Poetic Justice

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…Before the music my fantasy was a country without Arabs because there is no way we can share this country.

That is, Arabs can live here in any numbers so long as they have zero claims to national independence among us, to ownership; so long as they accept that as Arabs have 21 states that are officially Arab, Israel is officially Jewish. The Jews own it and are in charge.

And that is because, to repeat, there is an abyss of culture that separates the two peoples. On Sunday, Knesset Speaker Ruby Rivlin received back a secular new year’s greeting he had sent to parliamentary speakers like himself around the world, and this one came back from his counterpart in Amman, Tahar al-Masri who returned letter because he said it was racist. He said when Rivlin in the circular letter called Jerusalem Israel’s capital, this was a racist and biased and political statement.

I read stuff like that and despair of ever having a rational, intelligent, sober talk with any of these Arabs. Any Arab is entitled to object to Israeli rule in Jerusalem; but he is not entitled to call this rule racist.

Are his fellow Arabs racist when they officially call every one of their 21 states an Arab state? Are Muslims racists when they deny non-Muslim entry into Mecca and Medina?

It’s this throwing around of words ripped from their meaning that so separates the two peoples, the sons of Israel and the sons of Ishmael.

Tahar al-Masri surely claims Jerusalem for the Ancient Balestinians – and never mind his last name means “the Egyptian.” There are thousands of Arabs in Israel and Jordan with this last name, a name reveals their roots, which ain’t in Balestine.

What I’m saying is here is that there can be no sober dialogue with such people who are so low level in their thinking.

These Arabs are constitutionally incapable in our time and who knows for much longer of dealing with us as equals. In their universe the only way to deal with Jews is to rule over them and confiscate their wealth.

The Torah is true. It says we are people that must dwell alone, and the sooner we stop trying to make formal peace with these people in words and deeds instead of treating them as they really are…that is the way to real peace and quiet. Waiting for these Arabs to say they accept us is a fool’s errand…