Fighting for Our Rights

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…The American Civil Rights Movement was about fighting for the rights of Negroes that they were entitled to but were denied in the American South via the segregation laws. The underlying rationale was that as Americans, who fought and died in all its wars and most recently World War II, they had rights that were being violated, and that had to stop. They deserved respect that they were not being given.

The problem with these post-Jews, these post-Jewish Israelis is that they recoil when it comes to identifying with the most victimized people on the planet, the Jewish people. For the secular Zionists, Zionism was about creating a new Jew because the old one was a despicable character. Sabras in the first decades of the state were indoctrinated to look with contempt on Holocaust victims because they went like sheep into the gas chambers. They sneered at Yiddish as the language of this contemptible people who by their beliefs and behaviors brought on to antisemitism.

Modern Israelis refer to the Arabs euphemistically as a “minority,” in exact imitation of the American concept of minorities, with the implied guilt of a majority over a minority which is in the nature of things. The minority is the abused party.

It is more comforting for Israelis to see themselves as the dominant majority abusing Arabs than to identify as the tiny minority that we are in the Middle East endlessly assaulted by homicidal maniacs.

What Peace Now types cannot see is the colossal, even cosmic injustice done to Israel by our neighbors and their backers world-wide by refusing to recognize our right to our Jewish state – that is the demand Bibi makes of Abbas the he cannot fulfill.

And they also deny our right to keep the spoils of war we took in righteous self-defense in 1967.

Which brings me back to where I often find myself: puzzling over the absence of an Israel that fights for and demands its rights; demands that the Arabs and world sign off finally on the League of Nations Mandate which created a Palestine that did not exist under Muslims, one explicitly intended to be the Jewish homeland. Bibi’s demand that the PLO sign off on that, and the inability of the PLO to do is the whole conflict in a nutshell.

And I say Israel has to go even further and insist on our right to keep every square meter we took in self-defense in 1967. That is what this conflict is all about: the refusal of the world to respect our rights to this Land as per the laws of nations and the human right to self-defense. We took this land away from an enemy people that used it to launch murder squads to murder us in the 1950s and 60s; and in 1967 they made a second major push to succeed in destroying Israel when they had failed in 1948. Only in 1967 again we survived, we were victorious, and took this land that they used to attack us away from them, and we are under no moral obligation to return it to them and let them have another shot at exterminating us.

Peace will come when Israelis stake their rightful claim and demand their rights.

Which is the opposite philosophy to that of the Enlightened who unquestioningly go along with the ridiculous concept of a Palestinian Nation with rights to our ancient homeland…