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Webcast Title: Enemies Domestic
Webcast Date: 04/08/2010
Length: 39:24 Minutes
Program Link: Petraeus’s Israel Problem
(April 8, 2010) …But what may be the ugliest feature of the antiJew dreamers’ two-state solution is their claim that really all the elements have been there in the negotiations from the beginning, and all that has to be done is to revive the plans discussed at Camp David in 2000 and later on at Taba in the last days of Ehud Barak’s time in office, which was the shortest time in office any Israeli prime minister.

What is so revolting in all of this is the insulting refusal to allow us Jews in our own democratic state to choose our leaders and commonly on the basis of what they say and do and plan to do. Ehud Barak in 2000was run out of office by Ariel Sharon for having presided over the collapse of the leftists’ fantasy of decades by giving life to the insane Oslo years. He and his leftists brought down murder and mayhem on the Land in terrorist atrocities the likes of which the country had never suffered from in such intensity.

And so Ehud Barak was voted out as in his last weeks he frantically tried to come up with some agreement with the PLO, but they kept refusing. He offered more and more, but in the end failed.

And now these antiJews in Washington, these viziers to Emir Barack Hussein, want to return to those failed efforts, and in so doing tell the Israeli electorate, “We don’t care what you think. We know better. We have a higher standard of justice than you Jews in your eternal crucifixion of the real Jews in this conflict, the real victims, the Ancient Ones.”

Men like Obama and Malley and Scowcroft and Obama are on the side of the barbarians…

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