They have from Day One, along with the Jewishly ignorant Herzl and the crank theorists of the socialist Left, seen in antisemitism a material problem solvable with material solutions, when hostility to Zionism has always been the same spiritual hostility to the Jewish people throughout the ages.

These despiritualized Israelis don’t appreciate what a threat Zionism is to Christendom and Islam; to Christianity and Islam as the groundwork of meaning in life for billions of people.

The return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and our resurrection of this desolation has been one of the turning points, great revolutions in the history of the human race, as portentous as the creation of Judaism itself, Christianity itself and Islam in the first place.

All these Israelis want to do is cut a deal – which Obama’s current offer in a way make a mockery of…