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…Well, I am looking forward to the journalists and/or historians in the near future or distant future who will teach us what happened on Sunday when this US-Israel drill was suddenly canceled. There are, they say, already, some 9,000 US troops in the country in preparation for the drill scheduled for April, which drill has now suddenly been postponed until the last quarter of the years i.e. election time. I look forward finding out what happened.

Debkafile said it was a remark made in the morning on Kol Israel by Deputy Prime Minister here “Bogie” Yaalon expressing his “disappointment” in the US administration for being last forceful on sanctions than the British and the France which triggered the abrupt decision to cancel this drill two years in the making, a drill meant to deal with the threat of rockets fired at us possibly carrying WMD. I think part of the deal, of the drill, was bringing into Israel equipment that we need for our defense and after the drill it would be left behind.

Well, if so, this is Prince Obama screwing Israel big time. Yesterday in the New York Times the radically deranged, Jewishly speaking, Roger Cohen, a walking Jewish Stockholm Syndrome of misidentification with antiJews like Prince Barack Hussein sounded like Leon Panetta et al telling Bibi not to attack Iran. The cancellation of the drill may be Obummer’s sadistic screwing of Israel so that it will hesitate about striking Iran knowing that its defenses have been seriously jeopardized by the absence of this equipment.

Roger Cohen laid out a bitter bill of indictment in Obama’s head concerning Netanyahu’s alleged hostility to him. Cohen wrote of “Obama’s fury at several things: the way Netanyahu has gone over his head to a Republican-dominated Congress where he is a darling.”

Translation: Bibi has not gone over his head, and the thirty standing ovations he got were self-generating among the legislators. Is Bibi to feel guilty for generating such feelings? No matter. If Cohen is right, and he probably is, Obama is wildly jealous of Bibi and is out to get him.

Cohen says Obama is furious at Bibi’s “ingratitude” over the vetoing of the PLO-sponsored UN Security Council initiative attacking the settlements. Notice that so far Obama’s complaints are wholly insubstantial. They address attitudes and manners, like ingratitude, not policies inimical to the United States of America. Cohen is describing an egomaniac bothered by Bibi’s relationship to him rather than the substantive issues important to both countries.

Cohen referred to the “dysfunctional relationship between Netanyahu and Obama” with the implication of course it is Bibi’s fault and his responsibility to repair the relationship.

This is what American Jewish intellectual Phillip Reiff had in mind when he wrote a book called The Triumph of the Therapeutic which dealt with the conquest of the mind in popular culture by Freudian-esque psychology, pop psychology. We all think and use those terms. Dennis Ross to me sounds like a marriage counselor and Roger Cohen sees a “dysfunctional relationship” that needs to be repaired.

What he does not see is the existential threat to the lives of another 6 million Jews that Bibi is responsible for and he does not see the in-grained hatred of Jews in men like Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan and Barack Obama…