Euro-AntiJewism Lives

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…On Friday in Maariv’s weekend political supplement, Kalman Liebeskind wrote about the amount of money a whole group of European states give to our mortal enemies here, the so-called Palestinians. Listed were 12 nations (perhaps a mirror-image reflection of the 12 tribes of Israel) plus the EU organization itself, all of them giving together one hundred million shekels’ worth of aid which goes into the pockets of Israeli and Arab NGOs whose life-blood is Israel-bashing in defense of Israel’s victims, the Ancient Ones.

Here’s the list of the countries from the biggest giver to the smallest: Number 1, Great Britain, then Norway, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, and Belgium and then of course the EU.

In other words, every one of these European countries uses these NGOs to undermine the policies of the democratically-elected government of Israel. Imagine what, for example, the UK might have said had Israel at the height of the North Ireland violence been revealed as supporting the IRA in any fashion. What would they say in Madrid if Israel were caught funneling money to the ETA, the Basque underground wanting just like the Ancient Ones their own state, with the difference being that the Basques really are an ancient people with all the characteristics of nationhood unlike the Balestinians about whom there is nothing Palestinian?

So via the Quartet, via the back door support for these NGOs that employ Jewish antiJews opposed to the democratically-elected government of their fellow Israelis, the Israelis working with the antiJews in Europe undermine, subvert, and betray, like all leftists the society they live in…