The New Inquisition

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Webcast Title: The New Inquisition
Webcast Date: 04/22/2010
Length: 43:39 Minutes
(April 22, 2010) …In order to really understand the Spanish Inquisition and expulsion in 1492, one has to start 101 years earlier in 1391, when in the spring Pesach and Easter coincided, and starting in Andalucia in Sevilla, a frenzied mob of Catholics rampaged through the Jewish community raping, stealing, mutilating, murdering in an orgy of blood.

Which homicidal fever then infected other Spaniards in the south, in Cordova and Granada and eventually, over the spring and summer that year, jumping from town to town like a forest fire, one Jewish community after another was invaded and the goyim brought their Christian version of hell for Jews to infernal life. That summer in Spain, thousands of Jews were slaughtered, raped, dismembered, burnt to death. It was such a tsunami of blood and terror, some scholars estimate that in the ensuing ten years, half of the hundreds of thousands of Jews in Spain converted to Roman Catholicism. Scared out of the minds with what that goy had just done, half of them converted.

For sure, some percentage of them threw in the towel on being Jewish. They did not want to die for it, and they converted and left it behind.

But no less many chose to go underground. They converted and lived as Catholics in public in every way; in private they lived their Jewish lives.

Think of Anne Frank and other Jews hiding in those attics in Amsterdam. Here legions of Jews became actors living double lives. The term marrano came into use, its origin in doubt. Scholars agree it’s basically a synonym for pigs/swine. In doubt was its genesis as name for these Jews. Was it the invention of real Spanish Catholics in their hatred of these phony, insincere Christians? Or was it the invention of Jews who did not convert and were contemptuous of those who did?…

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