Prince Obama Draws His Dagger

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Webcast Title: Prince Obama Draws His Dagger
Webcast Date: 04/15/2010
Length: 41:06 Minutes
Program Link: Obama Speech Signals a U.S. Shift on Middle East
(April 15, 2010) …And that was Psalm 100.

Finally, I want to go back to that mention of Rashid Khalidi, Obama’s friend, writing in today’s snooty, antiJew Foreign Affairs magazine online, who is positively delusional when it comes to Israel. He whines, for example, that 40 generations of Palestinians are buried in a central Jerusalem Muslim graveyard.

Forty generations? Assuming a generation is forty years, that’s like 1,600 years.

And he complains about “pushing settlers into Arab areas in Jerusalem” “Pushing settlers”? Nobody is pushed. All are volunteers. He says this is “part of a tactic of the Zionist movement for over a century to obtain control over more and more of Palestine.”

A century ago, it was the year 1910 and Jews were building on barren land outside the walls of Jerusalem, that’s true; and in any case in 1910, Palestine did not exist except in the minds and in the books of Jews and Christians. Arab Muslims had no conception of it.

I read this charlatan’s book, Palestinian Identity: The Making of a Modern National Consciousness. It was such rubbish. There was not one line in it concerning the content of this “Palestinian National Consciousness.” What it was about was a search for the time when Arabs began to call themselves “Palestinians” which is a very different matter. And his earliest, inconclusive find was the year 1908, when two Christian brothers in Jaffa became publishing a four-page newspaper using the name.

Which happened four years after Herzl had died and had already set in motion the creation of the first modern bank in the Holy Land whose purpose was to facilitate the purchase of land by Jews. That’s when the Arabs began to discover “Palestine”.

But even then – aside from this exception – the Arabs continued calling the land “southern Syria” for decades to come.

This guy has a PhD and writes in this prestigious magazine on foreign affairs. He occupies a fancy chair at Columbia. What has happened to the world?

Rashid Khalidi is yet another crackpot charlatan – who does deserve to sit in a chair named for Edward Said at Columbia University.

Like Obama, yet another fantast of a past that never existed concocted to justify hating and murdering Jews in the present…

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