The Real Threat

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Webcast Title: The Real Threat
Webcast Date: 04/18/2010
Length: 38:25 Minutes
(April 18, 2010) …Our cruel, Hamitic, antediluvian neighbors know very well how we did not like the rain of 39 SCUD missiles that landed on Tel-Aviv and environs in 1991. And how we certainly didn’t like the 4,000 rockets in 2006. Or the Frog missiles a year ago that terrorized hundreds of thousands of Jews in the south and paralyzed life for them during Operation Cast Lead.

The Iranians, for they are the principle enemy here operating behind Syria and Hamas and Hezbollah, also remember all too painfully their own experience with terror missile bombings in their cities; in their capital of Teheran during the Iraq-Iran War 1980-1988. Saddam Hussein, that monster father of two psychopathic sons, figured at the time that with his revolutionary neighbor Iran in turmoil, he could just barge in and steal some of Iran. Like the legendary Thief of Baghdad. He wanted to steal Iran’s oil fields on the other side of the border between them, the Shatt al-Arab, which incursion lasted for 8 years. Eight years of hell in which a million people died that ended only because Saddam, who lost the initiative early on and was mostly on the defensive, was still able to keep launching missiles into Teheran and making life hell for the people there, which ultimately forced Khomeini to sue for peace. Khomeini was determined to fight until Saddam was vanquished, but those volleys of rockets were intolerable, which led Khomeini to agree to a cease-fire. He said it was like drinking poison, but he agreed to it because of those terror rocket barrages.

Ergo, this is what the Iranians might enjoy doing to us.

G-d forbid…

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