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Syria Threatens?

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…Speaking before of the obstacle to peace here that is Islam, how peace is impossible until Islam undergoes basically the equivalent of a Protestant Reformation and a Catholic Vatican II, Reuters reported today from Budapest on a press conference held today by Lady Macbeth, the abyss of ambition that is Lady Hillary Clinton, in which she said that the United States will resume limited contacts with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, saying it was in Washington’s interests to deal with parties committed to non-violent politics. According to Reuters, “while Clinton portrayed the administration’s decision as a continuation of an earlier policy, it reflects a subtle shift in that U.S. officials will be able to deal directly with officials of the Islamist movement who are not members of parliament.”

This is no subtle shift and it is not a resumption of anything. I think Lady Hillary was lying. It is not the continuation of earlier policy. In the world of back channel diplomacy, talks took place; and back channel diplomacy has its place but the Brotherhood has never been publicly recognized as a worthy actor. Reuters said, “The move is likely to upset Israel and its U.S. supporters who have deep misgivings about the Brotherhood, a group founded in 1928 that seeks to promote its conservative vision of Islam in society.”

This is very wrong. The Brotherhood was not founded to promote its conservative vision of Islam but to wage war against modernizing nationalists and democrats, a movement fostered at the time in 1928 by the new Turkish republic under Ataturk who had shamelessly opted for adopting the better of features of Judeo-Christian civilization which include the separation of priesthood from politicians in power and respect for women and the promotion of national identity, which is a group identity, apart from Islam. The founders of the Brotherhood did not like the competition.

What was also obnoxious in Hillary’s statement was this. She said, “We believe, given the changing political landscape in Egypt that it is in the interests of the United States to engage with all parties that are peaceful, and committed to non-violence, that intend to compete for the parliament and the presidency.”

Someone should remind Hillary Clinton that Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood; that it has been funded by them and other lunatic Muslims. Hamas has been responsible for hundreds of suicide bombers here and thousands of rockets fired at random into Jewish communities like Sderot.

Hillary is another mover and shaker like Ronald Lauder who come to positions of power by means others than knowledge and wisdom born of experience with the Muslims.

She’s another one who doesn’t get it as she faithfully, because she is a slave of her ambition like Lady Macbeth, executes the wishes of the Islam-loving Jew-hater in the White House…

Enemies Foreign and Domestic

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…Lastly, in this evening’s litany of attacks from all sides, it seems now the Danes will not allow Israeli airlines to control their own security procedures which have been in place for a Biblical generation thanks to the savage massacres at airports and on airplanes perpetrated by Arabs. says airline people here are worried about this spreading all over Europe. And they may be as fearful as others that the anti-kosher slaughter campaign will also blanket Europe.

Again, though, the upside is how obsessed the goyim are with us. The goyim, a word which is the origin of the Latinate English word gentiles. I just did some research into the etymology of the word gentile. And it comes from the Latin for “people,” as in the French gens or the Spanish word gente.

In words, the word Gentiles is functionally a direct translation of the Hebrew for “peoples,” a/k/a nations. Gentiles is a good translation for goyim.

Okay that is it for this Tuesday and maybe by Thursday, G-d willing, we’ll have some more information on the flotilla, which is Latin for “floating goyim” – just kidding.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael

Gilad’s 5th Year

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…Speaking before of inner images of an ignoramus like Alice Walker motivated not by intelligence but a need to Jew-bash, JPost’s Johnny Paul in London today reported on a mini-scandal with the Board of Deputies of British Jews who a couple of years ago allowed some under 35 year-old observers in their meetings, and it turns out that one of them has been a full-blown Noam Chomsky-type antiJewess, a graduate student at Oxford University named Rebecca Steinfeld who last week published an opinion piece in the anti-Guardian in which she opined, apparently in tune with the viciousness underway out in San Francisco, “If we oppose female genital mutilation, has the time not come for us also to oppose male genital mutilation?” Namely, the classical Jewish circumcision of infant boys after eight days.

It turns out, and this is where the Board of Deputies was astonishingly lax in vetting her, she is student of Avi Shlaim – oh boy – her doctoral thesis advisor. For those who don’t know him, Shlaim is a professor at Oxford, an Israeli, the son of an Iraqi father – I don’t know about his mother – who writes on the Arab-Israeli conflict as Noam Chomsky does; as Normal Finkelstein does who, by the way, is a protégé of Chomsky, whose parents were friends of Chomsky. Avi Shlaim is as demented about Israel as Chomsky, and now it seems his protégé Rebecca Steinfeld is a female Norman Finkelstein. I mean, only a profoundly ignorant Jewess could see in circumcision “genital mutilation.”

Judaism/Jewishness begins with Avraham and the covenant between him and HaShem that is concretized in this act which, inter alia, sends the message that a Jew’s covenant with HaShem is right there in his reproductive organs which connects sexuality to the idea of the holy. Before Jewishness, there was no such idea as “holy matrimony.” For all those people that preceded the Jews, especially the ill-fated for extinction Greeks and Romans, sex was for them what Hugh Hefner thinks of it: pleasure divorced by parenthood, from creating human life and educating children to be responsible adults, moral actors restrained in their behaviors.

There is a connection between the Age of Hugh Hefner and the abomination in New York State last week blessing the sodomy that did in Greece and Rome…

Christianity vs Islam and the Jews

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Program Link: PA Antisemitism: Judaism is “distorted” and Jews have “evil nature”

…In that same Herb Keinon lead story having to do with the international consensus that the vision of Emir Barack Hussein of peace between the sons of Israel and the sons of Ishmael is the right vision; talks must restart from the 1967 borders with “mutually agreed land swaps.”

Let’s look at that for a moment. I think that is a nifty, Orwellian abomination. “Mutually agreed land swaps” refers to forcing Israel to pay for whatever land it captured in self-defense in 1967; pay beyond the blood shed then and the money spent then. Israel has to pay for land it keeps acre for acre in the coin of land Israel owned before 1967.

In other words, “mutually agreed land swaps” means that after the results of the 1967 fighting will be re-done. Instead of Israel keeping the spoils of its victory, it must return the spoils, and pay for any lands it does keep. The results of 1967 fighting will be nullified. Israel’s victory will be canceled and the land it took from the aggressors will return to the aggressors only now fixed up big time with improvements in infrastructure the Jews paid for in the billions.

If only our leaders could see that 97.5% of the hostility to the State of Israel is nothing but old-fashioned Jew-hatred in disguise…

Jewish vs. Israeli ID

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…Now some might object to my earlier suggestion that there even is such a thing as authentic Judaism, versus the right of anyone to define Judaism as they see fit. To define, which is a verb that literally means to put limits or boundaries around something.

But let us look at the problem another way. Yours truly can be called an expert on Reform Judaism, and I can confidently say that Reform Jews do not honor the Fourth Commandment to keep the Sabbath, which word derives from the simple Hebrew verb “to sit.”

Like Buddhists who do Zazen/Zen sitting, so the word Sabbath on the page is the triliteral verbal root “to sit.” Meaning, stop. Stop pursuing your material quests for these 25 hours; stop creating, stop changing world and take the time to contemplate the world and its Creator of the world. But Reform Jews don‘t do that; they dishonor the Sabbath.

In their schools where they instruct future Reform rabbis, they teach the antiJew Higher Criticism (as it is called) invented in the 19th century by antisemitic German scholars, contemporaries of Karl Marx. The Reform teach there was no Moses who wrote down the words of G-d in the Five Books. They claim there were multiple versions of these stories and after the great exile to Babylon the rabbis edited them all together and basically hoodwinked gullible Jews into thinking there was one man named Moses who wrote them.

Reform Jews keep Torah scrolls in their Temples but of course every one of them was written by an Orthodox Jew, because there is no such thing as a Reform sofer stam / Reform scribe.

They circumcise their sons but the mohalim are always Orthodox because there are no Reform circumcisers.

A group of Jews that does not keep the Sabbath, does not write Torah scrolls and does not produce mohalim is a group of Jews destined for oblivion. And that is exactly what is happening to these organizations. Forget all that nonsense about being the “largest stream in Judaism in America.” If so, how are they keeping up with the demand for new rabbis when all they are teaching is each year is a handful of lesbians?

The difference between classical Judaism and Reform Judaism is the difference between high quality silk and polyester.

It is to Reform temples that such as LTF, Little Tommy Friedman of the New York Times, goes on Yom Kippur; he and Martin Indyk. And maybe even who knows the new US National Security Council member Steven Simon, senior director (I love these titles) for the Middle East and Africa who on Monday made his first official call in his new position, if off the record, to the dejudaized big shots in the American Jewish community.

Veteran peace processor Aaron David Miller, devotee of James Baker, was quoted in JPost two days ago praising Steve Simon as “one of the best analysts of the region. He understands the Arabs. He understands the Israelis.”

Sounds like another careerist, professional, fully licensed Jewboy in the State Department who climbs the ladder of success and prestige by parroting the antiJew idiocies in that administration. To Aaron David Miller, “He is one of the smartest guys I know,” but this article also told us that Mr. Simon once published an op-ed in the antiJew New York Times which argued in favor of trying Khalid Sheik Muhammad of 9-11 infamy in a civil court in Manhattan. That is what the antiJew Sultan Barack Hussein wanted, and Eric Holder.

Oh dear. Yet another Jewish antiJew, probably another self-defined Reform Jew, this Steve Simon who now has moved into the highest reaches of the profession of Jewish prostitution in America…

The Israeli Mind: Clueless

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…Yes, the Israeli mind. That was also on display on Friday in JPost report on the Foreign Ministry being upset with an UNRWA for its report on the state of education and school building in Gaza of the Philistines. In mid-May, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education reported that while Gaza needs 100 new schools, Israel has only allowed the building of eight, and the Israeli blockade is at fault. And the Foreign ministry produced a counter-report to repute the charges which include the claim that the overall situation in Gaza has been improving, and Israel has approved over forty educational projects…and so on and so forth in an attempt to demonstrate Israel’s concern for the welfare of the Ancient Ones.

This is Israeli mind once again on parade. What Israel might do is adopt the policy that counters this practice of boasting of its concern for the enemy. By contrast Israel might announce that within two, say, three Israel will sever all ties with the Strip. No more convoys of commodities. No more electricity.

Three years and then no more – which should allow the entire planet that cares so much for these people to organize to take Israel’s place as suppliers of commodities and electricity, etc.

Israel might announce these are Arabs have brethren who are multi-zillionaires and have the wherewithal to support them.

Israel might say that those who see in Gaza an outdoor prison are absolutely right – only it is not Israel that is keeping these people penned up. It is their Arab brethren who refuse to give these people citizenship, especially Egypt, for it was Egypt’s military invasion of the new State of Israel in 1948 which sparked the flight of the original 200,000 in the vicinity along the coast who ran behind Egyptian lines and wound up in the UNRWA camps.

Gaza today is home to 1.4 million people, 70% on UNRWA welfare rolls, and the only reason they are there is their brethren want them there.

Instead, Israel’s Foreign Ministry whines that Israel does too care for the welfare of the people in Gaza.

It is the sickness of the Israeli mind, like that on display in Livni and Peres, obsessed with being loved by the enemy whom Israel must placate if there is to be peace.

What provincials these post-Jews are. In every generation a free people must preserve its freedom against those determined to take it from them. Livni’s fantasy of a world without Arab animosity toward Israel is functionally messianic, actually pseudo-messianic.

When the republic of the United States opened for business in 1789 under the new Constitution, it had three departments only besides the executive. The State Department, headed by Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and like maybe four clerks; a treasury department employing a thousand tax collectors; and a department of war. It was a given that if the new country was to survive, it needed a defense establishment. Independence did not mean peace but an eternal vigil to keep it. And there has been no generation since then without US forces fighting and dying somewhere.

The problem with these Israelis is their adolescent fantasy of a peace in which the Arabians no longer envy us and no longer snarl at us and threaten us. That will come but when is anyone’s guess, and until it does, the road to peace is paradoxically always to be ready for war and to assume and plan for the worst case scenario. Barak, Peres, Livni & Co. are simply fools.

Today Israel began a five-day exercise country-wide in the event we are showered with missiles and hundreds of thousands of Jews lose their homes…

The UN General Assembly

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…So there they were on 22 November, 1974 in the General Assembly, the seventh anniversary of Security Council Resolution 242 in 1967, and what the text of UNGA Res. 3236 did was to trash Res. 242, like Obama, basically pay it no mind. That resolution was written in the wake of those magical six days when Israel crippled the military forces in four Arab states. That resolution dealt with the war between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq with nary a word about any “Balestinians” let alone their need for a state. It was in this period ‘67-‘74, that the Ancient Palestinian people entered history, following the 1959 decision by Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt to create such a nationality out of what the world had called, everyone had called, the Arabs refugees of 1948-49. In historical fact they were hardly a unitary nation; they were a mixed bag of Arabs from all over the Arab countries, migrant workers in Palestine when the war broke out who fled the fighting.

In 1967, the regular Arab armies not only lost again to Israel, they were humiliated far more than in ‘48-‘49. And given the temper of the times world-wide, the lunatic 1960s, the influence of the crazy left, terrorists became heroes. This was the period with jerks like the Baader-Meinhof people in Germany and Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn in the US, terrorists.

In this period the “Palestinians” were simply invented as a way of shielding the Arab states from the intent of Res. 242 which was to get the combatant states to make peace. What inventing the “Palestinians” did was create if not a straw man then an insurmountable obstacle placed between Israel and the Arab states. The “Palestinians” were invented with the claim that all of Palestine and they had to be satisfied, the Arab states said, before they would make peace. They were the principle victims of Zionism.

The Arab aggressor states could then sit back and claim that they would enter into peace talks with Israel only after the Ancient Ones had received satisfaction.

UNGA Res. 3236 “recognized the right of Palestinians to self-determination, independence and sovereignty”; this nation completely absent from Res. 242.

Recognizing the Palestinian people is entitled to self-determination …prevented from enjoying its inalienable rights, in particular its right to self-determination in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations”

What they did was cite the Charter’s language regarding the rights of nations to all kinds of goodies like peace and tranquility and freedom and prosperity, etc.; and they invent a nation called “Palestinians” that the Charter gives rights to because it is a nation; rights to “self-determination, independence and sovereignty.”

In other words, in this UN General Assembly resolution of 1974, the Assembly resolved on ownership and independence for Palestinians. That was a long time ago. Nothing has ever happened in this regard.

The resolution went on to

Reaffirms also the inalienable right of the Palestinians to return to their homes and property and to regain its rights by all means.

I.e. anything goes. Terrorism is kosher.

This resolution was then followed by as second, by UNGA Res. 3237 which

Invites the Palestine Liberation Organization to participate in the sessions and the work of the General Assembly…and the work of all international conferences convened under the auspices of the General Assembly in the capacity of observer.

The PLO was now to become an official participant (if not yet voting) in the United Nations Organization.

A year later in the annual jamboree of chatter and cocktail parties, in 1975, the Assembly passed the infamous “Zionism is racism” resolution.

But for my money, it was the 1974 appearance of Arafat who delivered this Hitlerian rant and the inviting of his murder cult into the UN; that was the year the originally idealistic United Nations Organization died…

Syria for Keeps

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Program Link: Syrian Regime Mouthpiece Dr. Taleb Ibrahim Urges President Al-Assad to Massacre Anti-Regime Protestors

…So yesterday there was more confirmation of material in Sunday’s webcast according to which Prince Barack Hussein has given Israel the task of accepting his and the PLO’s view of things regarding the ’67 lines as the starting point of negotiations. According to Maariv yesterday, Obama has ordered his vassal Benyamin ben Bentzion to comply with his demand within a month. That is when he expects Israel and the Ancient Ones to resume peace talks on this basis.

I think this guy is a compulsive, syndromic (if there is such a word) Jew-basher. I mean, he wasn’t president more than a couple of minutes after he took the oath of office when he was bashing the American Jewish community by belittling its place in America.

And then the next day his first day in office, his first phone call as president in the Oval Office was to the Holocaust-Denying mass murderer Mahmoud Abbas.

And then he called up Bibi with the soles of his shoes in the cameraman’s face; and he gave Bibi the order to build no more anywhere over the ‘49 cease-fire lines; and then at the White House he walked out on him to go have dinner with his wife and kids; and he refused to have his picture taken with him.

And now he is again ordering the prime minister of Israel to accept his decision to trash UN Security Resolution 242 whose language does not support Obama’s demand.

I think there is something compulsive in his antiJew outbursts. I’ve said this before: I see a part of him at one with the soul of Louis Farrakhan the professional, career Jew-basher, without whose vitriol spit at Jews would be nobody, never heard of.

Let us hope that Obama’s desire to be re-elected will keep him in check until the next election.

I didn’t see the first Republican primary debate the other night but the unanimous opinion in the MSM is that Michelle Bachmann walked away with it. Good for her. In her youth she spent some time on a kibbutz and loved it.

I’d vote for here. I’d vote for any of them actually, instead of the occupant of the Oval Office, the Islam-loving villain Prince Barack Hussein Obama…

Covert Antisemitism

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…Yeah, this Barack Hussein Obama guy thinks like an Arab. When he says “the borders of Israel and Palestine must be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps,” he is saying, “If Israel captured x-square miles of land from the Ishmaelites in ’67, Israel must return the identical number of x-square miles, and if the parties agree to swap some of the captured land for other land in Israel’s possession since 1949, they can do that.”

BUT, if Israel took x-thousands of square miles in 1967 away from the Arabs, Israel must return the same number because Israel is not allowed to keep the spoils of war.

That wouldn’t be very nice. The Arabs will not become happy if Israel is allowed to keep the spoils of its victory because every moment the land remains in the hands of al-Yahud, this is a stain on the honor of the Arabs, these holy warriors. Israel must return the same number of square kilometers it took or there will be no peace. It would be wrong for Israel to keep such spoils.

And Israel’s refusal to hand back what it took in its aggression in 1967. only exacerbates the anger and irritation of the world at its stubborn refusal to hand back what it took.

That is why I say the mirror image of that viewpoint is declaring that the truly moral and just solution to this conflict is not sovereignty in the hands of the Fatah terrorists but sovereignty in the hands of the State of Israel.

And Israel has the right to do what it wants with these lands taken in self-defense and the exaction of true justice thereby. The Arabs attacked in 1948 and again in 1967 to steal all the real estate the Jews had developed over a century of land reclamation and making the desert bloom. But they lost in their attempt and must pay punitive damages in the same coin. They came to take our land away from us; as punishment we take land away from them.

As Germany today is smaller than it was before September 1st, 1939 when its army crashed over the border into Poland and ignited World War II, so Syria is smaller than before ‘67; so Jordan is smaller. What’s the big deal?

What is it about Jews that evokes in mankind this double standard?

On Friday in Yediot their veteran political writer Shimon Shiffer wrote up Shimon Peres’ recent meeting at the White House with Prince Barack Hussein before Bibi went to Washington, and in the meeting Shimon evidently told him 1) that Bibi was dead set against the concept of negotiating from the ’67 borders but that he, St. Simon of Oslo the Wise, fellow Nobel prize laureate for peace, in his tete-a-tete with the Muslim Prince of course agreed with him that the Balestinians must receive territory equal in size to the ’67 borders. And if Israel is to keep any lands, i.e. the land under the immovable major communities, Israel must pay for them with territory in the Negev.

You got that? Israel must pay if it keeps any of the spoils of war.

I say this is antisemitism of the kind Israelis like Netanyahu just can’t see…

A Good News Day

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…Well, maybe you on Tuesday in the New York Post item by Abby Wisse Schachter on Yale University cancelling the only program in the country at a university studying antisemitism. It is called the YIISA, the Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism, which was launched just last year with fanfare and praised for bringing together historians and sociologists, students of comparative languages and psychiatry and economics.

Now, though, the program is being terminated, and there is reason to believe Yale has surrendered to the menace of Muslim blackmail, the smearing of Yale as Islamophobic for having such a program.

It seems the fatal flaw in the program was studying antisemitism in the Muslim world. After its inaugural conference, the PLO ambassador – such a title for such a murderous organization – one Maen Rashid Areikat tongue-lashed the dejudaized president of Yale with the Christian first Richard Levin, saying, “It is shocking that a respected institution like Yale would give a platform to these right-wing extremists and their odious views. I urge you to dissociate yourself and Yale University from the anti-Arab extremism and hate-mongering that were on display at this [inaugural] conference.”

He was of course referring to remarks concerning the future investigation of antisemitism in Islamic and Arabian lands. One student with an Arab name at Yale Law School said, “The university cannot preach tolerance and inclusion while simultaneously also providing a haven for bigoted ideas about Muslims and Arabs that form the basis for Islamophobic sentiment in this country.”

What we have here is a cousin of Arab Holocaust Denial: this is Arab denial that Islam is an antisemitic doctrine and the history of Jews in Islam has been a record of abuse and humiliation and persecution on a par with the miserable record of Jews in in European Christendom.

And anyone who suggests that Muslim antisemitism is a phenomenon worthy of study is a bigoted, irrational Islamophobe.

What a tragedy for America and what a symptom of its decline that there are such primitives in its best universities; that these universities hand out PhDs to such as Edward Said and Hanan Ashrawi and Rashid Khalidi.

The great dirty secret of the Arab war against Israel is that “Palestinian Nationalism” has been nothing but a concoction of lies and myths intended to cover up the truth that the Arabs have never struggled to create a Balestinian state but destroy the world’s only Jewish state…

Bring on the B-52s (04/07/11)

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…The good news out of the Gaza, out of the violence there today was of the Iron Dome system performing successfully, whatever that means. For sure, since it is a first generation weapon it has to be less than the perfect. But it will improve.

The bad news, though, was the results of a poll taken among the barbarians by Hebrew University and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research which found that roughly a third, 32% of them applaud the massacre at Itamar of the Fogel family. This is a news story Bibi might also insert into a live, world-wide press conference and tell the world that with a percentage like that, peace with these individuals is impossible.

Maybe if 3%/4% felt this way – numbers statisticians call “statistically insignificant” – one could agree that finally these Arabs have come around to living with us in peace.

I remember in 1994 when they first brought the PLO, thinking then, rather when the massacres began: if these massacre artists represent only a statistically insignificant number of Arabians, maybe Shimon Peres is right. He called murders the “victims of peace,” and if they were statistically insignificant, perhaps it was worth it.

But there never has been even one day in the history of the Zionist movement when such a huge number of these Arabs did not support such evil as was done at Itamar.

The other day the great Mordechai Kedar on the Web wrote of how throat-slitting is a kind of almost spectator sport. Rather, it is a religious activity and is basic to the education of all Muslims who as children on holy days get to watch as their father slits the throat of a sheep. They see it every holiday; see how it is done. And that is what was done to the Fogel family: they were sacrificed like sheep to the pagan religious life of these Arab Muslim savages, whose Arabness has never been fully suppressed by their religion. Islam did pull these primitives away from polytheism, the idiotic worship of trees and stones and mountains. Islam imposed monotheism on them and extinguished their idol worship, but it never fully suppressed the Arabs’ blood-thirsty nature.

Think of that Arab demon outside that Ramallah police station a decade ago with a crazy smile on his face as he held aloft his hands drenched in the blood of the two Jewish reservists literally beaten to a bloody pulp, until their faces and heads were so smashed they were no longer anything but bloody pulp. Into that gore this Arab killer joyously dipped his hands and went outside to show them off before the mob.

His soul brothers are the ones today who launched those projectiles, one of which tagged that bus and smashed the head of a possibly very nice Jewish boy.

Bring on the B-52s…

Naksa & The Turks

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Program Link: Egyptian Cleric Mazen Al-Sarsawi: We Ask a Person Nicely to Convert, But If He Refuses and Does Not Pay the Jizya Tax, We Fight Him

…So in light of the foregoing, it was reported today that the US is trying to bribe Turkey into halting Flotilla No. 2 by offering the honor of hosting another Middle East Peace conference like the one in Madrid in 1991.

You know, where superpowers and other states come together, Arab states, European sponsor-states all come together around a great round table to collectively point their fingers at the lone Israeli at the table and smear him as a racist, fascist imperialist thief of Ancient Palestine who is the obstacle to peace because he won’t hand back the land his people stole from the Ancient Ones.

Leastwise, that was the news today. It is the latest brainstorm out of the Obama administration on how to manage US foreign policy in this volatile region.

Offer the Turks the honor of hosting the next peace conference where the principle item on the menu will be Jew-bash and Jew-baiting.

Since Tuesday is Erev Shavuos we’ll be back, G-d willing, on Thursday. Until then leila tov and chag sameach miEretz Yisrael

Mocking the Chosen People

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…Here is one of those little news items, news briefs in the margins of newspapers that tell a tale. Yesterday JPost reported that 12 Jihad members were arrested by the IDF in coordination with the civil administration in the Jenin area overnight Monday. Additionally, the spokesman for the OC Central Command ordered the closure of the El-Bara’a association in Jenin for its association to Islamic Jihad and another Gaza-based organization.

What does this tell us? First of all, it exposes the baloney of the Keith Dayton-trained PA police now in charge in Jenin which fools like Little Tommy Friedman look to as proof of the success of the new and improved PA under Salaam Fayyad.

On the contrary, it is significant that the IDF is still on the hunt for Arab terrorists and they are the ones who arrested the 12 because the PA police never would. The PA police, who I have seen in print praised for their professionalism, deal only with local matters and do nothing in the way of defending Israel by cracking down on anti-Israel machinations. Israel is still in “the territories,” as they call them, for there is no other way for the Government of Israel to defend its people, and only the nasty Left thinks that means the settlers. Hardly. In order to defend café society and the discotheques in dejudaized Tel-Aviv, the IDF and the GSS have to have free rein in Judea and Samaria, which is why Ancient Palestinian statehood in Yosh is never going to happen. Israel simply cannot turn over Judea and Samaria to the PA and live afterwards in peace and quiet in North Tel-Aviv or Netanya on the seashore.

We tried that. It was called the Oslo Peace Process. And after Arabs blew up a Passover Seder in Netanya, Israel learned its lesson and turned the wheel of Oslo backwards, reinserting the IDF into Judea and Samaria as the only way to bring peace and quiet to Haifa.

Alma dishikra. The World of Lies that we live in. On Sunday this week the Holocaust-denying peace-loving mass murderer Mahmoud Abbas the moderate was in Doha, Qatar speaking to the Arab League foreign ministers’ meeting and gave them a piece of his mind in the wake of Netanyahu’s speech to Congress in Washington. He complained that Bibi called Jerusalem “Israel’s eternal capital” – and never mind Jerusalem is a Jewish word. And “Now he has added a new demand. He is demanding recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. We have rejected, and will reject, this demand. We know what his intention is. He wants to undermine the Palestinian-Arab presence in Israel and prevent the return of refugees.”

I assume it is clear to all sober people that a man, this Arab who speaks like this, who says these things, is not a man supporting peace with Israel.

And because that is so, there is something truly out of whack when people talk of re-starting peace talks. Here is this Holocaust-denying terrorist mass murderer saying he will never recognize a Jewish state; which is the same as saying he will never give Israel peace…