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Webcast Title: Dark Times
Webcast Date: 04/25/2010
Length: 38:07 Minutes
Program Link: Who Rules Israel?
Hamas is accused of being moderate
(April 25, 2010) …And the question asks itself: How many Grad rockets would it take landing in the middle of Eilat, G-d forbid, before the entire tourist industry is abandoned by vacationers? This is a serious problem.

What these maniacal Muslims did to the little town of Sderot, they can do to Eilat with even fewer projectiles launched before the thousands of tourists flee and turn the hotels and restaurants and other attractions into ghost facilities.

The intelligence community drew the easy conclusion that the rocket boys in the Sinai wilderness were al-Qaida types, not necessarily Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Which makes sense. As the PLO varied from 12-to-18 separate murder gangs, so the so-called Islamists are as fractious.

The Sinai Peninsula is about half the size of England and is largely uninhabited, but is known to be a place for adventurous jihadis these days, this plague of barbarians who use their religion to legitimize their barbarism. How many of them are holed up in the Sinai Peninsula is an estimate for the intelligence community to make but for sure they are there. Every vacation time Israelis go down the Gulf of Eilat coast to the hotels and beaches that we developed and handed over to the Egyptians. And every time the GSS emits warnings, that there are homicidal antisemites on the loose planning to murder Jews. And just this Passover there was a swarm of Jewish vacationers who hustled back over the border.

This is our fate. We have not known a day since May 14, 1948 when Israel declared independence without some Arabs somewhere plotting and carrying out plots to murder us. In this regard, World War II never ended for us…

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