An Astonishing Emptiness

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Webcast Title: An Astonishing Emptiness
Webcast Date: 04/13/2010
Length: 39:27 Minutes
(April 13, 2010) …A final thought on Anat Kam to balance my perhaps ungenerous and uncharitable assault on her.

She looks to be a not particularly happy person based on pictures of her now in the media taken before the current mess.

She could be prettier than she allows her herself to be, and perhaps she turned out this way seemingly bitter, resentful, aggressive, revengeful because she was brought up so far from what she might have become already had she been raised in a Jewish, not an Israeli home: already a warm and nurturing mother of children and a husband.

The thought arose that her betrayal of the symbol of secular, post-Jewish Israel, the IDF, her assault on the IDF, has meaning. Some press reports had acquaintances of hers remarking on her failure as a pilot and unhappiness with serving as clerk/secretary.

Well, I suspect that before her time in the army she was embittered because somewhere deep in her being as a Jewish woman she sensed that she has been raised the wrong way, to have aspirations and feelings alien to her as a Jew and a woman.

Maybe this accounts for other leftists in Israel angry at the state, the culture so stripped of the best that Jewishness has to offer.

These leftists are on the surface furious with the state and patriotic and religious Jews, but underneath, one suspects, they are energized by a profound envious resentment for having been denied the right to be raised as Jews…

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