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Bibi’s Ploy

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…Speaking before of Montreal and Canada and political correctness, well the power of that political correctness popped up in the most unlikely place this week.

There on the front page of JPost hard copy this morning, its lead story was the speech delivered at the 12th annual Herzliya security conference last night by Canada’s foreign minister John Baird. The main and subhead headlines were: “Delegitimization of Israel is the new Anti-Semitism – Visiting Canadian FM John Baird says Israel has no better friend than Ottawa”.

How true. He and Prime Minister Harper and Minister Jason Kenny are hands down Israel’s friendliest government, especially with that villain in the White House. But he said something that was indicative of the power of political correctness, or maybe I am wrong: it is the power of the fear people rightly suffer from when they consider Islam. Herb Keinon reported in an indirect quote, so I hope he got it right, that Mr. Baird “likened terrorism to Fascism and Communism and cautioned against appeasing it.”

Excuse me, but fascism and communism were/are political ideologies. Terrorism is not. This is a bogus comparison. Terrorism is criminal activity likely energized in large part by the evil in some men for whom murderous violence is a way of life, a thrill. If Yasir Arafat had not been an anti-Zionist, some other idea would have served to license him in his own mind to murder people at random. Like individual psychopathic serial killers driven by their evil inner demons, Arafat and Abu Nidal and the rest of the PLO terrorists without Israel would have found other excuses to murder people at random.

John Baird linked Fascism and Communism and terrorism, when what he might really have had in mind was not terrorism but Islam. Fascism, Communism, Islam are all ideologies of dictatorship; all of them enemies of the freedom of the individual to believe and live as he or she chooses.

Baird’s use of the word terrorism was similar to many other politicians including George W. who after 9-11 waged a war against terrorism, when it truth it was a war against predatory, savage, imperialistic Islam.

Terrorism is not an ideology but criminal behavior of the worst possible kind: the murder of innocents at random in terrorist atrocities.

John Baird was right that delegitimizing Israel is the new antisemitism, and I say Islam is the new communism, the new Fascism, even the new Nazism. And the sooner the West allows itself to see that truth, the better…

Islam is for Slaves

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Program Link: The Tahrir Square illusion

…In the last segment we looked at the all too common behavior of contemporary anti-Jewry, specifically Jewish anti-Jewry, in this archetypal behavior of Jew-bashing to balance those times when one unavoidably must criticize the Arabs and the Muslims.

The PA’s top man of the cloth calls Jews apes and pigs, and the president and CEO of Americans for Peace Now rebukes him and then must for the sake of her own spiritual equilibrium bash Jews and smear us with the same crime. “Both sides” must not talk this way,” she says, when there is no record of rabbis talking this way at all.

In a similar fashion, something we see every year now at the end of January when official, Gentile Holocaust Remembrance Day comes around: the bromides fro such as Emir Barack Hussein who last Friday had the White House issue a statement for the day in which he said “…We pledge to stand strong against all those who would commit atrocities, against the resurgence of antisemitism, and against hatred in all its forms.”

Yes indeedy. Contemporary culture simply cannot focus solely on the problem of antisemitism without the moral equivalence of focusing on “hatred in all its forms.”

All its forms? Well, let’s see I hate having a head cold. I hate liver. Are these included in Obama’s catchall? Probably not but he wants his listeners to think not only of antisemitism but anti-gayism, male chauvinism, ageism. Like one of his advisers Samantha Power who wrote a book not on the genocide of the Jews but genocides in the plural, because the Jews have no monopoly on being the victims of genocide. There have been lots of genocides.

And as the Jews do not have the right to solitary ownership of Jerusalem, the way, say, Muslims have solitary ownership of Mecca and Catholics of Vatican City, Jews must ecumenically share Jerusalem with the world and especially the Ancient Ones because otherwise people will call the Jews greedy.

Barack Hussein Obama this dissembling antisemite is constitutionally, in his soul, incapable of singling out the satanic Holocaust of the Jewish people and must make reference to all kinds of hatreds so as not to let the Jews have all the pity. That would be unfair and greedy of them.

I dread the day this character is re-elected…

Hadrian, Hitler, Abbas

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…Lastly, maybe you noticed how in Monday’s Republican candidates’ debate Newt Gingrich expressed his view, which is mine, that it was Obama who canceled the long-planned exercise here, two years in the making, meant to fortify Israel against an attack by Iran.

One imagines that Gingrich has some good foreign policy advisers with reliable contacts here who advised him that this was the case.

By amusing contrast was the reaction of the President of the National Jewish Democratic Council David Harris who accused Newt of fabricating events as a ploy to smear the Muslim Prince who has “an outstanding pro-Israel record.”

How do these dejudaized, inside the beltway Jews live with themselves?

Leila tov veShabbat shalom

Poetic Justice

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…Before the music my fantasy was a country without Arabs because there is no way we can share this country.

That is, Arabs can live here in any numbers so long as they have zero claims to national independence among us, to ownership; so long as they accept that as Arabs have 21 states that are officially Arab, Israel is officially Jewish. The Jews own it and are in charge.

And that is because, to repeat, there is an abyss of culture that separates the two peoples. On Sunday, Knesset Speaker Ruby Rivlin received back a secular new year’s greeting he had sent to parliamentary speakers like himself around the world, and this one came back from his counterpart in Amman, Tahar al-Masri who returned letter because he said it was racist. He said when Rivlin in the circular letter called Jerusalem Israel’s capital, this was a racist and biased and political statement.

I read stuff like that and despair of ever having a rational, intelligent, sober talk with any of these Arabs. Any Arab is entitled to object to Israeli rule in Jerusalem; but he is not entitled to call this rule racist.

Are his fellow Arabs racist when they officially call every one of their 21 states an Arab state? Are Muslims racists when they deny non-Muslim entry into Mecca and Medina?

It’s this throwing around of words ripped from their meaning that so separates the two peoples, the sons of Israel and the sons of Ishmael.

Tahar al-Masri surely claims Jerusalem for the Ancient Balestinians – and never mind his last name means “the Egyptian.” There are thousands of Arabs in Israel and Jordan with this last name, a name reveals their roots, which ain’t in Balestine.

What I’m saying is here is that there can be no sober dialogue with such people who are so low level in their thinking.

These Arabs are constitutionally incapable in our time and who knows for much longer of dealing with us as equals. In their universe the only way to deal with Jews is to rule over them and confiscate their wealth.

The Torah is true. It says we are people that must dwell alone, and the sooner we stop trying to make formal peace with these people in words and deeds instead of treating them as they really are…that is the way to real peace and quiet. Waiting for these Arabs to say they accept us is a fool’s errand…


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…Speaking before about loshon hara, evil speech and how destructive it can be, the power of words, and here today Prime Minister Netanyahu asked the Attorney General’s office to open an investigation into the 9 January sermon given by the PA Mufti appointed by that peace-loving Holocaust Denier who also in his dissertation on the Holocaust which didn’t happen, the Zionists collaborate with the Nazis in the murder of Jews. On 9 January commemorating the 47th anniversary of the Fatah’s first violence against Israel – misreported routinely as the founding of Fatah, which had happened six years earlier – this Muslim holy man Muhammad Hussein brought up that old Muslim chestnut from the hadith that they all love in which Jews are called apes and pigs.

Not that anything will come of this investigation into his words. What? He is going to be tried in an Israeli court for insulting Jews?

What, in any case, is there to investigate when hardly a month goes by without some Muslim dullard uncreatively, repetitively bringing up this legend of Allah turning Jews into apes and pigs?

Coincidently, last Thursday night in Holland on Dutch television, Prime Minister Netanyahu likened Iran to Nazi Germany in the matter of both harboring a crazy ideology and pursuing nuclear weapons. And I was reminded of Bibi’s book A Place Among the Nations which was in the same vein of analyzing Israel’s predicament in the language of Political Science and politics with nary a hint of Jewishness thrown in.

For sure Bibi was trying to sell his audience on the danger that Iran poses with its crazy ideology, his word his “zealotry” and how like Nazism, this is a terrible combination in Iran of pursuing nuclear weapons and “extreme ideology.”

Well, Bibi, what you call “extreme ideology,” I call antisemitism. That is the link, the similarity between Iran and Nazi Germany. Both peoples and ideologies are enslaved to a lunatic vision of Jews which leads to terrible violence against Jews and not only Jews. Antisemitism has a track record of making life miserable not only for us but lots of other people too.

Sometimes I wonder if Israelis like Bibi really understand why Israel’s traditional reception of foreign dignitaries includes a trip to Yad Vashem. Visiting Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey just went through the drill.

I mean, what is the point of remembering the Holocaust at all if it is only an act of remembering? Then it becomes a kind of antiquarian entertainment.

No. the message of Yad Vashem must be that it happened before and it can happen again, and I say these Muslims today, these Iranians, they are today’s Nazis in their insane hatred and demonization of Jews. has a whole archive now of these TV preachers all over Araby spewing the most medieval Jew-hatred not a whit more sane than anything the Nazis ever said.

Only Bibi, the archetypal dejudaized sabra, doesn’t have it in him to tell the Dutch that these Iranians are this generation’s Nazis who must be stopped, not only for our sake, us Jews in Eretz Yisrael, but for the sake of the whole free world…

Only Bibi & Ehud Know

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…In yesterday’s JPost hard copy there was an interesting story out of France where a 300-page report commissioned by the French Assembly was published last month called “The Geopolitics of Water” in which 20 of its 300 pages are called “The Jordan Basin: Water as an Integrated hinge of the Territorial Conflict and Security Question.”

Its author is a socialist, a member of parliament for the Socialist Party Monsieur Jean Glavany who thinks Israel’s water management is another face of its apartheid policies towards the Ancient Ones.

Well, the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem of course filed a complaint in Paris charging that the section on Israel was “venomous, inaccurate and strewn with anti-Israel propaganda.”

Unfortunately, as is so common among Israelis, the foreign ministry cannot see that this is yet another chapter in the millennia of anti-Jew venom; this is just old-fashioned Jew-hatred in modern dress. You know, how Shakespeare can be performed in modern dress? Well, what we have here is yet another specimen of hating the Chosen People; hating the very idea of a Chosen People. That’s what the repetitive behavior of anti-Jews in our generation is all about when they compulsively must smear the Jewish people and Zionism with the words like “racism,” “apartheid.”

In 1975, the UN General Assembly voted in its plurality if not yet majority for the judgment that “Zionism is a form of racism.”

Since the founding of the UN in 1945 with less than sixty member-states, way more than one hundred new nation-states came into being and in each case there was some kind of national movement clamoring for independence, typically from some colonial power.

Well, Israel was one of those 100-plus new states, only it was unique among the new nations, alone among the nations, for its movement for national liberation was judged in 1975 “a form of racism.”

Other peoples can come together and function as a nation, but when Jews do it, they do it in a racist way against all non-Jews. Jewish nationalism is an aggressive, injurious form or nationalism. Why, in order for the Jews to become as independent as say, modern Algeria, the Jews had to steal an entire country from another people.

Jews are known to be cliquish and clannish. Jewish nationalism is an offense against mankind.

In other words, what this French socialist did in his report was behavior known over countless generations. He said Israel’s water management was part of its policies of apartheid that impacts to unjustly and grievously on the victims of Israel’s racist policies.

And never mind that racism, a la South Africa or the American South was exclusively about skin color. Skin color was the most important feature in people in those societies who did not have white skin. This was politics as a branch of dermatology.

Versus Israel where skin color has nothing to do with Israel’s policies toward the Arabs. Not one among the Ishmaelites here has been unjustly treated because of the color of his skin. Those who have run afoul of Israeli law have done so for their behaviors, like sticking dynamite in their underpants to go and murder Jews at random. Apartheid, a regime of distinction by skin tone, has nothing to do with Israeli policies or Jewish nationalism, so this allegation by this French socialist is nothing but lying about Jews which in my definition is antisemitism.

But again Israelis are ill-equipped to call that spade a spade…


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…Well, I am looking forward to the journalists and/or historians in the near future or distant future who will teach us what happened on Sunday when this US-Israel drill was suddenly canceled. There are, they say, already, some 9,000 US troops in the country in preparation for the drill scheduled for April, which drill has now suddenly been postponed until the last quarter of the years i.e. election time. I look forward finding out what happened.

Debkafile said it was a remark made in the morning on Kol Israel by Deputy Prime Minister here “Bogie” Yaalon expressing his “disappointment” in the US administration for being last forceful on sanctions than the British and the France which triggered the abrupt decision to cancel this drill two years in the making, a drill meant to deal with the threat of rockets fired at us possibly carrying WMD. I think part of the deal, of the drill, was bringing into Israel equipment that we need for our defense and after the drill it would be left behind.

Well, if so, this is Prince Obama screwing Israel big time. Yesterday in the New York Times the radically deranged, Jewishly speaking, Roger Cohen, a walking Jewish Stockholm Syndrome of misidentification with antiJews like Prince Barack Hussein sounded like Leon Panetta et al telling Bibi not to attack Iran. The cancellation of the drill may be Obummer’s sadistic screwing of Israel so that it will hesitate about striking Iran knowing that its defenses have been seriously jeopardized by the absence of this equipment.

Roger Cohen laid out a bitter bill of indictment in Obama’s head concerning Netanyahu’s alleged hostility to him. Cohen wrote of “Obama’s fury at several things: the way Netanyahu has gone over his head to a Republican-dominated Congress where he is a darling.”

Translation: Bibi has not gone over his head, and the thirty standing ovations he got were self-generating among the legislators. Is Bibi to feel guilty for generating such feelings? No matter. If Cohen is right, and he probably is, Obama is wildly jealous of Bibi and is out to get him.

Cohen says Obama is furious at Bibi’s “ingratitude” over the vetoing of the PLO-sponsored UN Security Council initiative attacking the settlements. Notice that so far Obama’s complaints are wholly insubstantial. They address attitudes and manners, like ingratitude, not policies inimical to the United States of America. Cohen is describing an egomaniac bothered by Bibi’s relationship to him rather than the substantive issues important to both countries.

Cohen referred to the “dysfunctional relationship between Netanyahu and Obama” with the implication of course it is Bibi’s fault and his responsibility to repair the relationship.

This is what American Jewish intellectual Phillip Reiff had in mind when he wrote a book called The Triumph of the Therapeutic which dealt with the conquest of the mind in popular culture by Freudian-esque psychology, pop psychology. We all think and use those terms. Dennis Ross to me sounds like a marriage counselor and Roger Cohen sees a “dysfunctional relationship” that needs to be repaired.

What he does not see is the existential threat to the lives of another 6 million Jews that Bibi is responsible for and he does not see the in-grained hatred of Jews in men like Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan and Barack Obama…

The PA Mufti Speaks

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…On the domestic front which I rarely get into because the political system here is so second-rate I prefer not to get into it – someday these Israelis are going to wake up and understand that the very structure of their electoral system produces second-rate politicians – the top story last week and into this week is the entrance into politics of TV talk-show host and weekend columnist in Yediot Yair Lapid, son of the late Jewish antiJew Tommy Lapid. Yair resigned from his program to declare his desire to enter politics by creating his own party. How typical. Estimates by the pollsters say that he could get 15 seats out of the 120 and at the expense of Tsipi Livni’s Kadima Party, which makes sense. They both represent the vacuous dejudaized Israelis for whom Jewishness is drag and the Palestinians are the victims of Zionism who deserve a state.

Lapid is a handsome guy who in every picture of him is shown trying to look as debonairly handsome as he can. A week ago Friday he wrote his last column and just like his late father he blamed the problems of the middle class in Israel on the Haredim. He wrote that in representing the middle class he wanted to “prevent their money from being taken by settlers, tycoons and the government – but most the Haredim. Israel has been enslaved for many years by members of a shameless, extortionist, special interest group – some of whom aren’t even Zionists – who take advantage of our twisted political system to steal the money of the working class.”

In other words, those Haredim are a bunch of blood-sucking Jews leeching off the working class.

Sound familiar? But I won’t call Yair Lapid an antisemite because he is too shallow and provincial to have any awareness of how he sounds. He is just another empty suit of a dejudaized Israeli who stands for nothing except the material good life.

He tells people proudly that he remains a good friend of Ehud Olmert who he claims was his father’s best friend. Olmert: another empty suit of a man without belief in anything except material success.

Tommy Lapid, remember, was asked to join the Shinui Party of Avram Poraz who was a khozer be-she’elah, an ex-Haredi heretic also at war with Jewishness but lacking Lapid’s public wise guy persona whose stock in trade was Haredi-bashing, Poraz invited him to join the party and he did.

Lapid, Jr. now, Yair, seems to be the rotten apple who has not fallen far from the tree…

A Colossal Hoax

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…I envy the historians of the future who will have access to all the material documenting our generation, the generation of the Oslo Brain Fever, when people’s brains went on the blink; when they made a deal with the lowest form of humanity imaginable, Yasir Arafat, that mass murdering, antisemitic psychopath and homosexual pedophile.

What will the historians make of our time? Historians of the future will also have access as well to the archives of such as PMW, Palestinian Media Watch which has compiled a record which is perfectly clear that the Oslo players Beilin, Peres, Rabin, Clinton and State department Jewboy flunkies were perfectly blind. The idea of Oslo was that the Arabs here (claiming to be an ancient nation) had finally come around to accepting the rightness of the existence of Israel as it existed west of the 1949 cease-fire lines, and that all they wanted was the spoils of 1967.

But if that were true, the PMW would not have an archive of the kind of material the PA media routinely broadcasts and publishes, like the rebroadcast this week of a children’s song played last May called “On the Way to Jerusalem,” and the refrain is: “Jaffa, Acre, Haifa and Nazareth are ours.”

The first verse (it sounds like a child’s round) “I, Muhammad, sing about the Galilee and the Golan.”

Then the refrain: “Jaffa, Acre, Haifa and Nazareth are ours.”

Second verse: “I, Kabha, sing about the Galilee and the Golan.” And then the refrain. And then, “From Bethlehem to Jenin is Palestinian. Ramleh, Lod and Sakhnin are Palestinian. Nowhere is more beautiful than Jerusalem, no matter how far we travel. From Tsfat to Al-Badhan (near Nablus) is Palestinian. Tiberias and Ashqelon are Palestinian.”

There are 16 place-names in this song. 15 are places west of the Green Line; only one of them is in Yesha. These people are singing about pre-1967 Israel.

What will historians in the future make of the clash of MSM stories of euphoria among the Enlightened over the Oslo process and this daily cascade of evidence exposing the peace process for the colossal hoax that it has been pulled off by the Arabs and their antiJew dupes, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, Israeli and non-Israeli alike.

In 1993, when the Oslo brainstorm was made public there was no record out of Araby with the tiniest sliver of evidence that the Arabs had finally come around to accepting the rightness of the Jewish commonwealth re-born. Not an eye-dropper’s worth of evidence that the so-called Balestinians had basically given up their dream of demolishing Israel as it was pre-1967.

In a very profound way, all the hullabaloo about “Palestinians” and their need for a state in Judea and Samaria and Gaza has never been anything but a smoke-screen, a distraction meant to cover up the enduring truth that the violence here is about destroying a state, not building one.

The Arab-Israeli conflict is about the Arab drive to deny statehood to the Jews, and what the Arabs came up with as a formidable weapon in psychological warfare is the antisemitic myth that that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is about the Jewish drive to deny statehood to the phantom nation of Balestine…

Fighting for Our Rights

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…The American Civil Rights Movement was about fighting for the rights of Negroes that they were entitled to but were denied in the American South via the segregation laws. The underlying rationale was that as Americans, who fought and died in all its wars and most recently World War II, they had rights that were being violated, and that had to stop. They deserved respect that they were not being given.

The problem with these post-Jews, these post-Jewish Israelis is that they recoil when it comes to identifying with the most victimized people on the planet, the Jewish people. For the secular Zionists, Zionism was about creating a new Jew because the old one was a despicable character. Sabras in the first decades of the state were indoctrinated to look with contempt on Holocaust victims because they went like sheep into the gas chambers. They sneered at Yiddish as the language of this contemptible people who by their beliefs and behaviors brought on to antisemitism.

Modern Israelis refer to the Arabs euphemistically as a “minority,” in exact imitation of the American concept of minorities, with the implied guilt of a majority over a minority which is in the nature of things. The minority is the abused party.

It is more comforting for Israelis to see themselves as the dominant majority abusing Arabs than to identify as the tiny minority that we are in the Middle East endlessly assaulted by homicidal maniacs.

What Peace Now types cannot see is the colossal, even cosmic injustice done to Israel by our neighbors and their backers world-wide by refusing to recognize our right to our Jewish state – that is the demand Bibi makes of Abbas the he cannot fulfill.

And they also deny our right to keep the spoils of war we took in righteous self-defense in 1967.

Which brings me back to where I often find myself: puzzling over the absence of an Israel that fights for and demands its rights; demands that the Arabs and world sign off finally on the League of Nations Mandate which created a Palestine that did not exist under Muslims, one explicitly intended to be the Jewish homeland. Bibi’s demand that the PLO sign off on that, and the inability of the PLO to do is the whole conflict in a nutshell.

And I say Israel has to go even further and insist on our right to keep every square meter we took in self-defense in 1967. That is what this conflict is all about: the refusal of the world to respect our rights to this Land as per the laws of nations and the human right to self-defense. We took this land away from an enemy people that used it to launch murder squads to murder us in the 1950s and 60s; and in 1967 they made a second major push to succeed in destroying Israel when they had failed in 1948. Only in 1967 again we survived, we were victorious, and took this land that they used to attack us away from them, and we are under no moral obligation to return it to them and let them have another shot at exterminating us.

Peace will come when Israelis stake their rightful claim and demand their rights.

Which is the opposite philosophy to that of the Enlightened who unquestioningly go along with the ridiculous concept of a Palestinian Nation with rights to our ancient homeland…

Santorum’s Faith

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…And interesting minor coincidence this week of being able to read not one but two op-eds by two of America’s leading professional Jewboys, Dennis Ross and Aaron David Miller both of them protégés of and altar boys for James Addison Baker, III. Had they not worshipped in the Church of Jim Baker the antiJew they would not have had the careers they have had.

Miller was in the LA Times last week, and yesterday Ross was in the Washington Post, and I never cease to be amazed and entertained by what shallow and foolish fellows they are. Miller wrote of the “personality conflicts” between Prince Barak Hussein and Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu. Miller says that unlike the emotional attachments to Israel of both Clinton the Democrat and Bush the Republican, “Obama’s views came from other places; his own logic, the university in which he developed intellectually and his own moral sensibilities. Obama does not see the Arab-Israeli conflict as a morality play pitting the forces of good against the forces of darkness but a conflict between two rights and two just causes.”

You know who used to talk like that? That covert Soviet agent and radical American journalist I.F. Stone, who was born Isadore Feinstein. When in the 1940s his idols in the Kremlin supported Zionism as a weapon against the British presence in the Middle East, Izzy Stone supported the Zionist movement toward the birth of Israel. But when it became clear after the new state came into being that it would not align with the Soviet bloc but the free West, well, Stone became a forerunner of LTF, Little Tommy Friedman as an Israel-basher. Stone used to pitch that very same line: “This is not a war between right and wrong but two rights.”

Taurine excreta; though Aaron David Miller can’t see that. Notice how in his tripartite explanation for Obama’s views – his own higher education in the US and own moral sense and logic, Miller left out his boyhood years living in a Muslim country and surely for some years living as a Muslim and his twenty years listening to Jeremiah Wright who gave an award to the notorious Jew-hater Lewis Farrakhan.

Absent from the fawning mind of Aaron David Miller, certified professional Jewboy is the possibility that Obama’s repeated praise for Islam may reflect an influence other than the university environment he refers to.

He calls Obama’s view of Israel “analytic not emotional.” Analytic.

Aaron David, the guy is an antiJew who likes and respects Islam, this totalitarian antiJew ideology.

And then there was Dennis Ross today in the Washington Post writing of the two sides here in conflict saying, “There should be no illusions about the prospects of a breakthrough in peace talks anytime soon. The psychological gaps between the parties make it hard to resolve their differences that have bedeviled all the work for peace talks over the past few years.”

“Bedeviled.” Now, that is a good word. A devil is at war here that prevents peace for Israel but it is not the psychological gaps, Dennis, between the parties. He went on to equate Netanyahu and Abbas who “carry the weight of their peoples’ history, and mythology and face enormous political constraints.”

Here Dennis equates Jewish history with so-called Palestinian history, and “both sides have mythology.” The moral equivalence here between the Jewish prime minister and this bloody criminal is simply nauseating.

Dennis, there are no psychological gaps. The Arabs have a history of being predators, raiders, armed robbers and their religion justifies their greed, their hunger to overrun the world.

Dennis Ross always sounds like Dr. Phil or some other marriage counselor trying to get the two spouses to work things out and get back together.

Dennis, we Muslims and we Jews have never been together. Ever…

German & Egyptians, Then & Now

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…Lastly, it is good news that in the Iowa caucuses the anti-Jew Ron Paul came in third. Last week quoted some blog called Rightwing News quoting some former Ron Paul aide Eric Dondero who says Ron Paul wishes Israel didn’t exist.

Well, I wish Ron Paul didn’t exist.

Dondero said Paul thinks Israel is more trouble than it is worth, specifically to the American taxpayer.

People are entitled to their opinions but not to their ignorance. Foreign aid is like one percent of the federal budget and there are lots of other recipients of that one per cent besides Israel, with none of them, except Israel returning on the investment as Israel does. George Gilder lays out in his book The Israel Test the benefit to the US to US taxpayers via the aid it gives Israel.

I would vote for any of the Republican candidates except Ron Paul, so I am enjoying this campaign because I don’t care who wins. They are all good enough to be president and anyone of them is preferable to the Islam-loving villain in the currently in the Oval Office.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael

Enemies Without & Within

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…Lastly this evening, here is a case in which there are besiegers within and without working together. It was we know the pressure of the Left-liberal media here that drove Netanyahu to liberate hundreds of violent barbarians for the life of Gilad Shalit, and now it turns out, one of those liberated, one of those behemas afn tsvay feese / beasts on two feet, a Mr. Mahmoud Awad Damra has just become a major-general in the army of the People’s Democratic Republic of Balestine. This homicidal Hamite was responsible for the murder of young Eish Kodesh Gilmore on the Arab side of Jerusalem in 2000 and out in Benjamin about the same time the murder in a drive-by shooting, I think, Rabbi Benjamin Kahane son of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane and his wife Talia. The couple with their children were riding in the family car driving toward Ofra, if memory serves when either in a drive-by or from the side of the road the vehicle was sprayed with gunfire. This villain was at the time the commander of Fatah’s Force 17, Arafat’s personal Praetorian Guard.

He was sentenced to life in prison, but two years ago Mahmoud Abbas, anyway, bestowed upon him the rank of major-general. And now he is out and has taken up his post.

This is what I mean about the collusion of Israel’s enemies without and those within.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael…

Have We All Gone Mad?

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…Did you see where last Thursday in Egypt, so-called security forces raided the offices of 17 nonprofit NGOs including at least three democracy-promotion groups financed by the US? The government in Cairo said the raids were part of an investigation into the “foreign hands” behind the latest wave of protests. Heavily armed men in black uniforms belonging to the so-called central security police carted off boxes and files and computers.

I think a frowning Lady Macbeth Hillary Clinton, the famous Middle East expert had something to say about this the next day. She was not happy.

But what I am waiting for is the wisdom of LTF, Little Tommy Friedman who makes millions as a Middle East expert, when in truth he is a dumbbell because he is much too twisted up inside spiritually to see the Arabs for who they really are.

LTF has the same understanding of Islam as his soul-mate Yossi Beilin, both of them cases of arrested development when it comes to hating their parents for whatever reasons which manifests and presents as hating the Jews.

Friedman like Beilin was dizzy with pleasure over the Handshake on the White House lawn inn 1993 together in their ignorance of the Arabs and Islam. All they cared about was a process leading Israel to hand back the spoils of war and the driving of scores of thousands of Jews (in 19930 from their homes in the heart of the Promised Land.

Likewise Friedman in Tahrir Square saw last year what he wanted to see.

The report out of Egypt today was that the Deputy Supreme Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Rashad Bayoumi, that’s pretty high up, was quoted in Al-Hayat the Arab newspaper published in London that the Brotherhood respects international treaties but also the will of the Egyptian people who never got to vote on the treaty with Israel. So he wants to see a referendum. This way the beople will decide.

He, though, personally, will never allow himself to “sit down with a criminal,” meaning an Israeli; any Israeli. “We will not deal with Israelis by any means,” he said.

I can understand his point of view: he is a Muslim who takes the Qur’an seriously, which text calls for oppressing and humiliating Jews. And anyone who goes against the Qur’an is a criminal. All Israelis are criminals for as dhimmis they have no right to independence, no right to rule over Believers.

This is the new Egypt, not the Egypt of Little Tommy Friedman’s palsied imagination…