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…Speaking before about loshon hara, evil speech and how destructive it can be, the power of words, and here today Prime Minister Netanyahu asked the Attorney General’s office to open an investigation into the 9 January sermon given by the PA Mufti appointed by that peace-loving Holocaust Denier who also in his dissertation on the Holocaust which didn’t happen, the Zionists collaborate with the Nazis in the murder of Jews. On 9 January commemorating the 47th anniversary of the Fatah’s first violence against Israel – misreported routinely as the founding of Fatah, which had happened six years earlier – this Muslim holy man Muhammad Hussein brought up that old Muslim chestnut from the hadith that they all love in which Jews are called apes and pigs.

Not that anything will come of this investigation into his words. What? He is going to be tried in an Israeli court for insulting Jews?

What, in any case, is there to investigate when hardly a month goes by without some Muslim dullard uncreatively, repetitively bringing up this legend of Allah turning Jews into apes and pigs?

Coincidently, last Thursday night in Holland on Dutch television, Prime Minister Netanyahu likened Iran to Nazi Germany in the matter of both harboring a crazy ideology and pursuing nuclear weapons. And I was reminded of Bibi’s book A Place Among the Nations which was in the same vein of analyzing Israel’s predicament in the language of Political Science and politics with nary a hint of Jewishness thrown in.

For sure Bibi was trying to sell his audience on the danger that Iran poses with its crazy ideology, his word his “zealotry” and how like Nazism, this is a terrible combination in Iran of pursuing nuclear weapons and “extreme ideology.”

Well, Bibi, what you call “extreme ideology,” I call antisemitism. That is the link, the similarity between Iran and Nazi Germany. Both peoples and ideologies are enslaved to a lunatic vision of Jews which leads to terrible violence against Jews and not only Jews. Antisemitism has a track record of making life miserable not only for us but lots of other people too.

Sometimes I wonder if Israelis like Bibi really understand why Israel’s traditional reception of foreign dignitaries includes a trip to Yad Vashem. Visiting Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey just went through the drill.

I mean, what is the point of remembering the Holocaust at all if it is only an act of remembering? Then it becomes a kind of antiquarian entertainment.

No. the message of Yad Vashem must be that it happened before and it can happen again, and I say these Muslims today, these Iranians, they are today’s Nazis in their insane hatred and demonization of Jews. has a whole archive now of these TV preachers all over Araby spewing the most medieval Jew-hatred not a whit more sane than anything the Nazis ever said.

Only Bibi, the archetypal dejudaized sabra, doesn’t have it in him to tell the Dutch that these Iranians are this generation’s Nazis who must be stopped, not only for our sake, us Jews in Eretz Yisrael, but for the sake of the whole free world…