Have We All Gone Mad?

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…Did you see where last Thursday in Egypt, so-called security forces raided the offices of 17 nonprofit NGOs including at least three democracy-promotion groups financed by the US? The government in Cairo said the raids were part of an investigation into the “foreign hands” behind the latest wave of protests. Heavily armed men in black uniforms belonging to the so-called central security police carted off boxes and files and computers.

I think a frowning Lady Macbeth Hillary Clinton, the famous Middle East expert had something to say about this the next day. She was not happy.

But what I am waiting for is the wisdom of LTF, Little Tommy Friedman who makes millions as a Middle East expert, when in truth he is a dumbbell because he is much too twisted up inside spiritually to see the Arabs for who they really are.

LTF has the same understanding of Islam as his soul-mate Yossi Beilin, both of them cases of arrested development when it comes to hating their parents for whatever reasons which manifests and presents as hating the Jews.

Friedman like Beilin was dizzy with pleasure over the Handshake on the White House lawn inn 1993 together in their ignorance of the Arabs and Islam. All they cared about was a process leading Israel to hand back the spoils of war and the driving of scores of thousands of Jews (in 19930 from their homes in the heart of the Promised Land.

Likewise Friedman in Tahrir Square saw last year what he wanted to see.

The report out of Egypt today was that the Deputy Supreme Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Rashad Bayoumi, that’s pretty high up, was quoted in Al-Hayat the Arab newspaper published in London that the Brotherhood respects international treaties but also the will of the Egyptian people who never got to vote on the treaty with Israel. So he wants to see a referendum. This way the beople will decide.

He, though, personally, will never allow himself to “sit down with a criminal,” meaning an Israeli; any Israeli. “We will not deal with Israelis by any means,” he said.

I can understand his point of view: he is a Muslim who takes the Qur’an seriously, which text calls for oppressing and humiliating Jews. And anyone who goes against the Qur’an is a criminal. All Israelis are criminals for as dhimmis they have no right to independence, no right to rule over Believers.

This is the new Egypt, not the Egypt of Little Tommy Friedman’s palsied imagination…