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…So it’s been interesting this week to scan the different reactions of the different players to what has been happening in Egypt and how, as observed last webcast, hostility to Mubarak in Egypt has been very much a function of his keeping Anwar Sadat’s peace treaty with Israel.

Today a JPost correspondent in Cairo, Ben Hartman, wrote up interviews with “the man in the street,” young men in the Square who described the “years of peace with Israel as a humiliation.” One even said, “Egyptians feel still feel their country is not completely free of the Israeli occupation of Sinai” that ended with Camp David. “The Egyptian army can’t enter Sinai, we feel it is still Israel. There are Israeli people there all the time when we go. Yes, we have peace but we have no dignity.”

Got that? So long as there are Jews that are free there, Egyptians can have no dignity. He is just referring to tourists.

Another demonstrator holding a picture of Mubarak with a Star of David on his forehead – I’ll bet a lot of you saw that – said, “We don’t want to take orders from Israel anymore.” This guy’s delusional. Another said, “All Egyptians hate Israel.” And so on and so forth.

And now let’s revisit that George Soros piece in the Washington Post today where he sees Israel as “the main stumbling block” to American foreign policy in the Middle East. He said, “Israel is unlikely to recognize its own best interests.” George Soros, you know, knows better. “And AIPAC,” he said, “is no longer the sole representative of the American Jewish community.” Egypt is exploding and this man is attacking AIPAC.

He is not alone in being obsessed like this, virtually driven. Look at LTF today, Little Tommy Friedman, in his column. As Egypt comes apart at the seams, and one Arab state after another faces restive masses, Friedman managed to work into his piece the term “apartheid state” which, for the umpteenth time, he warned Israel is in danger of becoming if it uses this Egypt crisis not to make peace with the “moderates” among the Ancient Ones.

Soros is obsessed. Friedman is obsessed. Friedman quoted Arab pollster in Yosh Khalil Shiqaqi, whose Islamist brother, I remember, Fathi Shiqaqi, was liquated in Malta by the Mossad some years back. Khalil Shiqaqi called Israel, “paranoid, messianic and greedy.”

Just like the Egyptian demonstrators in Talat at-Tahrir, Jewish antiJews today are driven to strike out at Israel. How upset they are because the chaos in Egypt has only strengthened Israelis in our distrust of the sons of Ishmael and given us further reason not to surrender the heart of the heart of the Promised Land to our mortal enemies.

Yeah, scary times. But as the Chinese say, interesting times, especially for us Jews whose independent existence on a strip land 50 miles across unhinges the soul of man…