The PA Mufti Speaks

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…On the domestic front which I rarely get into because the political system here is so second-rate I prefer not to get into it – someday these Israelis are going to wake up and understand that the very structure of their electoral system produces second-rate politicians – the top story last week and into this week is the entrance into politics of TV talk-show host and weekend columnist in Yediot Yair Lapid, son of the late Jewish antiJew Tommy Lapid. Yair resigned from his program to declare his desire to enter politics by creating his own party. How typical. Estimates by the pollsters say that he could get 15 seats out of the 120 and at the expense of Tsipi Livni’s Kadima Party, which makes sense. They both represent the vacuous dejudaized Israelis for whom Jewishness is drag and the Palestinians are the victims of Zionism who deserve a state.

Lapid is a handsome guy who in every picture of him is shown trying to look as debonairly handsome as he can. A week ago Friday he wrote his last column and just like his late father he blamed the problems of the middle class in Israel on the Haredim. He wrote that in representing the middle class he wanted to “prevent their money from being taken by settlers, tycoons and the government – but most the Haredim. Israel has been enslaved for many years by members of a shameless, extortionist, special interest group – some of whom aren’t even Zionists – who take advantage of our twisted political system to steal the money of the working class.”

In other words, those Haredim are a bunch of blood-sucking Jews leeching off the working class.

Sound familiar? But I won’t call Yair Lapid an antisemite because he is too shallow and provincial to have any awareness of how he sounds. He is just another empty suit of a dejudaized Israeli who stands for nothing except the material good life.

He tells people proudly that he remains a good friend of Ehud Olmert who he claims was his father’s best friend. Olmert: another empty suit of a man without belief in anything except material success.

Tommy Lapid, remember, was asked to join the Shinui Party of Avram Poraz who was a khozer be-she’elah, an ex-Haredi heretic also at war with Jewishness but lacking Lapid’s public wise guy persona whose stock in trade was Haredi-bashing, Poraz invited him to join the party and he did.

Lapid, Jr. now, Yair, seems to be the rotten apple who has not fallen far from the tree…