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Webcast Title: Bibi Stands Up
Webcast Date: 04/29/2010
Length: 38:55 Minutes
Program Link: The Hashemite Kingdom of Apartheid?
(April 29, 2010) …Today Enlightened, post-Christians and post-Jews in the West are of the lovely opinion that sharing Jerusalem is a must for peace to reign in Israel. Plain and simple: while the Jews may think they have the right to own and rule in Jerusalem the way, say, the Arabs own and rule in Mecca and the French own and rule in their capital of Paris, Israelis don’t have that right. The Jews in Israel do not have the right to own and rule in their capital as surely as Brazilians rule in Brasilia that they built in the 1950s in the middle of a jungle. The capital of Brazil is built by the nation of Brazil.

But the modern city of Jerusalem built by the Jews…well, they have to share it.

Modern Jerusalem was launched in the year 1855 when the first development outside the walls, the building of a windmill to grind flour for kosher bread, was constructed outside of Jaffa Gate.

And that was a revolution in history: for century after century there was nothing outside those walls, and photography shows that to be true. Photography by 1855 had been around for a couple of decades. Black & white, grainy, there are photographs of Jerusalem in the middle of the 19th century.

And then there are the painters who painted Jerusalem at the time. One painting was done in 1859 by Edward Lear, the famous English poet of light verse, who was also a painter, and he came to the Holy Land. Starting in 1840, a pivotal year in the Middle East, the Turks, threatened by Russia, wanted support from the West and got it but for a price. The Ottomans agreed to allow, for the first time since the Crusades, the freedom of Christians to come on pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

And came they did. Thomas Cook & Sons, the famous travel agents wrote their first tourist guide to the Holy Land in the 1860s. The Land was flooded by tourists and pilgrims…to the extent the Land was capable of absorbing them. Painters came, photographers came.

And looking at this painting by Edward Lear, one sees the visual record – not filtered through the artist’s inner torment or his impression or expression that modern artists are involved in. In those days painting was recording what the eye saw. And this Lear painting makes clear that at that point Jerusalem sat as an island in a sea of desolation. No habitations outside the walls. Jerusalem was an oasis of human settlement in a desert of barrenness.

Thus, hence and ergo, all human settlement outside those walls today are the result of the Jewish nation spending its own money, sweat, tears and blood to restore civilization, city-life to Jerusalem and over all the Land of Israel.

And that this myth of a Palestinian Nation with a valid claim to ownership of the Land and Jerusalem is nothing but a lie as big as Islam itself…

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