Islam is for Slaves

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…In the last segment we looked at the all too common behavior of contemporary anti-Jewry, specifically Jewish anti-Jewry, in this archetypal behavior of Jew-bashing to balance those times when one unavoidably must criticize the Arabs and the Muslims.

The PA’s top man of the cloth calls Jews apes and pigs, and the president and CEO of Americans for Peace Now rebukes him and then must for the sake of her own spiritual equilibrium bash Jews and smear us with the same crime. “Both sides” must not talk this way,” she says, when there is no record of rabbis talking this way at all.

In a similar fashion, something we see every year now at the end of January when official, Gentile Holocaust Remembrance Day comes around: the bromides fro such as Emir Barack Hussein who last Friday had the White House issue a statement for the day in which he said “…We pledge to stand strong against all those who would commit atrocities, against the resurgence of antisemitism, and against hatred in all its forms.”

Yes indeedy. Contemporary culture simply cannot focus solely on the problem of antisemitism without the moral equivalence of focusing on “hatred in all its forms.”

All its forms? Well, let’s see I hate having a head cold. I hate liver. Are these included in Obama’s catchall? Probably not but he wants his listeners to think not only of antisemitism but anti-gayism, male chauvinism, ageism. Like one of his advisers Samantha Power who wrote a book not on the genocide of the Jews but genocides in the plural, because the Jews have no monopoly on being the victims of genocide. There have been lots of genocides.

And as the Jews do not have the right to solitary ownership of Jerusalem, the way, say, Muslims have solitary ownership of Mecca and Catholics of Vatican City, Jews must ecumenically share Jerusalem with the world and especially the Ancient Ones because otherwise people will call the Jews greedy.

Barack Hussein Obama this dissembling antisemite is constitutionally, in his soul, incapable of singling out the satanic Holocaust of the Jewish people and must make reference to all kinds of hatreds so as not to let the Jews have all the pity. That would be unfair and greedy of them.

I dread the day this character is re-elected…