Obama’s Passover Seder

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Webcast Title: Obama’s Passover Seder
Webcast Date: 04/01/2010
Length: 38:52 Minutes
(April 1, 2010) …So for me, Mr. President, I don’t buy the slogan “…home to the three great monotheistic faiths.” I think only one of them is authentic. And I don’t feel I am being greedy when I say Jerusalem belongs to the Jews any more than I would if I were a Frenchman saying, “Paris belongs to the French,” or a Russian saying, “Moscow belongs to the Russians.” Why must we Jews have to share our capital and with such a wild and bloodthirsty people?

So, unlike the good rabbi in Salt Lake City, I guess, who was not insulted by the Mormons running a seder, I am insulted by Barack Hussein Obama messing around with my religion. I don’t like his interpretations of the Passover Haggada, which word means “the Telling,” the telling of the story of G-d rescuing the Children of Israel from a nightmare because He wanted to install them in the Land He promised to their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – but not to Ishmael.

And I don’t like it that there were Jews at that table in the White House, as I imagine there were. Passover is not about “slavery” and “discrimination” and “persecution” in the abstract as a human behavior mankind must overcome. “We shall overcome…”

No. It is about the seed of Shem enslaved to the people of Ham and the promise to them of the gift of Eretz Canaan which they were commanded to transform into Eretz Yisrael…

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