“We let you live…”

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Webcast Title: “We let you live…”
Webcast Date: 04/11/2010
Length: 37:11 Minutes
(April 11, 2010) …Without the Jewish geniuses in the field of nuclear psychics, nuclear energy for civilian and military purposes, there might not be such a field.

Men not only like Albert Einstein but a whole battalion of Jewish physicists who dominated the field in the 20th century and built the first bombs.

The United States of America’s greatest defense during the Cold War was its undersea fleet of nuclear subs very much the handiwork of Jewish engineers.

Jews have been prominent in the nuclear programs of France, England, Argentina, Russia, and in a word, Your Excellencies in your medieval kingdoms and Islamic Republic dictatorships must know that if Israel had wanted over many decades to build, say, 20 bombs and drop them on Teheran, Ankara, Baghdad, Damascus, Amman, Riyadh, Mecca, Medina, Cairo and Algiers, etc. all in one morning’s work, Israel could have done it.

And that we have not is evidence of just who we are, which is the opposite of your medieval, nay, Dark Age, demonic fantasies of evil Jews.

You should all go home now and get down on your knees facing Mecca and thank Allah that we Jews are such nice people.

We Jews don’t have to sign any NPT treaty because we have proven ourselves over decades of being no nuclear threat even when it comes to our hate-filled neighbors. We have proven ourselves as responsible, civilized, humane people.

Versus the homicidal priests in Teheran who publicly make jokes about dropping an atomic bomb on tiny Israel at the same time as they move full-steam ahead toward making this bomb.

All of you leaders here in this assembly today should thank the kind people of Israel who have let you live, who are not at all like the violent Muslims of this world with their terror-bombing daily in Iraq and Pakistan and Afghanistan and Moscow and Chechnya and New York and London and Arlington, Virginia, Bali Indonesia.

You Iranians have murdered our people via your front organizations of Hezbollah and Hamas. You murdered hundreds of U.S. soldiers and marines in Beirut and Iraq and Saudi Arabia in terror attacks. You have proven you are not to be trusted to have in your possession nuclear weapons.

We are to be trusted. We have proven that. You are barbarians, antisemitic barbarians, and we give you an ultimatum: start dismantling immediately your nuclear program or pay the consequences…

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