Sex, Jews & Cruelty

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…Speaking before of the assault on Lara Logan the CBS TV journalist and the sex lives of too many Muslim males in Egypt, Israpundit carried Noni Darwish on the subject, and she knows best, being an Egyptian Muslim woman for most of her life. Now she is an ex-Muslim, and she writes with authority on the term “uncovered meat” that Muslim priests use to describe women without Muslim robes and covering in the street. She reports what corroborates what my traveling companion Angie told me about: the misery of walking in crowded Cairo. Darwish reports that 98% of foreign women are sexually harassed in Egypt.

And there is a connection between what happened to Lara Logan in Tahrir Square and who showed up in Tahrir on Friday, if not the famous Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, host of Al-Jazeera’s most popular show, a man banned from Egypt since 1961, this Muslim maniac of a mullah, a Sunni, who hates the West, hates Jews, hates women.

He is a supporter of the sexual mutilation of women. He is a supporter of the suicide bombing of Jews by his disciples in Hamas. And there is connection between the two facets of this culture, the suicide bombing of Jews and the sexual harassment, abuse and mutilation of women.

What is the connection? Those boys who blow themselves up are on their way to, let’s not forget, an endless, drunken orgy of deflowering virgins for all eternity. These are the boys who blow themselves up in crowds of Jews. And this Qaradawi is a justifier of the connection between those two phenomena. He took over Tahrir Square on Friday, that famous square where just the other day LTF and other Enlightened people in the West thrilled to the display of all these budding Muslim Thomas Jeffersons pining for democracy. The truth, I am sure, is that a major percentage of the men in that square were Muslim thugs like the brutes chanting “Jew Jew Jew” who assaulted that poor woman.

The sad truth of the Egyptians and of the so-called Palestinians, all these Arabs today in an uproar in like a dozen Arab states, is that as nations, citizens in a state with a unique history and culture as a people they can be proud of and take pleasure in, they are among the poorest people on earth who have only Islam – as Karl Marx would say – as their opiate; their religion as a drug to sooth the pain of their empty lives.

Did you ever notice the common black and blue mark on the forehead of a Muslim male which he gives to himself over a lifetime of bowing down to the ground like a slave and pressing his forehead into the stone floor of a mosque? Over the years this literally flattens the forehead and leaves a permanent black and blue mark.

But if the spiritual people of the Far East are right, there is an invisible third eye in the middle of a forehead, the true seeing eye of wisdom. You see it in statutes in the East, the Buddhas.

But if so, these Muslims spend a lifetime crushing that eye, blinding that eye, pressing it into the floor, extinguishing the light…