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…And interesting minor coincidence this week of being able to read not one but two op-eds by two of America’s leading professional Jewboys, Dennis Ross and Aaron David Miller both of them protégés of and altar boys for James Addison Baker, III. Had they not worshipped in the Church of Jim Baker the antiJew they would not have had the careers they have had.

Miller was in the LA Times last week, and yesterday Ross was in the Washington Post, and I never cease to be amazed and entertained by what shallow and foolish fellows they are. Miller wrote of the “personality conflicts” between Prince Barak Hussein and Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu. Miller says that unlike the emotional attachments to Israel of both Clinton the Democrat and Bush the Republican, “Obama’s views came from other places; his own logic, the university in which he developed intellectually and his own moral sensibilities. Obama does not see the Arab-Israeli conflict as a morality play pitting the forces of good against the forces of darkness but a conflict between two rights and two just causes.”

You know who used to talk like that? That covert Soviet agent and radical American journalist I.F. Stone, who was born Isadore Feinstein. When in the 1940s his idols in the Kremlin supported Zionism as a weapon against the British presence in the Middle East, Izzy Stone supported the Zionist movement toward the birth of Israel. But when it became clear after the new state came into being that it would not align with the Soviet bloc but the free West, well, Stone became a forerunner of LTF, Little Tommy Friedman as an Israel-basher. Stone used to pitch that very same line: “This is not a war between right and wrong but two rights.”

Taurine excreta; though Aaron David Miller can’t see that. Notice how in his tripartite explanation for Obama’s views – his own higher education in the US and own moral sense and logic, Miller left out his boyhood years living in a Muslim country and surely for some years living as a Muslim and his twenty years listening to Jeremiah Wright who gave an award to the notorious Jew-hater Lewis Farrakhan.

Absent from the fawning mind of Aaron David Miller, certified professional Jewboy is the possibility that Obama’s repeated praise for Islam may reflect an influence other than the university environment he refers to.

He calls Obama’s view of Israel “analytic not emotional.” Analytic.

Aaron David, the guy is an antiJew who likes and respects Islam, this totalitarian antiJew ideology.

And then there was Dennis Ross today in the Washington Post writing of the two sides here in conflict saying, “There should be no illusions about the prospects of a breakthrough in peace talks anytime soon. The psychological gaps between the parties make it hard to resolve their differences that have bedeviled all the work for peace talks over the past few years.”

“Bedeviled.” Now, that is a good word. A devil is at war here that prevents peace for Israel but it is not the psychological gaps, Dennis, between the parties. He went on to equate Netanyahu and Abbas who “carry the weight of their peoples’ history, and mythology and face enormous political constraints.”

Here Dennis equates Jewish history with so-called Palestinian history, and “both sides have mythology.” The moral equivalence here between the Jewish prime minister and this bloody criminal is simply nauseating.

Dennis, there are no psychological gaps. The Arabs have a history of being predators, raiders, armed robbers and their religion justifies their greed, their hunger to overrun the world.

Dennis Ross always sounds like Dr. Phil or some other marriage counselor trying to get the two spouses to work things out and get back together.

Dennis, we Muslims and we Jews have never been together. Ever…