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Kerry Outs Himself

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…I’ll say. The more I observe these Muslims, the more I focus on the perverse relations in their culture between the sexes and within the sexes. Polygamy is an ancient system and related somehow — I am not sure of yet — to polytheism, to the pagan vision of life. In any case, it leads to fratricidal competition between the many sons of a potentate, and the Muslim attitude toward women generates somehow a society of men lacking in compassion, mercy. How divinely brilliant of Jewishness that the Holy Tongue, Hebrew, connects the word for womb, rekhem, to the word for mercy, rakhmanoot.

And I suspect there is connection between the boundless cruelty and sadism these Arabs and Muslims are capable of and their perverse relationship to women…

“Radical” Is Mainstream Islam

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…There is also a connection to what the Israeli GSS, the internal security agency, discovered long ago: the futility of relying on lie detectors with Arabs. I remember reading ten years ago of the American military’s discovery of the same phenomenon in Iraq. Every Saddam Hussein loyalist in the army or political echelon could beat the lie detector. Western intelligence agents are taught techniques for controlling one’s autonomic system to beat the polygraph, which they have to practice — versus the Arabs for whom lying is second nature. Like Barack Obama whose every statement is a lie, in the sense that he tells his listeners what they want hear with no fidelity to the truth; he has his agenda, and lying is perfectly acceptable as a weapon in his crusade to fundamentally change America, and one way is to lay the groundwork for the penetration and spreading of Islam. Hence, Ft. Hood was a “workplace conflict.” For Muslims, really Arabs, lying is how you get through the day, and so what we have been treated to over the last few days is another performance of an Arab shamelessly lying…

Israel on the Verge?

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…In a nutshell, the word ger does not refer to a neighboring non-Jew who murders your teenage daughter with a bomb in a pizza parlor, or so batters your 12 year-old son his corpse can only be identified by his DNA. We Jews are not Christians who are enjoined to love their enemies.

I remember when American journalist Terry Anderson in the 1980s was held by Hezbollah as a hostage in some crummy apartment in Beirut for seven years, much of the time chained to a radiator like a dog, who upon his liberation said that as a Catholic he was obligated to forgive his kidnappers.

Well, we Jews ain’t Catholics. We are not ordered to love a neighbor, a non-Jewish neighbor, who plants a bomb in a supermarket on a Friday morning and blows up your wife shopping for Shabbos, G-d forbid, or your grandmother. That would be to demand of us Jews behavior that is simply not of this world.

So, I think young Mr. Jacob Magid needs to do more studying about what a real occupation is and why our situation in Judea and Samaria is nothing to be ashamed of.

He also has to understand that within the term narrative as he uses it, there is post-modernist poison which corrupts not only the soul but the mind and one’s moral faculties…

Abbas Threatens

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…Heaven only knows how much was sunk into Judea and Samaria over the last almost half-century now in infrastructure, roads built, water lines laid, an electricity grid, cell phone towers and businesses. All of it financed by the Jewish people which these Arab highwaymen demand as payment for not attacking us with homicidal intensity. In the age of the Oslo Peace Process, which Abbas is now threatening to rip up, there was no peace for the thousands of Jews murdered, even more thousands wounded, maimed and mutilated for life physically and psychology; no peace for the thousands of Arabs we were forced to kill in self-defense. Abbas demands all this real estate which we took away from the attacking Jordanian army. He thinks all these two thousand square miles should be turned over to him and his allegedly archaic nation, and if it does not, Israel will be dragged before the International Criminal Court and charged with war crimes. So much for John Kerry’s big idea of how to make peace…

Two, Not One, Hate Crimes

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…And so today in the West at least, Jew-haters have taken to denying their Jew-hatred, which has always festered in a cesspool of lies about Jews. Here was a talkbacker denying he was an antisemite in one part of a sentence as he acted out classical antisemitic behavior in the other. He lied about Israel. There is no racism here, no apartheid here, as he charged. What is here is a community of 6 million Jews now defending themselves from violent neighbors who covet the wealth we have created and reject the right of Jews who live independently of Muslim rule. And our defense measures have nothing to do with anyone’s skin color or doctrine of separateness on the basis of skin color, which is what the word apartheid means.

This, then, is the new wrinkle in Jew-hatred in our time. The hatred survives under cover of a newly concocted charge sheet of lies, only now the Jew-hater denies his hatred. He claims it is a rational response to Jewish perfidy.

But it always has been. Every massacre was for “good reason.” And the good reason today is the monumental crime committed by the Jews of having stolen Balestine from the Balestinians which they compound daily by their chronic, racist abuse of them…

How They See Us

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…By the way there is a new affiliated website to check out: which has a link to the front-page editorial in Haaretz the day Israel declared independence in 1948; what a long journey that newspaper has had.

But notice too, when you check it out, the use of the term Hebrew, as opposed to Jew, for that is how the post-religious Zionists regarded themselves: Hebrews, not Jews. They nicknamed Tel-Aviv the first Hebrew city, meaning Hebrew-speaking, and the first university they founded they called Hebrew University, not Jewish University, because the language of instruction would be Hebrew but also because in fact its faculty and student body were overwhelmingly non-observant, post-religious post-Jews, for that was the intellectual fashion of the age in the surrounding Gentile culture in Europe. It is no accident, no coincidence that in the 1870s the concept of antisemitism was all the rage among the chattering classes at the same time one of their leading philosophers Friedrich Nietzsche tore Christianity to shreds, as Tom Paine had in the 1790s; as Karl Marx had dismissed religion in the 1840s and 50s as the opiate of the masses…

Simply Inhuman

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…I find it simply nauseating that any Jew, like the J Street crowd, like Indyk and Kurtzer and the Jews at the New York Times and National Public Radio take the side of the Jew-killers in the matter of their not coming across with the declaration of Jewish rights to independence. Bibi says that is the “sine qua non,” and here was Kerry siding with the PLO by agreeing that this position of Bibi’s is a “mistake” and such a declaration should come at the conclusion of the negotiations.

More inhuman dehumanization of the Jewish people, by supporting a position simply in human, contra natura, against nature. The Israeli demand for such a verbal expression that costs not a cent or shekel or drachma is another way of asking to hear that handing over any land will lead to true peace, the end of the conflict, the end of Arab claims, the end of Arab threats not to murder us wholesale in either war or retail in terrorist atrocities. It is a request for a verbal expression of good, not evil, will.

Israeli is saying, more or less, “Before we hand anything over, do you finally respect our right to our own independence and do you relinquish any claim to having a “right of return” as you understand it?”

Versus the ethical byways of our homicidally antisemitic neighbors now supported by John Kerry, to wit, Israel must purchase Arab good will, and only then will the Arabs deliver an expression of good will.

But if that is the case, then it is not good will but a commodity that can be traded, traded away. It is no more sincere good will than a call girl’s praise for her client’s sexual prowess, whatever the truth…

Distorting the Jews

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…Why am I a racist if I want to live in a country when the holy day of rest is Shabbos, not Friday, not Sunday? Why must I live next door to people who in their generality murder one of their daughters like once every ten days because she dishonored the males in the family by her lascivious behavior, as they configure it? I don’t want neighbors like that.

Which stance by the way puts me squarely opposed to Caroline B Glick’s idea of a solution to the Arab-Israeli fighting: handing out citizenship to another 1.6 million Arabs. Does she really think these people would be happy to start singing the Israeli national anthem about a Jewish heart pining for its homeland over thousands of years?

I have the highest respect for Caroline B. Glick and come Shabbos newspaper reading she is always first on my list for her lively style and sources of information, though she has tendency to suggest the sky is falling when it is not.

But her idea of absorbing all these Arabs is simply not of this world. I’m all for annexing the land that is rightfully, lawfully, morally ours, but giving the Arabs citizenship is simply delusional…


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…The problem with Livni and her generation of Israelis is the disconnect between them and the Jewish people in history. If Tsipi Livni thinks, in her own words, “The whole world blames Israel even though Israel behaved appropriately” and it’s Uri Ariel’s fault they do, she has zero sense of the history of the Jewish people. She has no sense that in every generation in Christendom and Islam the Jews were believed to be behind all kinds of misfortunes. The Jews were always guilty of something.

In a way, the guilty Jew is the core image of Christianity: Jesus, the Jew, is tortured to death for all the sins of mankind. As he passed from life to death he bore all the sins of mankind and thus cleansed men of their guilt.

And indeed in Jewish history in every generation Christians have killed guilty Jews for one reason or another…

What a Farce!

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…The Oslo Process — still on-going this week — also implied the near-miraculous transformation of mass murdering, antisemitic Hamitic Arab savages into friendly people who just wanted to be the Jewish people’s friendly neighbors, and the concomitant, functionally inhuman judgment that these not serial killers but serial massacre freaks were sincere in their protestations of newfound peaceful intent and — just as crazy — the belief they could be trusted to be men of their word.

Ten months after the handshake on the White House lawn, Yasir Arafat in a limousine he entered in Rafah, Egyptian-ruled Sinai, rode into the Gaza Strip to deliriously cheering herds of Ishmaelites while hiding on the floor below the window line was a killer terrorist so evil Israel had told Arafat they would never let him return.

In order words: in the split-second Arafat returned to Gaza for the first time since 1967, he violated his word, and it was a harbinger of broken words to come without end. Like Barack Obama who cannot miss a day without lying, so Arafat was a congenital, chronic liar, and for years to come no Israel, no progressive IBJ (Inside-the-Beltway Jew) would ever call him on it. I think, don’t quote me, Dennis Ross in his book on the so-called peace process admitted that not calling Arafat & Co. to task for their broken promises was a major of the peace process. I’ll say…

Olmert the Corrupt

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…What madness. What stupidity. The daily peregrinations and doings this week of Kerry and Indyk and their Arab protégés, and those of Prime Minister Netanyahu and his staff, are nothing but the insane continuation of that insane handshake on the White House lawn now more than 20 years ago. The goal of that abomination remains the goal of Kerry and world anti-Jewry which is to pry Jews out of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, based on the belief that the so-called Balestinians just want a state on this land next door to Israel.

When will this whirlwind of delusion and antiJew venom cease?..