The Internal Civil War

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Webcast Title: The Internal Civil War
Webcast Date: 04/27/2010
Length: 38:38 Minutes
Program Link: The False Religion of Mideast Peace
(April 27, 2010) …You know that the so-called Arab Peace Initiative was initially the handiwork of LTF [“Little Tommy Friedman”] in the year 2002, a year after 9-11 when Friedman went to Saudi Arabia to genuflect before the king at that time, Fahd, whose presence there was instrumental in bringing the Arab Peace Initiative to the world.

What with Yossi Beilin behind the Oslo Abomination and the continuing abomination of Beilin’s association with the Jew-killer Yasir Abed Rabbo in their Geneva Initiative, it sometimes seems as if the Arab-Israeli conflict is as much an internal Jewish civil war as a struggle between Jew and non-Jew. The Jewish people returned to their homeland are still fighting for peace and quiet and a life without threats of national annihilation, and Israel must still defend itself not only from Arabs and their Gentile supporters but Jewish antiJews too.

Beilin, Indyk, Roger Cohen, LTF, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Danny Kurtzer, Gerald Kaufman in England, Stephen P. Cohen at Harvard; there is no shortage of Israel-bashing Jews in the world, in Israel in the Exile, who energetically offer their services as Stephen P. Cohen did for Obama when he sent him a first draft of that Cairo speech.

There has to be something very wrong with the internal Jewish identity of such people, the 80% of self-identified American Jews like Stephen P. Cohen who voted for this guy…

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