Martin Indyk: Antisemite

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Webcast Title: Martin Indyk: Antisemite
Webcast Date: 04/21/2010
Length: 36:15 Minutes
(April 21, 2010) …And “shared sovereignty” of a city in general? Where is the model for this? Where in all of human history over thousands of years has there been such a capital shared and administered jointly by two warring peoples?

And, in any case, at Camp David ten years ago this summer, Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered just that: a shared Temple Mount. The Ishmaelites would keep the top with the mosque and the shrine and Israel would keep the Wall, basically freezing the current peaceful relationship, which is as peaceful as it is because Israel exercises exclusive police powers. The idea of splitting authority so that there are two police powers must inevitably at some point lead to disagreements, argument, friction and clashes.

How ironic. King Solomon the Wise appears in Tanakh – the builder of Jerusalem – and in short order after we meet him he is judging between two women fighting over a baby, which dispute the great psychologist Shlomo ben David solved by imagining the cutting in two of the baby, which idea provoked two different responses in the women. And he knew who the real mom was.

Well, one lesson from this tale might be that there are some things in life that you can’t divide, that are nor shareable. When in history has there been such a shared capital between two nations whose entire history is that of abuse by one side, the Ishmaelites of the Israelites, on the other?

Two peoples whose relationship began in the generation of a problem child, Ishmael, who was denied his birthright because he was such a wild guy.

And ever since, the seed of Ishmael has envied and begrudged the seed of Yitzhak, his baby half-brother who got his inheritance.

The Arabs facing the Jews are a bitter and resentful people because the Jews are so far above them in so many ways.

And so they must have Haram as-Sharif; it is essential for their self-esteem. And it cannot be shared with al-Yahud. Al-Yahud must give it up.

And not only that say the Arabs: they want to take it from them. Al-Yahud is lying. That is what Arafat said to Clinton ten years ago at Camp David. “When the Israelis say the Temples stood on Haram as-Sharif, they are lying because they want to steal it from us.”

Of course he would say that, this primitive punk Arafat, who put the Thief of Baghdad in his pocket as a thief, with two-thirds of the PA aid in his own private bank account.

He accused Israel of wanting to steal Haram as-Sharif from the Muslims…

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