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…In yesterday’s JPost hard copy there was an interesting story out of France where a 300-page report commissioned by the French Assembly was published last month called “The Geopolitics of Water” in which 20 of its 300 pages are called “The Jordan Basin: Water as an Integrated hinge of the Territorial Conflict and Security Question.”

Its author is a socialist, a member of parliament for the Socialist Party Monsieur Jean Glavany who thinks Israel’s water management is another face of its apartheid policies towards the Ancient Ones.

Well, the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem of course filed a complaint in Paris charging that the section on Israel was “venomous, inaccurate and strewn with anti-Israel propaganda.”

Unfortunately, as is so common among Israelis, the foreign ministry cannot see that this is yet another chapter in the millennia of anti-Jew venom; this is just old-fashioned Jew-hatred in modern dress. You know, how Shakespeare can be performed in modern dress? Well, what we have here is yet another specimen of hating the Chosen People; hating the very idea of a Chosen People. That’s what the repetitive behavior of anti-Jews in our generation is all about when they compulsively must smear the Jewish people and Zionism with the words like “racism,” “apartheid.”

In 1975, the UN General Assembly voted in its plurality if not yet majority for the judgment that “Zionism is a form of racism.”

Since the founding of the UN in 1945 with less than sixty member-states, way more than one hundred new nation-states came into being and in each case there was some kind of national movement clamoring for independence, typically from some colonial power.

Well, Israel was one of those 100-plus new states, only it was unique among the new nations, alone among the nations, for its movement for national liberation was judged in 1975 “a form of racism.”

Other peoples can come together and function as a nation, but when Jews do it, they do it in a racist way against all non-Jews. Jewish nationalism is an aggressive, injurious form or nationalism. Why, in order for the Jews to become as independent as say, modern Algeria, the Jews had to steal an entire country from another people.

Jews are known to be cliquish and clannish. Jewish nationalism is an offense against mankind.

In other words, what this French socialist did in his report was behavior known over countless generations. He said Israel’s water management was part of its policies of apartheid that impacts to unjustly and grievously on the victims of Israel’s racist policies.

And never mind that racism, a la South Africa or the American South was exclusively about skin color. Skin color was the most important feature in people in those societies who did not have white skin. This was politics as a branch of dermatology.

Versus Israel where skin color has nothing to do with Israel’s policies toward the Arabs. Not one among the Ishmaelites here has been unjustly treated because of the color of his skin. Those who have run afoul of Israeli law have done so for their behaviors, like sticking dynamite in their underpants to go and murder Jews at random. Apartheid, a regime of distinction by skin tone, has nothing to do with Israeli policies or Jewish nationalism, so this allegation by this French socialist is nothing but lying about Jews which in my definition is antisemitism.

But again Israelis are ill-equipped to call that spade a spade…