Jewish antiJewitis

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…So it has come to this for the J Street perversion, this creation out of the mind of the Jewishly-deranged George Soros, inviting to their annual convention on Saturday night such as Roger Cohen of the New York Times and Naomi Chazan, head in Israel of the New Israel Fund which supports a whole flock of Israel-bashing NGOs; Peter Beinart a journalist who thus far has shown this reader he is a first class ignoramus when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict. His writing is absent all references to facts. It is like LTF’s writing on Israel: it is all emotion. LTF, Little Tommy Friedman, recently called Israel “a spoiled child.” No facts; no information. No intelligent reasoning on display. No arguments are made, just kvetching about how terrible we Jews here are to the Ancient Ones.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, I think, psychologically speaking, this syndrome; call it Jewish antiJewitis. You have this Jeremy Ben-Ami, head of J Street, like Friedman, like the famous scientist of politics in Israel here Dr. Beilin. All of them profess their love of Israel but, oddly, seem to have nothing good to say about it. It is this constant whining absent fact and argument, observations and logic.

It is an interesting syndrome, I think, in which these actors present themselves to the world as lovers of Israel, when all they do is bash it and make nice to Israel’s mortal enemy the Arab nation; they take the Arab side in the conflict. They help them make their case against Israel and justify them in their bitterness toward Israel.

Also in attendance on Saturday night at that J Street jamboree will be Michael Lerner editor of Tikkun Magazine. What a piece of work he is. When he started that magazine in the mid or late 80s, I was publishing on Israel with some success and sent him a piece on Islamic antisemitism.

He returned it with comments and requests, which is common for an editor. An editor will ask for a clarification about something that seems to be a contradiction. And what about the opposing argument?

So you re-work the piece to his specifications; and so I did and returned it. And again it came back with more requests and observations. I re-wrote it, returned it. Back it came a third time and by then it was clear this bum was just stringing me along. He would never publish it because of who he is, with whom I was unfamiliar at that time. Lerner it turns in the 1960s was just another local jerk in the Northwest (originally from New Jersey) like Abbie Hofman or Jerry Rubin, an attention-getting antiwar protestor. And now Israel was his target. My piece was about the role of antisemitism in Arab lands, and that role in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and in his mind that subject was taboo. I have never seen it discussed in the New York Times either.

He had no good arguments against anything I said in the piece. He just was incapable spiritually of printing it.

That’s who these Enlightened Jews in our time are: the Reform rabbis, this J Street crowd, the Thomas Friedmans and Yossi Beilins and Martin Indyks, Jews caught in the grasp of the claws of this strange spiritual disorder of claiming to be a big lover of Israel and Israelis who have nothing but venom to spit at us…