German & Egyptians, Then & Now

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…Lastly, it is good news that in the Iowa caucuses the anti-Jew Ron Paul came in third. Last week quoted some blog called Rightwing News quoting some former Ron Paul aide Eric Dondero who says Ron Paul wishes Israel didn’t exist.

Well, I wish Ron Paul didn’t exist.

Dondero said Paul thinks Israel is more trouble than it is worth, specifically to the American taxpayer.

People are entitled to their opinions but not to their ignorance. Foreign aid is like one percent of the federal budget and there are lots of other recipients of that one per cent besides Israel, with none of them, except Israel returning on the investment as Israel does. George Gilder lays out in his book The Israel Test the benefit to the US to US taxpayers via the aid it gives Israel.

I would vote for any of the Republican candidates except Ron Paul, so I am enjoying this campaign because I don’t care who wins. They are all good enough to be president and anyone of them is preferable to the Islam-loving villain in the currently in the Oval Office.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael