Islam’s Silent Majority

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Program Link: Anti-Semitic Imagery at Egypt Protests Draws Yawns from Western Media

…Speaking before of Gen. Jim Jones at Herzliya in his functionally religious vision of Arab-Israeli violence as something G-d wants Emir Barack Hussein to put an end to in order for peace on earth to reign, on Saturday at the annual Munich Security Conference British prime Minister David Cameron surprised many by addressing the intolerance of Muslims living inside European communities like his own, for which he was chastised by the Enlightened media in his country and elsewhere – the Enlightened are simply incapable of criticizing Muslims.

But even he exhibited the terrible tendency to see Muslim terror as the work of extremists in Islam. As JPost’s anonymous editorialist today put it, “Unlike those on the far right, he recognized the difference between Islam and Islamist extremism and specifically rejected the claim that “Islam and the West are irreconcilable – that there is a clash of civilizations…the extremism we face is a distortion of Islam…let us give voice to those followers of Islam in our own countries – the vast, often unheard majority – who despise the extremists and their worldview.”

Here almost ten years now after 9-11, he sounds like Pres. Bush, Jr. right after 9-11 at his worst: preaching how Islam is a religion of peace.

But when he said, “Let us give voice to those in our own Muslim communities who despise the extremists,” he inadvertently touched upon a major truth without being aware of it. What did he mean, “Let us give voice to those who despise the extremists”? The problem with his “vast, often unheard majority” is that they themselves don’t give themselves voice. If he and his ruling elite see it as their role to give them voice, all is lost. If they themselves do not speak up, then like the righteous men of Sodom, they deserve to perish with the guilty.

The problem with Islam is that the vast majority either approves of the terror devils or says nothing against them, let alone does something against them.

Let us assume that of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims, the overwhelming majority are not terrorists; and I believe that 99% of them are not. Let us be even more generous. We Jews constitute not 1% of the world’s population, not even a half of one percent, but a half of that, so let us assume Muslim murderers constitute only one half of one percent of Muslims. That still means there are over 3 million of these maniacs, with all the rest either silently cheering them on or taking no action against them.

Someday, there will be leaders, G-d willing, who go beyond the still politically polite and correct David Cameron who understand that the distinction between Islam and Islamism is baloney.

Islam the culture is the obstacle to peace on earth, not us Yidden here in Samaria and the hills of Judea…